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Fnaf HW
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Download Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted APK and enjoy this virtual reality game that will keep you on your toes with its scary and frightening gameplay!

Name Fnaf HW
Version 1.0
Updated Sep 10, 2022
Category Action
Developer Steel Wool Studios
Google Play Link com.steelwoolgames.fnaf.hw

Brief description of Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted

The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is back in this frightening virtual reality game where you take control of Vanny. Vanny is a woman who was eager to make some cash, so she accepted a job as a night guard in the notorious Fazbear entertainment. Fazbear entertainment is a former pizza shop that was closed down because there were plenty of talk and rumors about numerous murders happening there. The legendary pizza shop periodically changed its security guards, and scary stories were constantly spoken about every night. Hence, it quickly became popular in the town, and it was quickly closed down, and Fazbear entertainment was found.

Your main task is to survive the night, starting from 12 am to 6 am in the morning. Vanny is locked inside a building and has to ensure that the building's energy doesn’t diminish or the lights go off. Failing to do so leads to the door opening, and these bear like monsters attack her.

fnaf hw

Fnaf hw was released on the 26th of October, 2020, by Steel wool studios. It is rated T, meaning teenagers and above can enjoy playing this game as it contains fantasy violence and a degree of blood or gore themes.  The game has seamless gameplay and easy controls that anyone can use. Playing this game is easy as they’re barely any controls. You aren’t tasked with moving around or running, so it is just tapping options on your screen to interact and perform actions. As you play, you will realise that it is simple to understand and relatively easy to play.

The game is a virtual reality game, so it is a simulation that gives its players the feel of being inside Fazbear entertainment, trying to survive the night. With dim lights and frightening sounds, players will stay on their toes.

Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted is an exhilarating horror game where you’ll most likely drop your phone a couple of times as this virtual reality simulation was made to give you a proper scare.

Gameplay and concept of Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted

Fnaf hw is a horror virtual reality game where you take control of a female named Vanny.  It is a solo-playing game, so there aren’t other characters to select to play. 

Once you start the game and begin your Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted to experience, you start as a night guard in a room that has a cup of coffee, some newspapers, and a camera screen that shows all that is happening in the building and a mobile phone. When you use the mobile phone, you realise that previous security guards left recordings that you will use to guide you throughout the night and help you survive against the monster animatronics.

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This game is a virtual reality game, so it makes you feel like you’re actually in the building as Vanny. The game has a way of making you scared uniquely. There is no movement in the game, and sit in the office and pray that the monsters don’t find you. Monitoring the camera screen constantly helps you see exactly where the monsters are. You can flicker power switches and distract them by playing music from different areas or throwing objects at them. You can do anything to avoid them from entering the room you are hiding in unless you want to disappear like the former security guards mysteriously.

The main job you have is surviving the enter night, which lasts from 12 am to 6 am. Successfully avoiding these monsters is seen as a victory. You can do this by ensuring that the building's energy doesn’t run out and the power supply remains. If not, the lights and camera go out, the door of the room you’re in automatically unlocks, and there’s nothing to protect you from the scary monsters.

The fnaf hw download is available for download on all platforms. Get started and enjoy the thrill of this horror game.

Features to look out for:

As you play this game, there are different features that you can look out for that will enhance your gaming experience

  • Interesting graphics:

This game has very excellent graphics that fit the entire theme of the game. The graphics exude a scary look with two primary colours, black and white. The graphics are very sharp and realistic as it is in 3D, and it will give you the direct feel that you’re in an actual horror movie.

fnaf hw android
  • Sound system:

The sound system is also something that should be recognised as the game offers sounds that let you feel what exactly Vanny is feeling. Hearing scratching and scary sounds and the vibrations of your phone when something happens will keep you on your toes.

  • Interactive Objects:

Some objects are available to use to help you and make your gaming experience more accessible. For example, you can use the camera to track where the monsters are and know their exact locations. This is useful as it helps you understand how exactly and which ways you can use to distract them.

  • Easy operations:

Playing this game is made easy as it has straightforward gameplay. There aren’t many controls as you don’t move around in the game. You just have to tap options on the screen to perform actions.

fnaf hw download
  • Virtual reality:

Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted is a virtual reality game, so you get the feel of being in this horror game. With its realistic gameplay, you will probably drop your device a few times.

There are many more features that you can look for when you start playing this game. Download the latest version and enjoy the fnaf hw full game.


Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted is a fascinating horror game that will keep players interested as they play. If you’re someone that loves horror-themed games, this is the perfect game for you to play.


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