Metal Revolution
Metal Revolution
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Version: 1.0.23
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Download Metal Revolution APK for a revolutionary game with a robotic army and a robot master. Engage in intense robot combats and form an excellent defense team.

Name Metal Revolution
Version 1.0.23
Updated Nov 11, 2022
Category Arcade
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Game Description

The incredible new combat game Metal Revolution breathes new life into the masterpieces. Experience the next wave of action games with simple commands, complex game dynamics, and 60 frames-per-second console-level visuals. Choose your ideal cybernetic warriors, such as a Muay Thai boxer or a mafia leader who swings a katana, then compete in online leaderboard fights to show off your prowess.

Alternately, play in retro arcade style to discover the Cyberpunk setting of the game through the backstory of each fighter. It's essential to gather your pieces and prepare for a brand-new opponent if you're a fighting game purist or a casual gamer!

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In download Metal Revolution, the combatants engage in hand-to-hand combat. To command your robot lord, click on the small controls shown on the screen: An arrow group of motion, including leaping and protecting, may be seen on the left. The talent structure is situated on the right. Based on the sort of robot you are and the tier you are at, click every button to execute the move. You can also switch with various combos by moving while using a skill.

The defense system of Metal Revolution is impressive. Every fighter has a unique defense method. Anybody can overcome it, but the key to lasting a long time and placing the adversary in a defeated position is to master the game's distinctive defensive strategies. The more defense you exercise each time your attacker uses a raging talent, the more chance you will succeed. Since if you manage to survive and protect, you will instantly launch a comeback as soon as they start to recoup. At this point, twisting the hand is all it takes to hit swiftly and kill.

Metal Revolution Gameplay

In the adventure game Metal Revolution, players must visit several different locales and fight a range of futuristic foes in spectacular clashes. Players can overcome virtually every one of your competitors courtesy of the distinct attributes and skills of each of these warriors.

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The Metal Revolution Android designs confuse the eye initially. Players can explore the different game kinds available before partaking in each battle. An exciting option is multiplayer because it lets you engage in real-time competition with other players from across the globe.

The Metal Revolution's dynamics are genuinely simple. It's also relatively easy to navigate the controls because you can press the buttons on the screen's right side. Utilize the dimensional joystick to move every figure, and press the multiple strike buttons to coordinate strikes.

Features of Metal Revolution

Here are the features of Metal Revolution:

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Enjoy Robot Masters

The ideal asset that renders Metal Revolution noteworthy is the troop of robot commanders. Unlike other robot simulations, it is not solely concerned with displaying powerful armaments. When you play Metal Revolution, you see odd robots and distinctive human sims resembling Cyberpunk characters. Every robot is unique in its strengths and weaknesses and comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and personalities.

Giant robots are powerful and capable of destruction, yet they are heavy and have limited flexibility. Miniature robots and machine soldiers who look like women can travel and strike quickly and with dangerous precision. The robots are also too human-like, and the movement is too fluid, so you might mistakenly believe you're playing a fighting RPG.

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Move Up The Ladder With Your Skill

The sole focus of this game is robot combat. So, if anyone among you were expecting to see romantic epic combat scenes, you would be disappointed. Just one arena follows another. Despite the modest differences in scenery between the desolate ghost villages and the rooftop of Megacity, they all share the trait of being very straightforward, dry, and simple to the point. Your main priority should be monitoring your enemy, rehearsing your assaults, and honing your defense techniques.

The exquisite maneuvers in Metal Revolution download are almost nonexistent. Anyone who puts in a lot of time and effort to achieve numerous combinations will be able to move farther and faster into battle. Many gameplay modes, including Arcade, Tutorial, and Training, provide various training opportunities. Once you reach a certain level of proficiency, you must head to the battlefield to advance.

Unusual elements that initially debuted in the robot game for Metal Revolution will also be added by the designer in upcoming upgraded editions. To offer a more realistic combat experience, players can add more witnesses to the arena, alter the passageways to create matches for friends to participate in, or talk in real-time with the competitors and the spectators much like they would during a live stream.

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Game Graphics

In Metal Revolution, all epic clashes have top-notch 3D visuals. "Metal Revolution employs the most powerful graphics technology which could reach 4K standard, screen speeds up to 60 fps," the developer has brashly declared. It has precise and rapid motions and is lovely, dense, and intense, but playing it needs a lot of space and phone settings.

We are amidst unending battles amongst robot soldiers in Metal Revolution. In a particular futuristic planet of humankind, when military conflict transforms into a robot conflict with excessively advanced technologies and unfathomable illusions, the explanation is found in the fundamental tensions of the period.

Final Thoughts

Since the Metal Revolution release date, players have enjoyed great gameplay. Download game Metal Revolution offers players authentic robot combat with an attractive robotic force, tons of defense movement, and simultaneous mechanic moves.

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Download Metal Revolution APK for a revolutionary game with a robotic army and a robot master. Engage in intense robot combats and form an excellent defense team.


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