Sniper Strike
Sniper Strike
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Download Sniper Strike APK, become a hitman for hire, take out targets under hard conditions. Quickly rise to be a famous hitman if you survive bounties placed on you!

Name Sniper Strike
Version 500181
Updated Jul 9, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.mgs.sniper1

Sniper Strike

Sniper strike is a 3D game in the life of a typical assassin as he goes about his daily routine taking out targets with bounties on their heads as they come, infiltrating enemy lines, and going on espionage. It is a risky job, and every day could be his last, but with a trusted team in the background, he may survive the day.

sniper strike fps 3d shooting game apk

Being a freelance gun-for-hire, he works for and against the government pending on the nature of the job, and as such, many enemies have been made and bounties placed on his head. Complete the job quickly, pack up and vanish into the wind. Else, several assassins are sent after you even before you make a payday.

About Game

Sniper strike 3D is a single shooter, first-person view action game designed in an urban environment with high-rise buildings and many vantage spots to snipe from. MGS (Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd.) developed and published the game on the 30th of November, 2017.

As an assassin-type game, the sniper strike fps 3d shooting game is very popular with an impressive 10M+ downloads and a 4.4star rating by over 547,000 people. As would be expected of a sniper game, the violence is relatively high, and as such, the game is suitable only for individuals from 18 and above in age.

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Sniper strike fps 3d is readily available across multiple devices like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. The following search keywords would suffice to access the official app online: "Sniper strike download," "Sniper strike 2022," "Sniper strike free download," and "Sniper strike for Android."


Sniper Strike 3D is a shooting game with real-world physics on projectile motion and human response to danger. The game creates a real-world sniper scenario where the player must shoot a target under uncomfortable circumstances.

Some terrains are rough and unsteady, while some require you to make some in art thinking before shooting.

Take on jobs from the government, drug dealers, and other shady characters, and snipe your targets with dead-on precision in a kill or be killed situation. Sneak into enemy lines to gather information for your clients.

sniper strike fps 3d apk

Game modes

The sniper strike 2022 and sniper strike latest version has three distinct game modes;

Campaign mode: This is the story-based mode in which the player completes one hard level before the next and gradually watches the story unfurl before him till the final mission is given.

  • Arena mode: Get an infinite number of jobs from multiple clients who need your particular set of skills. Begin taking out the scum of society in simple one-shot kills that end the job.
  • Multiplayer feature: Test your hitman assassin skills against other players on the global scale and see just how high you rank in skill, weaponry, and records.


The first time the game is started, the system immediately takes the player through a pre-programmed record on how to go about the controls and game mechanism.

sniper strike apk

It starts with a simple mode where a criminal is standing by the road looking at his phone, and you are taught how to snipe at him. Then the shops are explained, and the tutorial resumes once there is a recent development.


Shop: The ship is by far the most important feature in the game. With a wide variety of gubs that need to be unlocked first by reaching several levels, players can upgrade already owned weapons to make them more deadly. The shop has a plethora of functions in Sniper Strike. Special, high-class resources and packages are available in the shop but for a set fee in an actual currency which you can pay with your debit card.

The shop is why gamers who wish to own these packages try the following research; sniper strike unlimited money and gold, sniper strike unlimited money and gems and energy, sniper strike unlimited gold. These are risky as the presented files may contain many viruses and malware.

Triple A rated: Yes, sniper strike fps 3d shooting game is an AAA-rated game with a long record of fulfilling the desires of gamers worldwide on 8hitman.

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3D Enhanced Environment: Experience an extremely enhanced environment where people react as you would expect when a sudden appears on the floor. Blood splays out the head of a businessman as his body collapse to the floor.

100's of missions: Discover and play mission after mission as you overcome each hurdle to face another with more frightening challenges for the player to pass.

Projectile Physics: The precision with which the game obeys physics by factoring in the power and ability of the gun being used and its tendency to reach or even harm the target.

That said, an under-leveled rifle being used at a higher level with farther distance would take a stunning 4 to 5 shots or 2 headshots before the target drops down.

Balance, coordination and strategizing: The game is based on the harmony of these three as they are all crucial factors determining success or failure.

sniper strike apk unlimited money and gems and energy

Plan and think about how best, swift, and efficient you can take out enemies without losing your position.

Entertaining Slow-mo: What all gamers playing Sniper strike attest to is the exciting slow-mo players get to look forward to as they watch the bullet fly through the air while spinning about its axis, finally lodging itself into the target's body.


Sniper Strike 3D teaches the player the art of waiting, watching, and striking when the time is perfect. It also helps individuals learn how to make on-spot changes and plans to achieve the desired result. These are all real-life abilities that a player can learn during an entertaining gaming session on Sniper Strike, more than a form of entertainment. Games are meant to help individuals gradually adopt new traits.

Traits like planning before moving, observing and thinking critically, rapidly adapting to change for the desired outcome, and getting used to unexpected changes.

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Download Sniper Strike APK, become a hitman for hire, take out targets under hard conditions. Quickly rise to be a famous hitman if you survive bounties placed on you!


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