Grow Castle
Grow Castle
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Version: 1.39.6
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Download Grow Castle APK, a defense and strategic game with great features. Fight and protect your Castle from the enemy's attack. Explore your defensive skills today!

Name Grow Castle
Version 1.39.6
Updated Dec 18, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer RAON GAMES
Google Play Link com.raongames.growcastle

Grow Castle

Grow Castle is a free mobile game released in April 2016 and developed by Raon Games. The game is a strategic and action game with a town defense genre. Grow Castle is free to install and features a storyline where players strategize to attack their enemies. This outstanding game is available for Android and Apple users. Since its release, the game has gotten favorable ratings from its users.

Game Description

Bring your logical and strategic abilities to protect the kingdom and keep enemies at bay. Grow Castle follows a storyline where players create an army to fight and defend the Castle and kingdom from growing enemies. This game is set to exploit players' capabilities and show their defense strategies.

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In Grow Castle Tower Defense, you must build a defense mechanism and ensure they do not get through your defenses. Failure to do this would result in unbearable outcomes. Use multiple ally units as you approach the battlefield. Since it is a battle-inclined game, you must embrace your tactical sense and abilities.

The story begins with the invasion of hordes of monsters. Be alert because your kingdom is the next target, and you can be caught unaware. The invasion is bound to happen, and you have been given forewarning. If your kingdom's forces are weak, your base will be overtaken.

Features of Grow Castle

Learn how to get orc workers in Grow Castle and how to get red crystal in Grow Castle as you advance in levels through different modes. Here are the amazing features of the game:

Grow Castle Gameplay

Grow Castle features straightforward gameplay where your tasks are easy and rewarding. The gameplay provides entertainment and ensures players have a nice time. Your mission in the game is to ensure your tower keeps standing after every enemy's attack.

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The first wave of attack will look simple but do not be deceived or let your guard down. Enemies might come from the screen's right side continuously and destroy everything they come across. You must defend your tower and destroy the enemies until the wave ends. Get instructions from the system on adding units and learn Grow Castle's tips and tricks.

Another wave opens with more enemies than before, and your difficulty level starts increasing. Increase your power and speed because monster forces as the defense period prolong. Get stronger and adapt every defense skill available. Upgrade your towers, recruit new units and build sub towers.

As you upgrade to get strong, so does the enemies. The bosses can appear at any time, so get prepared. These bosses are big and have more HP and mysterious destructive power. Increase your speed to ensure your armies are fast enough to hold the tower in defense. Asides from the bosses, monsters are present in the game, and they grow faster than you can imagine. These monsters build towers and carry their witches. The witches take their magic to attack with speed on the battlefield and bring dragons along.

Try not to freak out. This is just a warning ahead of the difficulties you will encounter.

Grow Castle Towers

The game has two types of towers - primary and secondary towers. Your goal in the game is to protect the towers against the enemy's attack. The game will be put to an end if the tower gets destroyed, and you would have to play from the wave before.

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The primary tower has some advantages with special skills that ensure it holds many units of troops. Also, Grow Castle's best-built units can be upgraded to increase MP and HP. However, the secondary tower bears one skill and one place to place units.

Grow Castle Units

For a strategic defense game, Grow Castle's best setup comes with 120 units for players to customize their tactics with ease. Every team carries unique skills and has different effects. Stoners can throw stones at the enemies, wizards can create thunderstorms, and magicians can freeze enemies. There is a difference between experience points, damage, and attack distance. Open up and discover various units your army can possess.

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In addition, you can upgrade your units using the multiple upgrade options. Focus on some units based on your strategies and tactics to avoid spending so much money. Earn your victory as you lead your army through different waves with the best heroes in Grow Castle.

Build Colonies and Improve your Castle

Aside from your major task of defending the tower and protecting the kingdom, there are other exciting events and activities in the Grow Castle best setup 2022. Complete every mission set before you and earn the resources that follow. Every source of income is important; utilize them and improve your Castle. You can also create your colonies, employ workers to collect gold, and Grow Castle unlimited money in your absence.

Mighty Heroes with Powers

Look out for mighty heroes that appear on the battlefield and change battle tides. These heroes are not like your standard units as they have the ability to level up and earn new powers in Grow Castle max level.

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Utilizing opportunities will give your heroes the upper hand against the enemies. Upgrade your heroes from time to time so they can be stronger than they were before. You will enjoy this game with about 120 heroes or more, each with unique traits.


The Grow Castle guide will help you get started with the game. You can return to the guide if you need to master a move or attack. Players stand a chance to have the best gaming experience with this exciting game. Upgrade your tower, units, and heroes without any issues as there is no Grow Castle money glitch to limit your income. Download the game and get ready to conquer the enemies.

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Download Grow Castle APK, a defense and strategic game with great features. Fight and protect your Castle from the enemy's attack. Explore your defensive skills today!


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