Doraemon Gadget Rush
Doraemon Gadget Rush
Size: 43 MB
Version: 1.3.1
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Download Doraemon Gadget Rush APK and dive into the crazy world of aliens, heroes, puzzles and gems. With your friends, retrieve all the stolen treasures from the aliens and become the ultimate heroes of the Earth!

Name Doraemon Gadget Rush
Version 1.3.1
Updated Oct 13, 2022
Category Action
Developer Animoca
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About Doraemon Gadget Rush

Doraemon Gadget Rush is an amazing and captivating link and match puzzle game based on the Doraemon character in the manga and anime series by Fujiko Fujio. Doraemon Gadget Rush was published and released on the 5th of February, 2015, by the gaming company, Animoca. Animoca is famous for publishing mind-blowing games based on established movies, cartoons or anime characters. The Doraemon series raised a lot of dust during its release and is ranked with many other popular animation series such as Pokemon; hence, the release of the Doraemon Gadget Rush game was highly anticipated and enjoyed by gamers all over the world, especially Asian players.

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The game can be accessed and enjoyed on both Android and iOS devices and requires the minimum operating system of an Android 2.3 to function maximally. Doraemon Gadget Rush gathered a lot of positive reviews and had a remarkably high number of downloads, with the game topping charts and breaking ranks in the early days of its release. Doraemon Gadget Rush is estimated to have amassed over 40 million downloads since its release.

The game is suitable for gamers of all ages and is noted to be satisfying and relaxing to play. The mode of operation of the game is very simple and easy to adapt to. With never-ending twists and discoveries, super satisfying gameplay and familiar characters, Doraemon Gadget Rush is sure to keep you hooked to your screens for a long time, and a good time too.

Storyline of Doraemon Gadget Rush

Doraemon is our main character, and on a certain day, he discovers that many of his treasurable gadgets are missing and continue to go amiss. So Doraemon begins investigating the matter, and his research leads him to discover that an alien community is stealing his gadgets.

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Doraemon discovers that the alien community harbours plans to besiege the Earth and take over. As a result, he and his friends embark on a mission to retrieve the stolen items and protect the Earth from the heinous plans of the aliens.

How The Game Works

Doraemon Gadget Rush is a game in the puzzle genre and works primarily on linking and matching strategy. The player has to create a string of bells of the same colour so that they remain connected to each other. The string of bells is then activated, and they produce energy as a result of the combo that blasts the alien enemy. The intensity of the damage caused to the aliens depends on the strength or number of the same coloured bells activated into a string.

The player can also form a variety of amazing combos when the same coloured bells are joined in a large number or in a unique way. These unique combos create special effects and boost the player's chances of destroying all the alien pieces on the board. When an activated set of bells has done its work, it disappears, and new bells and gems come in to fill the empty spaces left.

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As the player attacks and destroys the aliens, Doraemon retrieves his stolen gadgets little. The gadgets number up to 50 or more and are scattered in various levels and sections of the game. From time to time, the player must be tactical enough to claim power-ups and boosters on the game board. These power-ups can be kept for future use or be yes immediately. Some special power-ups create magnificent effects and can clear all the game board pieces.

The tricky part of the game comes in the time duration and the limited number of moves. The player has to be clever enough to achieve the most possible in a limited amount of time and moves. As the layer progresses and the levels increase, the time becomes much shorter, and the number of moves also decreases. Therefore, the skill and cleverness of the player are tested at higher levels. Players only begin to enjoy the real intensity and thrill of the game when the going gets tough.

Special features known as support items come free on the board. They can be used to destroy game pieces and other items. However, the support items are much more useful in higher levels to help assist the player when the resilience of the aliens increases and the time-lapse and number of moves reduces.

Characters From The Movies

Characters in the Doraemon Movie are also present to help players familiarize themselves with the game and also increase gameplay. These characters include Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi and Suneo, who were all friends and partners of Doraemon in the original movie. These characters also play the same role in the game and act as allies for Doraemon in times of need.

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Other Features

  • Free to download and play
  • Offers in-app purchases
  • Connect to friends and fellow gamers through Facebook
  • Super Engaging gameplay
  • Offers both online and offline modes
  • Cool graphics and animations
  • Has no location barriers


Doraemon Gadget Rush is the perfect option for gamers seeking a worthwhile time on mobile devices. The game is particularly satisfying and addictive, and players do not go through too much struggle to advance in the game. Furthermore, Doraemon fans will appreciate the game worldwide with the exciting characters, sounds and behaviours.

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There are no limits to the amount of fun expected from a puzzle game, especially one like Doraemon Gadget Rush. Players must use their initiative and gaming prowess to move up the leaderboard and claim the refreshing rewards available.

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Download Doraemon Gadget Rush APK and dive into the crazy world of aliens, heroes, puzzles and gems. With your friends, retrieve all the stolen treasures from the aliens and become the ultimate heroes of the Earth!


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