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Gacha Life
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Download Gacha Life APK and create anime characters based on your specification. Build your character to live freely in the stories you create and have fun.

Name Gacha Life
Version 1.1.14
Updated Aug 15, 2023
Category Casual
Developer Lunime
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All you need to know about Gacha Life

Gacha is popularly used to portray toy machines in video games in Japan. Gacha life is an anime game that lets you have fun and establish bonds as you live in a world filled with anime characters. It was designed majorly for anime lovers and lovers of role-playing games. It was launched on October 23, 2018, by Lunime. Since its launch, it has been a hit as it is loved by a lot of fans all over the world. From Google play store alone, it has recorded over 50 million downloads in four years. It is still reaching for greater heights. It is available on all Android and iOS devices. However, a demo version can be played on PC, while you can fully explore the game on mobile.

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Gacha life is a role-playing game that doesn't just allow you to choose your character; and you get to create yours. You may have in mind the certain look you want your anime character to look like, and this is your chance to make it happen. You get to create your character based on appearance in terms of hair, skin color, eyes, face shape, the way it moves, and the energy it possesses. In addition, you can choose the clothes you want your character to wear and the weapons it yields. Gacha life allows you to create up to 20 anime characters of your choice.

However, this is just a glimpse of what Gacha's life offers. You get to be more creative as you build fascinating stories, virtual worlds, make new friends, interact with NPCs and play mini-games. There is no limit to your creativity. Explore a virtual world built by you.

Different Game Modes in Gacha Life

Each game mode in Gacha life enables different features that allow you to be more creative. The trick is that the more you create, the more fun you have. Are you willing to have lots of fun? Then, let's create.

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Studio Mode

Studio mode, as the name implies, is where an artist works to create something beautiful. Here, you are allowed to create something beautiful. Not your beautiful characters, but much more. It allows you to craft your scenes. See yourself as a director for a movie. You get to make your own stories and determine the turn of events. You are given a section to enter your custom text for each character. You determine their poses and the different backgrounds for the scene.

You make your stories through the Skit Maker. This enables you to create many sketches for scenes and link them together to present a perfect storyline. Studio mode doesn't focus on the written aspect of a story but on how it looks and how to create different scenes to fit the story.

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Life Mode

The life mode brings more 'life' into your gameplay. Now, you are not just playing the game alone; based on your character, storyline, or scenery, you get to meet other characters. You get to explore different pre-built places with your characters. You can visit the town, school and many more significant places filled with other characters. You get to meet these characters in these places and interact with them. However, these characters are NPCs, meaning no one plays them, but are computerized. No need to worry; they're fun to talk with.

You get to make friends with these characters, interact with and learn more about them and their lives. There are many characters to meet with interesting backup stories you'll love. So you can always start conversations. Furthermore, one of the best features of this mode is that you can play offline. You do not have an internet connection or WiFi to play, and your stories are saved automatically.

Gacha Games

Aside from meeting new characters, interacting with them, becoming their friends, and learning their backstories, there are mini-games you can also engage in. Think of it as a game within a game. You can play with other characters in the Gacha universe. There are 8 different mini-games you can play with your friends. These games include:

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  • 1chi's Math - you answer questions as quickly as possible, usually under 0.8 seconds, and receive your point for each answer.
  • Bex's Festival - you catch Bex's favorite food, chicken nuggets, as they fall. You need to catch them before they hit the floor, or you lose a life
  • Duck & Dodge - you must avoid Luni's ducks as they come at you. You do this by either ducking or dodging.
  • Phantom's Remix - you must tap the disc on your right immediately after the crossfaded lines up
  • Narwhal Sky - as you move up, you need to collect as many stars as possible and dodge the crescent moons
  • Orca Sploosh - you must Sploosh the Gacha balls as they come down. Sploosh them back into the air
  • Picc Pawket Rhythm - you need to tap on each note accurately as they hit on the rhythm line
  • Abushu Candy Crush - you need to tap on the bunnies popping out from each hole to feed them immediately
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These games are very easy to understand and to play as well. In each game, you are given a certain amount of life. You get to lose a life if you do not meet up with requirements of the game. If you exhaust your life, your score is automatically saved, and the game ends. On the other hand, if the score is high to an extent, you get to see your score and your position in the rankings.

These games are a perfect way to earn gems or gifts. There are over 100 gifts to win!


If you love anime, or you love creating your virtual world. Gachaife is the game for you. Explore your creativity, establish new bonds, play mini-games and win lots of gifts. It is free for everyone to participate.

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Download Gacha Life APK and create anime characters based on your specification. Build your character to live freely in the stories you create and have fun.


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