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Version: 3.24.417.3aa6
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Download Dumpster APK, the #1 recycle bin for Android! Now, you can recover all accidentally and recently deleted photos, videos, and apps from a device or SD card.

Name Dumpster
Version 3.24.417.3aa6
Updated Aug 19, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Baloota
Google Play Link com.baloota.dumpster

An In-Depth Description of Dumpster

Dumpster is an impressive recently deleted video, photo, and app recovery tool. With this app on your mobile device, you never need to worry about how to recover apps, photos, and videos you may have accidentally deleted. Dumpster is the #1 solution to photo recovery, so it is no surprise that this app has over fifty million Dumpster downloads.

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You can be sure that your files are safe when you use Dumpster due to its added security features, and they can also clear valuable storage space on their device due to the app's flexible cloud storage. One can enjoy tons of impressive features when they download the Dumpster app.

Dumpster is an efficient way to retrieve every lost app, file, photo, and video from your device or SD card in seconds. This app is not only limited to pictures and videos, as users can also retrieve lost files and undelete recently deleted apps. With this app, everyone has the freedom to make mistakes because they know the Dumpster app can reverse them.

Dumpster is the most impressive file recovery app for Android users as it has broken records with over fifty million downloads. This app will not reduce the quality of pictures after retrieving them, nor does it stop other apps from running in the background. Dumpster requires minimum permissions; it is quite easy to operate and is a very secure app that will never share your data with other apps.

The Dumpster app offers a premium version; Dumpster Pro provides more features than just recovering lost files. With Dumpster Pro, users get a file backup service, and it also assists in tidying up unnecessary and unwanted files on your Android device. Users also get an ads-free experience alongside app lock capabilities and personalized themes. What more could a person ask for?

dumpster pro apk download

Dumpster is a fantastic recovery app that everyone should have on their Android device; it recovers everything except text messages, and you can even retrieve lost music files. The dumpster download process is simple and straightforward; with this app, you can retrieve every lost file.

Features of the Dumpster App

Keep reading to discover some exciting things you can do with the Dumpster app.

  • One interesting feature of the Dumpster app is that it does not require an internet connection to function and retrieve your lost files. You also do not need to root your device, making things much more convenient for users.
  • Backup your files to cloud storage: when you download the Dumpster app, it will immediately backup all of your recently deleted photos, videos, apps, and files to cloud storage without root privileges.
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With this feature, you can undelete all deleted files, retrieve all deleted photos, videos, and apps and store them on your Android device. This makes it a perfect recovery app as it does this effortlessly in seconds.

  • Restore deleted apps: if you are ever in a situation where you deleted an app and need it back on your device, you no longer need to go through the stress of downloading it from scratch. Dumpster is an excellent solution as it will instantly restore all your deleted apps on your Android device.

All you need to do is go to the Dumpster app and click on the application you want to restore. The application will be instantly restored to your device; straightforward.

  • Clear up phone storage: if you have ever had to deal with insufficient storage space on your Android device, the Dumpster app is a great way to clear up your phone storage through its unlimited cloud storage. Users can store all the data on their phones on the app's cloud storage.

If you upgrade to a Dumpster pro plan, you get access to unlimited cloud storage where you can save all of your recently deleted videos, photos, apps, and files.

  • App lock functionality: Dumpster is a safe and secure app that guarantees users protection on all files, photos, and videos through its app lock functionality. You can choose to protect your Dumpster data and keep it safe from prying eyes with a four-digit secure access code. This will protect all videos, photos, files, and apps, and only people who know the code can access it.
  • Restore accidentally deleted files: this feature is similar to the second one on this list, but that does not mean it should be overlooked. One great advantage of having the Dumpster app at your disposal is the ability to restore accidentally deleted files.
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What do you do when you mistakenly delete a memorable family picture or an important document you need in the office. You can open the Dumpster app and instantly restore the file to your device. There is no need to look for a different solution to your problem as this app is all-in-one.

Dumpster or Dumpster Pro

Dumpster pro is the premium service of Dumpster; it does not matter whichever you choose as Dumpster does not require you to pay before being able to recover lost files. Upgrading to Dumpster pro gives users access to more features like unlimited cloud storage space and custom themes and designs.


The Dumpster app is one of the best recovery apps available; download this app today and be able to instantly recover every lost and accidentally deleted file, photo, video, and application.

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Download Dumpster APK, the #1 recycle bin for Android! Now, you can recover all accidentally and recently deleted photos, videos, and apps from a device or SD card.


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