Shadow Knight Premium
Shadow Knight Premium
Size: 179.92 MB
Version: 3.24.303
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Download the Shadow Knight Premium APK and experience thrilling moments of a tough battle. Test your intuitive skills with the new modern and a new Boss.

Name Shadow Knight Premium
Version 3.24.303
Updated Apr 11, 2024
Category Action
Developer Fansipan Limited

About Shadow Knight Premium

Shadow knight is a dynamic and awesome action game with RPG features, designed in the form of a Side Scroller. Players will experience great adventures, trials, and battles in the game. The plot opens with a prequel, captivating gameplay, dramatic 2D illustration, original mechanics, and colorful animation.

Gameplay Prequels

Events begin in a mysterious fiction world occupied by various creatures. Harmonia was at a time a bright and beautiful world with all species; Humans, Ghosts, Dwarfs, Orcs, Elf, and Beast-man all lived together in harmony. But an unknown disaster broke out, causing great strife on land. The dark armies ascended from hell, occupying the world. Great disaster crashed every Harmonia citizen and made everyone fall into the depths of sadness.

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The protagonist decided to fight against the adversaries and regain his homeland. But the enemies are at several angles and moving toward the protagonist. The Player's task is to resist all attacks, slowly moving forward. The protagonist cannot go back, he is compelled to move on. As the fighter reaches a certain area, he will have to fend off the attacks of the new number of opponents.

The gameplay comprises many levels with unique and creatively designed locations. The Player can choose the appropriate method. As he advances, he will have access to new defenses, weapons, and the ability to provide important resources in combat. Subsequently, the Player will unlock more characters with special characteristics

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The Player will take the role of Noah, who is the Shadow knight. His part is to go through the gate of hell, battle with enemies, overthrow the immortals of the dark and regain the land of Harmonia. Ashley and Luscious will be his companions on the journey to rescue Harmonia.

Role of a Ninja fighter

The game is full of scary challenges with an automatic control system. The joystick is on the left, which is used to move the player around the scene. The display button on the right side will enable you to strike and utilize various activities.

  • The death of the preceding generations has provoked you to rise, gain mystery, and conquer the darkness. Under the beautiful view, the system will give you the most realistic feeling. However, remember that your oppositions in the adventurous ride are very diverse.
  • The mission each person has to complete will be sent to the mailbox. Therefore, completing the task daily is important to earn the attendance reward. Mind you, you are a trained warrior and expected to serve the people and uncover the dreadful story.
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  • The lessons on becoming a warrior will easily help players discover better interesting roles. In different situations, the story of your survival in the land of demons will develop with time. Players who depend on achievements will upgrade and enjoy difficult confrontations in the end. Your noble mission is to search for the cause of the disappearance of the ancient tribes and figure out a way to destroy the overthrowing dark forces.

Game Features

Watch Out For The Demons And Bosses

The dark scene makes it a more thrilling adventure, and players are to watch for evil. The demon in each location has different skills, shapes, and stories behind them. You have to fight them whether you are the weakest. Beware of elves and skeletons, as they can control your mind and body. Ensure to combine and use the right skills to escape their attack.

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Bosses are the giant kings of the demons, with gigantic physiques, great strength, and unusual abilities. Unfortunately, combating them requires more than your powerful stat.

Fight with many choices

Fight at your own pace, and you can appoint your heroes, select your special fighting tools among shooting slugs, cutting a big sword, or stabbing invisible spears. Then, you choose your two characters, and they can be switched.

Journey On A Dreadful But Interesting Adventure!

Unlike other combat games, shadow knight never gets you bored. You will embark on a journey to several territories by climbing, running, and jumping; the more you advance, the more dangers and difficulties you will confront; besides, you will obtain more rewards as you place some easter eggs and invisible rewards on your way.

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Interact With Others And Showcase Your Skill To The World

You will be fascinated by the ceaseless dark fiction shadow battles. Asides from the usual dungeons, and forest of online games, on shadow knight, you can have unlimited interaction with others and engage in continual battles with incredibly competitive and brutal battlefields.

Kit up

Get the best equipment, weapon, and rune from myriads of items, then customize an outstanding Shadow Knight to look unique from other knights. Then, start the adventure and design the craziest combats.

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Easily Upgrade

While absent, your knights are still under training and getting resources to boost. When you return, their strength will increase, they will learn new skills, and they will gain new grades. Train and nurture a powerful squad and be ready for battles!

One of the latest content added in the upgraded version of Ninja fight, the awakening element, is regarded as the best option. Players can use it while fighting demons in the towers. The mode of operation is similar to other control keys and is best used to bring a huge source of sobering strength while being taunted by magic. In addition, a new twist in the field has also been added to ease your operation. With only a few taps, you can master the features and start fighting


The adventurous battles loaded in Shadow Knight: Ninja fight are second to none. You will not only combat enemies, but you will also experience the true feeling of a hero.

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Download the Shadow Knight Premium APK and experience thrilling moments of a tough battle. Test your intuitive skills with the new modern and a new Boss.


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