Jumbo Airport Story
Jumbo Airport Story
Size: 33,3 MB
Version: 1.4.4
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Download Jumbo Airport Story APK for an epic run as an airport manager. Keep track of aircraft flights and schedules, and ensure all passengers are safe and satisfied.

Name Jumbo Airport Story
Version 1.4.4
Updated Oct 25, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Kairosoft

About Jumbo Airport Story

Jumbo Airport Story is an airport management game where you take control of all operations at the airport and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. The game is quite interesting thanks to the unique concept and responsibilities placed on the player the moment you install it. The game has many sections, including check-in, security, baggage claims, and customer satisfaction.

Although the game graphics don't say much, Jumbo Airport Story is a challenging game, and it takes much creativity to play it successfully. You must master different game aspects and ensure you are on track to create the perfect airport everyone loves to fly with. The game characters aren't much discernible, but the game does focus more on its gameplay than the visuals.

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This game also has many impressive features that add to its interactiveness. Players have to consider many factors to keep their pilot and passengers safe. For example, before authorizing a flight, you must consider the weather, the number of passengers, and even the aircraft type. You'll also be able to sign deals with professionals to help you handle some tasks. Hence, this game does invite the business side of you to play.

Kairosoft developed the game, and it's just growing its base with more features for players to enjoy. The most interesting feature here is the game's online rating. Jumbo Airport Story currently has 4-point reviews on multiple platforms with a stunning 4.9 rating on Google Playstore. However, the game is pay-to-play on Playstore, so it still has fewer players on its database.

Build and Grow Your Airport

Like most simulation games, this game allows you to start from scratch. Rather than start as the manager of a thriving airport, you'll start as a new business with huge growth potential. You'll be able to decide on the basic airport construction and expansion needs, such as where to construct the runway or taxiway. You'll also be able to erect new buildings to grow the number of passengers your airport can take at a time. You can erect structures like a terminal, tower, and hangar.

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A typical airport houses various other services, so you'll be able to do that too. For example, you can add services such as restaurants, shops, bars, etc., to your airport to boost its recognition and customer satisfaction. You can also add some beautiful greeneries to the facility to make the scenery more beautiful and appealing to the passengers. The better your airport is, the more passengers you'll attract, and existing customers won't hesitate to come back.

Game Features

The game has many features, making it worthy of the developer's decision to place a price tag on it. You can check out some of the game features below:


The graphics here aren't that great, but it perfectly creates an immersive game environment. The beautiful pixelated graphics makes the game exciting. You'll be able to see all the structures you've erected and get a bird's eye view of every activity in the airport. Thanks to the simple graphics, players also won't find it difficult playing because the UI is user-friendly. The game developers also created smooth and enjoyable animations that players will love.

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Additional Services

Rather than spending all your time tending to the airport activities, you can also add some extra services to your establishment. The game offers some extra services such as restaurants, shops, and bars you can add to the airport to boost your revenue. Hence, you'll make extra income while playing and also improve your customer satisfaction in the process.

In-game Currency

The sole purpose of this game is to enjoy the gameplay, but you can only do this when you grow and develop. Hence, the in-game currency is what helps you grow your airport into the empire you dream of. You need to generate enough income to keep your airport running and working effectively.

You will automatically make money with all the activities you complete. But you can only increase the amount of money when you add more services and features to your airport, thereby increasing the charges collected. Use the in-game currency to buy multiple items, such as aircraft and buildings.

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The game offers many items and features contributing to your airport activities. However, you'll be able to access all these game features at the most basic level when you start playing. So you have to upgrade various aspects of your operations to boost productivity and revenue. For example, You can increase the number of aircraft in your airport or upgrade the terminal to handle better signals. You can also add extra services to your airport to upgrade its overall value.

Simple Controls

The game also offers some pretty simple control systems. You won't spend ages trying to master the control because they are easy to learn and probably already instilled in you if you've played any clicker game before. Instead, easily get across the game interface by clicking on various parts of the screen and selecting what type of activity you'd like to complete.

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Realistic Schedules

Although this feature is not an active part of the game, it still adds to its interactiveness. For example, you can create a different schedule for your airport which will follow the 24-hours cycle. This means you'll be able to time when various sections of the airport will open. For example, you can set different shops and restaurants to open at a certain time, while the airport is inactive. In addition, the game uses a realistic day/night cycle to see the airport in different lighting and weather conditions.


Jumbo Airport Story is an excellent simulation game. The game allows you to change various parts of an airport and keep it running for as long as you want. Download this game to have an enjoyable time in the central management tower of an airport.

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Download Jumbo Airport Story APK for an epic run as an airport manager. Keep track of aircraft flights and schedules, and ensure all passengers are safe and satisfied.


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