Mad Zombies
Mad Zombies
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Download Mad Zombies APK, an interesting, addictive live shooting 3D offline game. Kill all the zombies, survive their attacks, and become the superior Zombie hunter.

Name Mad Zombies
Version 5.34.2
Updated Jun 2, 2023
Category Action

Mad Zombies Description

Mad Zombies is a game that focuses the world on horror aspects of life within the ruin of civilization as zombies withhold the whole world. To take control over the Uprising of the dead, some zombie killers arise to fight for the big duty, but it’s not an easy task because the zombies get multiplied and become more powerful. Will this warfare between the zombie hunters and the zombies end? This has to do with you as the player and survivor in the game.

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In the Mad Zombies game, the targets are the zombies; they have strong formations, know how to fight, run and attack, and are everywhere in the city. As the zombie killer, your job is to kill them all by shooting them right in the head to save bullets. You have to be fast in the shooting to hinder them from coming close to you, always having your hand on the trigger.

Mad Zombies is an offline shooting game where you partake in the epic battle to save humanity from the attack of zombies. The game has many features, and to become the best commando, you must do everything it takes to survive the zombies.

The game was developed by VNG Game Studios, the publisher of Dead Target, and it is a game with simple controls. Aim your weapon at the target with your left thumb and tap the button on the right to fire, reload, launch grenades, and use first aid kits. The game provides many weapons such as machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, grenades, and more.

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In this game, you must immerse yourself in the gameplay to kill the bloodthirsty enemies in simple-to-understand missions. But it would help if you had unique tactics and good sniper skills to send the zombies back to the grave. When the mission of the game is coming to an end, the zombies become stronger and more difficult to destroy. To defeat them, you must reserve the most powerful weapons for these missions to be used on the zombies.

Features of Mad Zombies Game

  • Gameplay: the Mad Zombies’ gameplay aims at the zombies as fast as possible to get them down because they are very fast and crazy to attack. The move is automated, and you will be led by a girl named Lucy, but you have to be flexible as there are large numbers of zombies to confront. With a headshot, you can quickly defeat the enemies saving time and bullets.
  • Weapons: there are various weapons to confront the zombies, such as sniper rifles, pistols, and machine guns with other ammunition and explosives. However, you must know how to use each weapon and when to use them. The weapons can be upgraded, and there are nine upgradeable weapons for mass destruction.
  • New experience: playing Mad Zombies download on your mobile device will equip you to become a real soldier with exceptional experiences in playing shooting and action games.
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  • Realistic 3D graphics and effect: in the Mad Zombies’ offline games, soldiers can feel the real experiment in the gameplay. The movements and actions in the game are realistic and full of graphical effects.
  • Inspiring Quest and achievements: in this sniper game, there are many quests for you to complete and rank up to unlock modern items and rewards. You have to conquer your targets to earn the most valuable achievement at the end of the end.

How to play the game

To play this addictive and interesting action game, get the Mad Zombies app downloaded on your phone, and install it to have the irrevocable experience of playing a horror-like game. To bring down the zombies by shooting at them, you will make use of the simple controls on the screen of your device. To aim your weapon, use your left thumb to tap the buttons on the right to fire and launch other weapons for attack.

mad zombies apk download

The character that represents you as the player is either stationary or moves when it needs to automatically. The firearms can be upgraded if you observe it does not serve the purpose in between the missions. To defeat the zombies, and win the tasks, invest all the money you win as you progress in the battle against the bloodthirsty enemy to get more weapons.

There are tips to follow to overcome them and survive the combat against the zombies. When faced with the zombies, don’t be scared or be in a hurry shooting aimlessly; stay calm to target their heads. Don’t use your powerful weapons anyhow; reserve them to be used on stupid and Mad Zombies, all bosses.

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In the Mad Zombies game, you can claim daily rewards and win quest rewards. The rewards, cash, and golds should be spent wisely for life and weapon upgrades to face the diverse varieties of zombies. 


This zombie game is an offline game that you can play at any time without an internet connection, and it is a simple game that you can play with your friends. The challenge of this game is that becoming the best terminator of the zombies is difficult as it requires shooting skills, head skills, and brave killing tactics. To be the best zombies hunter, you have to complete your assignment on the mission to restore peace to humanity or at least survive yourself. Get bonuses to equip a good weapon to destroy the zombies.

To destroy the zombies, do not make the mistake of missing the target or allowing any of them to get close to you. A single bite from the zombie can end the mission and end your life. You have to be alert and vigilant as the zombies can come up from anywhere to attack. Download the Mad Zombies game to explore the fascinating adventure of the action and horror-like game.


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