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Download Doom APK for an exciting experience in the world of alien shooting. Save planet Earth from invading monsters by eliminating all sorts of monsters.

Name Doom
Version 1.0.11
Updated Apr 15, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.bethsoft.DOOM

About Doom

Doom is the mobile device version of the popular and intriguing 1900s game designed by EltechSoftware. The game allows you to enjoy everything you'd have access to on the original version on your smartphone. Although the game requires a much bigger screen, you'll have a jolly time playing on the small screen thanks to the fantastic graphics and visuals that adapt perfectly to your smartphone resolution.

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The app is just an access point, so players must go through some simple steps before they can play the game. For example, when you download Doom and finish the installation, you'll have to import the pertinent files from your computer to be able to play every time episode of the game. This might seem daunting, but it's pretty simple, and you can quickly get the game set up with a few steps.

This Android version of the game can rival the original version in terms of gameplay because there isn't any difficulty I'm doing anything. The control features are adapted to fit your touchscreen and are identical to the original. You can also use the volume button on your device to switch between different weapons, making the transitions faster and more convenient.

Eltechs developed the game. It's available on various devices in over eight languages. The game is also free to play and has thousands of downloads on the internet. The popularity is due to the original game's huge reputation and how thrilled players were to enjoy the mo ike version. The content is rated for anyone above 16 years, and it has over a hundred thousand downloads on Playstore.

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Comic fans might excitingly tie Doom to superman's enemy and expect to see it in the game, but it's unrelated. Instead, the game is a free shooter game whereby the player is armed to the teeth and sent to face off monstrous enemies. The game takes you to Mars, where you witness the battle of a brave soldier on the alien planet.

The main plot behind the game is that the player was sent to this hellish place after attacking a superior officer. Hence, he'll have to survive or be left for dead. Your objective is to ensure you survive every attack from the aliens. Since you cannot leave the planet and find your way to Earth, you must face the aliens, stand your ground, or die trying.

There are lots of locations to attack and many weapons to unlock. The more you play, the deeper you go into the alien realm and face dangerous aliens that are more difficult to eliminate. So you not only need to know how to shoot, but you also need to apply survival strategies to ensure you live long enough to see your mission through.

Game Features

Doom has been an exciting game for decades, and players still want to play it on mobiles in recent years says a lot about its interactiveness. Here are some of the features of the Doom mobile version:

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As earlier discussed, Doom has impressive gameplay stemming from its creative use of imagination to create a compelling story even when these types of stories had little chance of being comprehended. Instead, it's a first-person shooter game where you have to defeat all monsters on Mars because you have no other option than to keep surviving.

If you bring all the monsters to Earth, it's game over because you're humanity's last hope of resistance on the planet. It's easy to play on your mobile device, though not everybody agrees on the mobile version being easier. Nevertheless, like in modern games, you can easily enjoy the various game actions, such as shooting, reloading, etc.


Doom is not one of the best games of its time, but it did have impressive graphics. It uses arcade-style graphics, superior to most action games of that time. The monsters have different features and outlines, and the game screen details all the necessary features that you'd expect in a soldier's hand when he's fighting monsters.

You'll get to see how the guns are being fired when you play. You can also see the gun when it reloads and notice lateral recoils. Since it can adjust to all mobile screen resolutions, including those on your tabs, you can rest assured of exciting gameplay and the right amount of information on your screen.

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You'll be able to enjoy the soundtracks from the 80s and 90$ while shooting aliens on the deserted planet. Although nir all players like this feature, you can decide to turn off the sound. The sounds of monsters and gunshots are impressive; it provides the closest experience you can get when you witness a gunfight or become the one shooting yourself.


The game takes you to battle through a series of levels. You'll learn to control the player in your first few games and also master the art of killing monsters. Since the game is easy to understand and play, you can easily okay through these levels. There are nine levels on Doom; you must survive each and ensure that all the aliens have been eliminated before you can proceed to the next level. Failure to do this means you'll have to continue playing at the same level.


There aren't wide varieties in the choice of weapons in the game. But it does justice to the game weaponry with different types of basic guns. You can choose between weapons like Ak-47, Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle and Sniper. Each firearm has other uses depending on your playing level and how low you are on ammo.

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After many years, Doom remains one of the best alien-themed games you can play on yours. Since it's now available on Android, you can enjoy the nostalgia of the 90s games. So download and Install the game to join the war and protect planet Earth from the monsters.

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Download Doom APK for an exciting experience in the world of alien shooting. Save planet Earth from invading monsters by eliminating all sorts of monsters.


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