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Just Cause Mobile
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Version: 0.9.82
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Download Just Cause Mobile APK, an action-adventure game set in the Just Cause universe, developed by Avalanche studios and is designed exclusively for mobile devices.

Name Just Cause Mobile
Version 0.9.82
Updated Dec 21, 2022
Category Action

An In-Depth Description of Just Cause Mobile

Just Cause Mobile is a shooting and action game for Android users. It is perfectly designed for mobile devices, allows users to participate in action-filled collaborative rounds, and retains its distinct value: players are free to do whatever they want without any hindrances. If you love fighting and shooting on the Just Cause console, then you will surely Just Cause Mobile as it gives you a chance to experience the features of this game on a mobile platform.

Square Enix, the company, has brought Just Cause Mobile with an isometric perspective. This allows players to enjoy the action from the get-go. This mobile version retains all the iconic aspects you can find on the console and PC. The distribution of the controls and the graphics have been perfectly designed to give players an incredible gaming experience. Now, you can relieve the Just Cause game you love and are used to on your smartphone.

just cause mobile apk for android

With Just Cause Mobile, players can engage and participate in different battles against their friends or random players from around the world. Simply put, it has an online multiplayer mode that allows you to experience PvP battles providing you are connected to the internet. In this game, you can customize your character (looks and physical conditions) the way you want them to look. Also, you should know that this game is not a sequel to Just Cause 4. Instead, it has a new narrative alongside some features of the saga it is based on.

Before you launch the Just Cause Mobile game, you will be allowed to pick a warrior character. This warrior character will be a member of the Firebrand task force, a secret organization that was formed to stop the Darkwater group from becoming a major problem for Earth. If you choose to play in Story Mode, you will be able to access a lot of information about the game. You will meet different side characters – some will help you rack up resources, some will give you essential information, while some will be your combat teammates later in the game.

just cause mobile apk 2022

Through the dialogue between these side characters, the clues you are able to get from them, and the different battles you will have to participate in, you will surely solve the mystery behind the Darkwater and eliminate them to save Earth. This game features a lot of content, incredible graphics made using Unreal Engine 4, and a fantastic multiplayer mode. You will surely fall in love with the Just Cause Mobile gameplay as it guarantees to have you playing for hours.

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Features of Just Cause Mobile

Now that you know all about Just Cause Mobile, let us look at some of the exciting features this game offers.

Game Modes

There are five game modes in Just Cause Mobile, and they include; 30-player competitive multiplayer, challenge, mission cooperative, battle royale survival, and story mode. Every of these game modes has different challenges that players will face, and after every victory, they will receive rewards like gold coins, materials, and equipment to aid them in their future battles. They are explained below.

just cause mobile apk latest version
  • Story Mode: Players will play and fight in this mode according to the story context set in the Just Cause universe. They are tasked with taking down the enemy, Darkwater forces, as a part of the Firebrand team. The more missions you can complete, the more you progress in the story mode. Also, you will get to form alliances and work with many popular characters from the Just Cause franchise.
  • Co-op Missions Mode: this game mode is a four-player team mode – players have to team up with three friends and tackle the different missions they are given. To score points, they will have to defeat waves of enemies with their selected gear. You will find yourself shooting through many difficult situations, from armored mechs to heavy tanks.
  • 30-player Competitive Multiplayer Mode: this is a fast-paced multiplayer mode where your team will compete against two other teams, each consisting of ten warriors. You are expected to fight back against the opposing teams with your weaponry and vehicles to score big points and gain bases. You can use voice or text chat to communicate, strategize with your team, and form your clan to earn bigger rewards.
  • Challenge Mode: in this game mode, players will have to score the highest points within a brief period to win the challenge. They will be tasked with many strange challenges such as speed racing and paragliding and have to score the highest points out of every other player.
  • Battle Royal Survival Mode: this is the most exciting Just Cause Mobile game mode. In this mode, players will form a team of ten soldiers who will work together to recapture the base from the enemy. Usually, there are about thirty players – the total number – in this game mode, and each of them will have to go around the environment to search for vehicles, equipment, and weapons to make theirs.
just cause mobile apk

Players will always have to be in a ready-to-battle position as the enemy can attack at any time. If a war eventually breaks out, many soldiers will be fighting and working at total capacity.

Graphics and Sound Effects

One feature that makes video games much more enjoyable is sound effects; luckily, Just Cause Mobile understood the assignment. The game features excellent sound effects that will be better enjoyed when playing with headphones or external speakers. This will enable you to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

The graphics in this game cannot be overlooked – the game has an eye-catching 3D image and an excellent visual image. The explosions are well detailed, and so is every other damage caused by other weapons.

Character Skills

In Just Cause Mobile, players can control their characters to perform many unique and crazy skills like acrobatics, straight fists, and shooting. You can do many things when fighting your opponent to give you a better shot at winning. You can upgrade your character’s nature, combat skills, weapons, equipment, and other material. Your character will also be able to unlock a lot of combo skills which makes the game a lot more exciting to play.

just cause mobile


Just Cause Mobile is a free-to-play video game with many features to look forward to. As players progress in the game, they can unlock a wide variety of equipment, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles for their character. Dive into the Just Cause Mobile world today, complete challenges and missions, and level up your gear as you do so.

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Download Just Cause Mobile APK, an action-adventure game set in the Just Cause universe, developed by Avalanche studios and is designed exclusively for mobile devices.


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