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Neon Art
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Download Neon Art: Photo Editor & Effects APK and experience an easier way to turn your pictures into art from your mobile phones and tablets.

Name Neon Art
Updated Mar 21, 2024
Category Photography
Developer Lyrebird Studio
Google Play Link com.lyrebirdstudio.neon_art

Description of NeonArt

NeonArt is a mobile application for editing and adding a variety of effects to your pictures offered by Lyrebird Studio. It was first released on the 23rd of August, 2020. The NeonArt platform allows you to enjoy an amazing editing experience with a wide variety of effects and presets to choose from, to turn your amazing pictures into pure works of art.

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Using the NeonArt photo editor, editing your pictures is made easier and more fun because the app offers different styles and features while editing, from the use of shiny grime stickers and stylish texts to the ability to face tune and retouch your selfies all with the tap of a finger. You are allowed to combine your pictures after editing with the picture collage maker and also combine sketch arts with the use of drip effects.

If you are looking for a top-notch app for editing your pictures as well as convenience and a better user experience then NeonArt is the ideal choice. Keep in mind that there are the NeonArt pro and NeonArt premium options, which both offer advanced features.

What can you do with NeonArt Photo Editor & Effects?

There is a lot that you can enjoy with NeonArt. The editing app consists of a wide range of features available for you to edit to your satisfaction and taste. Using the app, you are allowed to either make motion or neon effects, which are ways of giving your work a unique and stylish look compared to the regular cliché normal way of presenting your pictures. Nowadays, everyone uses the normal black & white filter but the app makes use of aesthetic filters which will automatically appear more appealing to you and anyone else who sees them.

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The other ways in which the app can be used are more editing options, which include drip arts, blur backgrounds, one-tap effects, awesome spirals, and the method of changing backgrounds. If all these effects are properly used, you will surely get the best results that you are looking for. Professionals often use applications like this to give a more stylish and unique look to their edits.

The Neo art photo editor is pretty easy to use and it also has a very satisfying user interface. Anyone can get started using this editing app, which is easy to navigate and use.

Using NeonArt Photo Editor & Effects

Using this application for the first time, you will automatically be placed on the free version before opting whether you will go for the pro or the premium version. The first thing you notice on the app is whether you would like to upload images from existing sources like your camera roll, files, or any drive. The other option is directly taking a picture using your phone camera. From there, once the image is uploaded you now decide how you want it to be edited using the variety of features and presets made available to you, although what you can do depends on the version of the application you are on so it is advisable to subscribe to the Neon Art photo editor premium package so you can enjoy the benefits of using the full thing and it comes without adds

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Once you are done, you proceed to save the image in any format of your choice, which can be jpeg, png, etc. The save of the image can also be selected so you can determine how the image will be presented and also the size of the image. Your work can be saved directly to your gallery once you are all done and it can also be shared on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Features on NeonArt

There are different features that you can enjoy on the NeonArt app. The editing platform has loads of features on the free version, but even more when you purchase the paid version. Some of the features of the app are:

  • Background changes:

You can remove the background of any uploaded image and replace it with a beautiful neon background. Many glowing background designs and different cyberpunk photo collages are made available for you

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  • Pic collage maker and Photo grids:

NeonArt collage maker helps you montage your pictures to make memes. The use of photo grids, cyberpunk frames, and image layouts will make your picture collaging experience more convenient and fun to use. Create beautiful collages and memes just in seconds.

  • Neon stickers and Text:

Personalize your pictures using silly stickers and texts with eye-catching fonts and celebrate special days like birthdays, holidays, and any special events with cute pictures. There are a whole bunch of different stickers and a lot of different texts and fonts to use that will make your work sillier.

  • Selfie camera effects:

The app comes with a selfie camera used to capture beautiful pictures. The camera is different from your original phone camera as it comes with effects that find the best light for you and automatically smoothens your face. You can use different effects and a whole lot of cyber-punk-themed filters for your pictures.

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  • Neon effects and Spirals:

Using the neon effects will enable your pictures to glow. There are emoji backgrounds and beautiful color-filled picture frames which are made available for you to create magnificent pictures. Neon spirals are also made available which bring the motion to your images. Using spirals and neon effects on your pictures will make your work look like magic.


NeonArt Photo Editor & Effects is an excellent editing platform for anyone who wants to create unique pictures and also have fun while doing that. With exciting features, multiple effects, and presets the app is a good accompaniment for anyone that wants to enjoy editing. Using this app will get you the best pictures to upload on all social media platforms.

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Download Neon Art: Photo Editor & Effects APK and experience an easier way to turn your pictures into art from your mobile phones and tablets.


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