My Sweet Stalker
My Sweet Stalker
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Version: 3.1.15
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Download My Sweet Stalker APK and find the stalker who could become the girl of your dreams. Investigate this alluring graphic novel with sensual and romantic elements.

Name My Sweet Stalker
Version 3.1.15
Updated May 22, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link studio.genius.stalker

About the game, My Sweet Stalker.

My Sweet Stalker is a dating simulation game with dark romance and erotic themes. The game is loaded with different genuine endings, varying levels of intrigue, breathtaking visual design, and a mesmerizing plot.

In this game, the player's character is represented by a guy that joins an anonymous online counseling network but ends up in a dilemma, meeting, learning, and following three dazzling Yandere girls. It is seen that the character's love life messes up completely from that decision to join the network.

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The main character will communicate with the three other main female characters important to the plot. The player has a task to start up and manage conversations and make informed decisions to build the storyline to their desired preference.

My Sweet Staker was released by Genius studio Japan in 2021. The game is accessible on the Android platform and is a free mobile app. It comes with in-app purchases.

Yandere storyline.

My sweet stalker plays from a dark and dramatic perspective. The game begins with the opening sentence, "Be careful of the people around you," to illustrate the game's mysterious and dramatic theme.

This message is a little and very important to properly navigate the game. Without proper caution, the players will become prey to some stalkers present in the game. The opening also incites a drama element that sits at the core of this game, which isn't common in many dating simulation games.

The major storyline starts with the main character being a nameless counselor for a counseling services network on the internet. One day, a girl confesses to the main character and admits to perpetuating a wrongful act. Unfortunately, the conversation goes south, and the girl is not impressed with the conversation's outcome. After this altercation, the mystery girl announces that she has discovered the main character's true identity and plans to stalk the guy from that moment.

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There are three main "yandere" girls, and one of them is the stalker. Fear sets in, and the main character becomes wary of everyone around him while trying to keep the close ones to him safe.

The major storyline forms the premise around which the story is built and serves as the game's foundation. The game's main objective is to find the stalker. However, there's a twist to the discovery of the stalker. The main character discovers that he has accidentally fallen for one of the three girls. Prepare to remain stunned at every point with this exciting fantasy storyline.

Interest-driven Gameplay

My Sweet Stalker is a simulation game in every sense. In the game, deception consists of studying, attending to the discussion, evaluating, and selecting an appropriate response or course of action based on your current state of mind and character. No matter how minor or significant the choice, it will all add up.

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You may appreciate or loathe this ending, but if you genuinely played with your heart and mind during the game, you will undoubtedly "end up" with one of the three girls stated above. It is unquestionably the greatest option for you.

Yandere Characters

The word "Yandere," a term used to qualify the girl characters in this game, comes from "Yandere" and "Deredere" which means "crazy" and "love," respectively.

The qualifier "Yandere" refers to lovely, endearing, and beautiful girl characters. These female characters usually come off as having a timid and fragile disposition. They are also largely loyal to a fault and can be excessively loving. However, on the downside, they can be very obsessive and very envious of things about their partners.

They kill and do certain heinous acts to win the hearts of their potential lovers or gain their attention.

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The main character, or the player's character, who is also the only guy in the game, is a student. He is a student that enjoys working with computers and has a knack for them. Besides the main character, three girls serve as the "yandere'' girls and suspect who the stalker might be. They are:

  • Shiki: A member of the computer club at the school who had a crush on the main character. She's not much of a talker and is somewhat confusing, traits that do not necessarily help with scratching her off the list of possible stalkers.
  • Tatsumi: An alluring female detective hired by the main character. He hires Tatsumi to help carry out a thorough investigation on who the stalker might be.
  • Mei: A close childhood friend of the main character. Mei knows about the anonymous persona but swears to never mention it to a soul. Is Mei still just a friend, or she's now the incognito stalker?

Astounding Game Graphics.

The game characters are beautifully designed with attractive details. The styling of characters in My Sweet Stalker is quite laudable. The attractive details also account for the mass popularity and success of the game.

The graphics feature impressive artwork and a nice character design. Unfortunately, it also features 2D graphics; however, this isn't a setback as the game accounts for this with its spectacular drawings.

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The colour selection for the graphics is impeccable and draws in the player for a submersible experience.

Amazing game features.

My Sweet Stalker features many addictive features that pull in yandere dating simulation lovers at first sight. There are several addictive features; however, this is a quick list to give an idea.

  1. Interactive and simplistic game user interface.
  2. Nicely styled graphics.
  3. Intriguing plot with ample drama narratives,
  4. Entertaining dialogues,
  5. Influence the plot, however fitting.
  6. Interactive gameplay.
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My sweet stalker is an exciting game created for gamers with a flair for love games mixed with murder intent and creepy elements. With a great script and perfect execution, this app is a sure entertainer for a large variety of players. Enjoy a love story that goes from scared and stalked to crazily in love.


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Download My Sweet Stalker APK and find the stalker who could become the girl of your dreams. Investigate this alluring graphic novel with sensual and romantic elements.


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