Naruto Senki Baryon
Naruto Senki Baryon
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Version: 1.22
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Download Naruto Senki Baryon APK latest version to participate in 2D battles and sharpen your fighting skills. You get to access all your favourite anime characters for free!

Name Naruto Senki Baryon
Version 1.22
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Action
Developer Zakume
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Introducing Naruto Senki Baryon APK

Are you an anime fan? Do you love Japanese animations and stories? Naruto is a Japanese anime series with Naruto as the lead character. Naruto Senki Baryon APK is a game with a story similar to the series.

Naruto Senki Baryon APK is a roleplaying game where the characters have two unique abilities and three inbuilt skills each to aid their fights with opponents. Naruto is one of the best anime series, so you can expect nothing less than the best from this game. It includes characters like Hinata, Itachi, Tsunade, Sasuke, Kakashi and Naruto himself.

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It is an enhanced version of the original Naruto Senki game. It features added characters, sound effects and more fun features. This game lets you choose to fully experience the story or battles by playing in adventure or action mode. The game mode diversity adds to the richness of the gameplay.

Naruto Senki Baryon APK Background

Naruto Senki Baryon APK follows the characters' lives as they become skilled ninja warriors. It takes you through twists and turns in the plotline, such as the rise of the Akatsuki and Orochimaru's mischievous acts. This Naruto Senki is developed in a way that lets you go through a remastered version of the Naruto story.

It brings you into an anime-like world with 2D graphics and familiar enemies. For fans of the anime series, this game is a must-play. You must assist Naruto on his journey to achieving his lifelong goal of becoming the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. You'll also have to help Sasuke get past his hatred.

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Naruto Senki Baryon APK ensures that players feel like they are placed in the Naruto world by including iconic attacks from the series. The battles are full of thrill as the opponents are powerful characters from the anime. This game allows you to talk part in realistic battles with them. You get to play as or against characters of your choosing.

Exciting Gameplay

The gameplay is serious business. It is full of intense battles that are well-animated and have you fully immersed in them. It also features engaging sounds and powerful attacks. You'll need to use every skill and tactic you have to stand a chance against your enemies. The fights take place in a 2D arena where you can use a virtual pad to navigate controls.


It also involves some exploration. You can check out many dangerous spots and explore them, facing formidable enemies. The gameplay also involves completing quests and missions where you can acquire power-ups and other unique items. Your main goal is to take down all the enemy troops and prevent them from getting to your base.

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To do this, you'll need to fight every enemy character you're paired with. This includes enemy bosses with incredible powers. You must battle to progress through the game and get to the enemy base. When you get there, destroying it is your next goal. After this, the enemy soldiers will become frantic.

You can use this to your advantage since your soldiers will also get stronger. This makes it easier to eliminate your opponents. The only way to win battles in this game is to take down every enemy strategically. By doing this, you'll be able to live your dream of being the best hero character.

Naruto Senki Baryon APK Features

The key features of Naruto Senki Baryon APK include:

  • No Ads: Naruto Senki Baryon APK provides you with a smooth experience by making sure there are no video ads to distract you while gaming. This way, you can fully focus on your battles and quests.
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  • Mini-Missions: This feature means there are other enjoyable parts of the game besides the main storyline. The mini-missions comprise unique tasks and challenges that offer a refreshing break from the game story. They include special PvP combat games, daily events and squad missions. Some of these missions are online games where you interact with other members of the Naruto Senki Baryon APK player community.
  • Sequential Plot: Naruto Senki Baryon APK's storyline follows a very orderly plot similar to the plot of the original Naruto series. It starts from the Chunin entrance exams and continues through the emergence of the Akatsuki and other parts of the Naruto story. The game also features card-style gameplay where you can
  • Collect cards featuring characters and special items recognizable from the series.
  • Squad Formation: Naruto Senki Baryon APK lets you create a team or clan of three characters. The game has a diverse collection for you to choose squad members from. It is advisable to mix characters of different specialities to end up with a well-rounded team. The game lets you choose to control one character at a time or all three at the same time in a battle. Simultaneous control may seem the better option, but you need lots of strategic planning and execution to do it successfully.
  • Special Abilities: These are referred to as "Jutsu" in this game. Each character has an ultimate Jutsu assigned. The characters use their Jutsus in fights, which adds an exciting thrill to the battle. Your characters can also perform unique attack combinations, making them even more formidable in battle.
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In Naruto Senki Baryon APK, all the characters are unlocked, so you don't have to spend money buying characters from the store. Also, you have unlimited money in the form of in-game currency to purchase any item you want.


Naruto Senki Baryon APK gives you insight into the life of Naruto and his friends in the Hidden Leaf Village. The game features special abilities and attacks, such as Naruto Uzumaki's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori.

The game's impressive features have such a vast range that you'll be unable to take your eyes off your screen when you begin playing. From the diverse characters to the sequential plot and special powers, everything here is just as intriguing as the actual anime!


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