Sister Fight
Sister Fight
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Version: 1.2
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Download the latest version of Sister Fight for Android. The 2D fighting game allows players to fight as sisters of faith or control Orcs and have their way with the sisters of faith.

Name Sister Fight
Version 1.2
Updated Dec 20, 2022
Category Action
Developer KooooN Soft
Google Play Link

About Sister Fight

Sister Fight is a game that gets players hooked. Sister Fight was carefully put in place, and the game's graphics are superb. It's indeed a fun and interesting game that anyone will love. Irrespective of it being a Japanese game, the gameplay is still worthwhile.

Sister Fight is free to play, and it's mostly enjoyed in your free time, plus it's a none complex gameplay. You are sure to enjoy a seamless ride.

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Talk about the controls. It is super easy to catch up. By using the cursor keys, press the up and left movement twice, and thin air. To have a sister, you need to defeat her; although she may resist at first, once she gets hit, she will play along.

This game is all about fighting with cute anime girls. However, you can play as a monster and conquer the monk. Playing this game gets more interesting because of its detailed graphics and fun and interesting gameplay.

More About  Sister Fight

Sister Fight is originally a mini 2D fighting game that can strike actions. The game lets you control monsters and fight with sisters of faith. The controls are simple to operate by just controlling the cursor keys. Download Sister Fight and get to experience a blast.

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Slapping and insulting girls are allowed. And you can take the character of a male demon and overpower a monk, or better yet, you can choose the female vampire character and defeat a male monk. Though the gameplay is straight to the point, it still has many fun and interesting moments. You will indeed experience much fun playing Sister Fight, especially if you like action games as a woman.


Your role is to defeat either a monster or a sister in faith. Defeating a sister gives you access to engage in activities. However, this game is in Japanese and tends to be less interesting for others. Nevertheless, you will enjoy every time spent playing Sister Fight because the game is simple to follow and created to be exciting and fun.

Features of Sister Fight

  • It's easy to play and enjoy Sister fight because it's not difficult to play.
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  • Players can intensify the power of their Orc to make it stronger by putting various things.
  • Every individual orc is capable of displaying a unique attack.
  • Every action has unique sound effects and BGM.
  • The game offers assorted outfits and various scenes to play.
  • You can discover what the Orcs do.
  • Playing this game is the best way to unwind and take off the edge.
  • You can either enjoy playing the game or reading the story.
  • The game provides multiple paths to get to the end.
  • The game is very immersive, and you may find it hard to stop playing when you begin.
  • The cursor keys are designed for easy control.
  • There are several ways you can win a sister.
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  • Sister Fight provides ten varieties of armour and weapons.
  • It is said in Japanese.


Sister Fight is loaded with fun and interesting features. Surely you must have gotten a good knowledge of what Sister Fight is about. The descriptions are enough to guide you on how to use. If you like this game, share it with your friends and colleagues, they will also love the game.


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