Samurai 2 Vengeance
Samurai 2 Vengeance
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Version: 1.5.0
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Download Samurai 2 Vengeance APK and enjoy this action-filled adventure game. Dive into an exciting game where you take Daisuke on this quest to find his enemy!

Name Samurai 2 Vengeance
Version 1.5.0
Updated Apr 24, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer MADFINGER Games

Brief Description Of Samurai 2 Vengeance

Your favorite samurai is back in this action-packed game where you take control of Daisuke and go on a new journey with new missions and quests. Daisuke sets out on this solo adventure to hunt down his long-lasting arch enemy, Orochi. On this adventure, you travel through different villages and deadly fortresses, facing different foes and enemies on the way.

The game consists of new missions with a whole new interesting story, and In every mission, he finds new enemies waiting for you, which you must defeat before you advance to new chapters and advance in the game.

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Samurai 2 vengeance was released on the 24th of June, 2011, by MADFINGER Games. It is rated T, meaning only teenagers can enjoy playing this game as it contains violence and blood or gore themes. The game has seamless gameplay and easy controls anyone can use. Playing this game is easy as the operations are on the screen. It has intuitive gameplay, so you just press the options on the virtual joystick to perform moving or attacking actions. It is easy to understand, so playing this game is relatively easy.

This game is a role-playing game, so qualities like strength, insight, skill, agility and other attributes are vital. As you advance in the game, these attributes can be upgraded to make Daisuke stronger. As you keep playing, you’ll notice the growth in strength of the enemies you face, so you have to develop yourself constantly.

Samurai 2 vengeance is an exciting role-playing game where you will face many enemies on your journey so that you will have a long way ahead. The dynamic game has unique abilities and fighting styles that can be used against many enemies, so you will be kept engaged. The game also has vivid graphics.

Fun Gameplay and Concept

Samurai 2 vengeance is a role-playing game where you take control of a samurai named Daisuke. It is a solo-playing game, so there are not any other characters that you can control. You take this samurai on this journey as he hunts down his arch-enemy, Orochi. It starts at a decent difficulty with enemies that aren’t too challenging, but as you keep playing, your opponents get more vigorous.

Daisuke goes on this journey alone without any companion so developing yourself is very important. Skills and experience are the essential features a samurai must possess, so constantly playing and upgrading his moves, skills, mixes and fights that follow a particular tactical plan all help in this journey. Note that, unlike the previous samurai vengeance, where new combos and skills are unlocked as you advance, this new version allows you to purchase them with coins. There are also other things that you can use cash to buy, which include skills, weapons and upgrades to your health. Upgrading your health to a certain level boosts Daisuke's health to maximum strength.

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There are different enemies with unique abilities, and each enemy differs in strength. Daisuke is tasked with taking out every enemy until he catches Orochi. Apart from facing these enemies, you have to look out for deadly traps set up by Orochi to kill Daisuke before he gets to him. Some deadly traps include giant knives and spikes from the road—Dodge these traps to avoid ending your game earlier than expected.

The gaming operation is also different from the previous version as previously. You needed to touch and swipe your finger to move Daisuke and attack. Still, with the new intuitive gameplay, the controls are on the screen, and there are separate buttons that perform actions.

Samurai 2 vengeance is an entertaining game that has intriguing gameplay that will keep players interested as long as they play it. The game also has vivid graphics.

The Game Features To Look Out For

As you play Samurai 2 vengeance, you can look for these fun features to give you a better gaming experience.

  • Outstanding graphics:

Compared to the previous version, there has been a drastic improvement in the quality of graphics. The game is set in a very realistic 3D manga format. With beautiful colors, the game appeals to the eyes of the players.

samurai 2 vengeance
  • Sound system:

Along with having striking graphics, the game also has very good sound effects that make each scene more interesting.

  • Intuitive gameplay:

There is a virtual joystick made available on the screen. This makes controlling the game easy to understand for anyone that plays.

  • Survival mode:

Use Daisuke in survival mode and face swarms of enemies. Defeat as many as possible and try not to die.

  • Interesting storyline:

As you progress in the game, there are manga-like comics that tell the original story of the samurai.

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  • Unique Camera angles of each fight:

The game gets the best angles for each fight you have. There is a certain level of dynamism that captures the best perspectives of each encounter.

  • Upgrades:

Constantly upgrade your character by purchasing new items and weapons and also upgrading your skills. Money is vital in the game as it is used to buy upgrades,

  • Feisty battles:

The fight scenes in the game are usually taut, fast and gory. With the use of weapons and traps, the fights are generally eye-catching. Use the best weapons and have the best skills to damage your opponents as much as you can.

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There are more exciting features that you can enjoy,  discover all of them and enjoy a fantastic  gaming experience when you download samurai 2 vengeance.


Samurai 2 vengeance is an exciting role-playing game that will keep its players engaged. There are a lot of abilities, upgrades, weapons, and enemies to face in the game that will allow you to enjoy this game better. The game also has a very interesting storyline with beautiful graphics and a good sound system that will keep players interested at all times.

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Download Samurai 2 Vengeance APK and enjoy this action-filled adventure game. Dive into an exciting game where you take Daisuke on this quest to find his enemy!


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