Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Real Steel World Robot Boxing
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Version: 79.79.109
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Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK for the power-packed action battle game experience. Assemble your team of skilled robots and secure the territory and respect of the robots.

Name Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Version 79.79.109
Updated Sep 1, 2023
Category Action
Google Play Link com.jumpgames.rswrb

About The Game

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is an action boxing and battle game inspired by the famous movie Real Steel. It was released on the 14th of October, 2023, by the gaming company Reliance Entertainment Studios (UK) Private Limited. The Real Steel World Robot Boxing game is available for download on Android and iOS devices and is also compatible with Microsoft Windows. However, for the game to function maximally, it requires the device to have an operating system of Android 4.4 and above.

The game includes most of the robot characters from the actual Real Steel movie, and the developers have accurately represented the movie characters. This being said, the players of the game, especially those who are already familiar with the movie, have an awesome chance of recreating the movie scenes and outcome of events and experiencing the thrill of directing and orchestrating their characters' actions.

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing is one of the best robot and battle games out there, claiming the number one spot in its genre and having remarkably high ratings and positive reviews. The genre of this game is not uncommon, so you can be sure that a game in this genre has an outstanding edge over the others to be recognised. This edge is what Real Steel World Robot Boxing proudly boasts of with its amazing concept, representation, graphics, and gameplay.

Storyline Basics

A protagonist robot is present in the game, which is the player's character. In the robot world, there are opposing parties and rivals who seek to have sole dominance over the entire setting. Therefore, the player must assemble a formidable army of robots to defend and secure all territories in the game and retain leadership over the robots.

The opposing robots are everywhere and are encountered in every setting. They have their unique features and styles and also have their gangs. The player has to find all the loyal and efficient robots available and convert them to their army. There are over 50 robots that can be amassed over 5 continents and 11 big arenas.

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The game can be played on phones and PCs, using simple directions to move the robot in every direction. There are also clear instructions on how to direct your robot to fight, throw punches and perform other cool actions, especially useful for gamers who are relatively new in the action and fighting game genre.

Features of Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  • Allows For Multiplayer Gameplay - Real Steel World Robot Boxing is already an amazing game, and the AI-controlled rivals are very active and just as resilient. However, spice up the already amazing single-player mode by inviting your friends to join you in this amazing ride. Team up with your friends to play as a team member or as a rival member. You can team up with quite several players and pick teams. The winning team is the team that remains standing at the end of the game. Multiplayer mode can also be activated over a minimal geographical distance by connecting to a strong server.
  • Different Unique Locations - In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you can be sure never to get bored while playing, as the game contains different settings and locations that increase player participation every time a new area is unlocked. 11 different arenas are enormously huge and range from national stadiums, private boxing rings, or even occasions where robots are likely to run into each other, like a parking lot or alley. The game also spans five continents, with different landscape and weather settings, views, and structures. The player has to continuously gather robots from all over the place and include them into the army of winning fighters.
real steel world robot boxing
  • Realistic Sound, Graphics, and Motion Effects - Real Steel World Robot Boxing robots are well built and designed to suit your wildest robot fantasies. The robots are heavy, weighing over 2000 pounds and staggering heights of about 9 feet. The sound effects are also quite realistic, with the robots making thumping sounds as they move and making heavy blow sounds when their bodies collide or punches are thrown. The game's developers have put real effort into perfecting the sound and movements of the robots. The robot's sturdy nature and grim expressions all add up to finish off the real action effect.
  • Customize Characters - The robots can be customized and coloured to suit players' tastes. The conversation about the different colors of the robot originates from the movie. These colours denote different powers and skills at times, and each has a back story. Players can also express themselves in the Paint Shop by harnessing their creative skills.
  • Free To Play - Unlike many other action games, Real Steel World Robot Boxing is free to download and play. The game can also be enjoyed offline without being disturbed by advertisements. As a result, real Steel World Robot Boxing provides a smooth gaming experience.

Exciting Modes, Missions, and Rewards 

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing provides several modes: the Take All Mode, Career Mode, and Multiplayer Mode. These modes all provide a different feel and challenge to overcome while playing. Winning in battles will help the player move up the Leaderboard and eventually become the highest robot in the league. When the player gathers new achievements, they are stored in the Trophy Room and provide a beautiful display of your winnings. There are also leagues and global tournaments to be won and the championship title of the Ultimate Boxing Champion to be attained.


Real Steel World Robot Boxing is one of the leading games in the action and fighting genre, with amazing gameplay to keep the player hooked. More and more gamers are becoming familiar with action games, and the game ticks all the boxes required for a perfect robot game. The game has no geographical barrier and can be accessed by gamers all over the world


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