Mow Zombies
Mow Zombies
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Version: 1.6.37
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Download Mow Zombies APK to defend the city and save homes from zombies while you have been provided with weapons. Will you take back the houses and the world?

Name Mow Zombies
Version 1.6.37
Updated Aug 20, 2022
Category Casual
Developer Digital Native
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Mow Zombies

Mow Zombies is a mobile game where you are relied on to save people from the hand of zombies that ruined the planet world. The game's main task is to take a terrifying Zombie world and turn it into a sane place and save the world through those scary zombies. The game has some unique features and combinations.

mow zombies apk

With Mow Zombies, players would have to be a warrior that has to fight and take back the world. Mow zombies give you the excitement and thrill you need when playing a game.

Detailed Description of Mow Zombies

Mow Zombie is a war simulation game ready for download. Mow Zombies is a fighting game that allows you to save people from the hand of Zombie. There are more than enough reasons why Mow Zombies should be your go-to war game.

Mow Zombies can seem like a normal and casual game, but the Mow Zombies game is very interesting and captivating and requires your utmost attention to be intrigued, and you can't get yourself to stop the game. Players can play as many levels of the game as they want to become master hunters of the zombies who disrupt the world's peace. Although this action game is very trusted and popular among people, Mow Zombies has many special features to save the world.

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Playing the Mow Zombies game, you have to face a legion of zombies who specializes in eating cannabis, and all they do is destroy almost everything that had been built. They take over people's homes and drive them out, leaving them scared and no safe place. The Zombies also go as far as causing deadly cases, which will drive losses to the developing world by roaming about, and you will need to be able to save the humans.

With Mow Zombies, you will have to perform the process of finding and dealing with zombies, and you will also have to participate in different battles with the evil creatures for you to be able to regain the peace of the world. The struggle can be a bit challenging, but with your weapon, you would have to try and develop strategies in an instant to be able to beat your enemies, you can learn to be a talented, smart player, and you can dodge enemy attacks, defend well and also attack at the right time.

With Mow Zombies features, you can plan how you want to play your game through countless difficulties and challenges and always be ready to fight.

Mow Zombies features

Mow Zombies has so many exciting and interesting features.


By the time you start the game, The world would be on the verge of total desolation, destruction, and even demolishment, and some human figures would be hiding, and on the roads, they will be corpses. The survivors that are left are trying to live every day and also outsmart the zombies, and at this time, you will appear and try all your best to become the outstanding hero of the whole world.

mow zombies unlimited money and gems

You will be given weapons, power, and strength. You will have to fight those zombies until one of you miss the fight and can't rest assured that they won't reappear, and when they do, you will be fighting multiple of them, and all you can do is use your intelligence and kill them one after the other.


As you will see, The Mow Zombies isn't just a fighting game in that you can use your hands. It is a fierce battle that needs so many weapons. The players need to be equipped with so much modern equipment if you want to defeat them, but you have to work for it, and by working for it, you would have to get gold coins to unlock them; you also need to be able to gather the gold coins to use whenever you are upgrading it, your weapons after passing through the upgraded version will have faster bullet speed. However, you can also pick up weapons and supplies during combat, and they can be used to boost your power and restore energy to you in a short time.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics of the Mow Zombies can keep you locked up in the game; It is a 3D graphics war game. The graphics characters are well created and most pleasing to the eyes. Although the design style features brighter colors, and they might not stand out from the war game you might have been playing, although the characters are new and well designed, the vibrant songs and tunes make it more engaging.

mow zombies unlimited diamond

Unlimited Money

Mow Zombies has the features of unlimited money and gems. The game has been updated to a point where you can get money to infinity, and there is a trick that you get cash when you spend them, and you are also allowed to do free shopping to get some weapons.


Mow Zombie game is very exciting and challenging because you are responsible for saving humanity before destruction by becoming one of the last survivors. It is a very interesting shooting game that you shouldn't ignore.

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Download Mow Zombies APK to defend the city and save homes from zombies while you have been provided with weapons. Will you take back the houses and the world?


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