Don't Starve
Don't Starve
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Download Don't Starve APK and experience an unknown world. Learn how to survive this wilderness's terrors, creatures, and dangers as you find a way out.

Name Don't Starve
Version 1.19.18
Updated Sep 19, 2023
Category Adventure

All you need to know about Don't Starve

Don't Starve is a simulation game where you have to learn several survival skills in a mysterious wilderness filled with magic and science. It was released on October 19, 2016, by Kei Entertainment Inc, a Canadian game company. This was shortly after the release of its trailer depicting a theme filled with crude humour and fantasy violence. Its captivating trailer built anticipation for the game, promising a well-crafted storyline, detailed graphics, and awesome gameplay. So far, over 500+ active players are interacting with this game on Android and iOS devices.

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Don't starve is a series. There is a previous version of this game that has pulled lots of addicted players. This version is called the pocket edition and features a few tweaks from the previous edition. In Don't Starve, you play as the main character placed in an unknown world. You will face strange creatures, uncomfortable conditions, dangers, and several other surprises. The main goal is to survive this wilderness as you try to escape. As you progress, you discover several mysteries of this wilderness.

Basics of the Game

- You can select your preferred character to begin your journey into a mysterious wilderness

- Get creative as you scavenge resources and use them to craft out structures, materials, and items to aid your survival

- Learn how to survive as you scout for food. Perform the process of farming, foraging, and hunting for your food

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- Learn how to be strong and proactive as you advance in the game

Features of Don't Starve

There are several things you will experience as you begin the game. First, you must have a feel of the game you are about to play. Don't Starve has a well-crafted storyline, survival gameplay, and several mind-blowing experiences.

The Storyline

Don't Starve features Wilson, a young scientist. Wilson is the game's main character that engages in several scientific experiments from time to time. Most of the time, he goes to new lands to perform some research works to further aid his scientific experiments. On many occasions, he has explored these lands and found new materials, new plants, and new resources that have been helpful to his research.

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However, as he goes on one of his exploration walks, he gets lost in a mysterious wilderness with no means of survival. The wilderness is gloomy, and it seems there is no means of escape.

Wilson is not the only one in the wilderness, and he is surrounded by a series of strange creatures that only see him as prey. He has to decide on a plan to survive as he will face drastic weather conditions, a shortage of food and water, and human-eating creatures. All you need to do is help Wilson survive as he tries to find his way home.

Surviving in the Wild

Being placed in a mysterious world with drastic conditions and challenges, the goal is to first survive as you an escape route to your home. Surviving in a place without resources entails several tactics, procedures, and systems you must utilize. First, you have to keep Wilson's mental health in check. This is a very scary situation for Wilson as he is all alone and surrounded by danger. Without a stable mental state, he will be dead, and the game will end in no time.

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How do you keep him stable? You will be provided with a map to move freely as you look for food and water. But, remember, Don't Starve. In addition, he will have to keep warm with clothes as he will have harsh weather conditions and also provide him with weapons to protect himself.

As you advance into the game, the difficulty level increases. Over time, the amount of food, water, and other resources will decrease gradually, while the number of dangers will increase. Finally, you will have to find a way to bring him out of his misery and return him home.

Dangers you will face

The main danger of Don't starve is darkness. You will be trapped in the dark in the woods with no idea what may be lurking and observing you from afar. It is another ball game if you can't see the impending danger. The first task of the game is to gather as much firewood as possible, so you produce a source of light. This way, you can recognize dangers as they come your way, apart from using fire as a source of light.

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The dangers that may lurk in the dark are several monsters. They are not the usual animals you know, and the thing is, they usually appear at night. You would have run away from these creatures to increase your chances of survival. However, you can't run forever; you would have to fight them off at some point, most especially when you face some special monsters. You would have to craft weapons and armours based on the type of creatures you face. You can find out more about them, search for the necessary resources and get creative.

Game Modes and Seasons

There are two game modes in Don't starve. This is the Sandbox Mode and The Adventure mode. In Sandbox Mode, you enjoy a profound storyline and learn the history of that wilderness. In Adventure Mode, you are on the go. You will encounter the villain, Maxwell, and fight for your life progress into the five chapters this game mode offers.

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Moreso, there are seasons you will encounter in Don't starve. The most preferable is Autumn as the conditions are still manageable compared to winter or summer. However, the conditions get harsh in these seasons as you survive freezing to death, overheating, hunger, and excruciating incidents. Each mode and season is a test of your character and how well you can survive in the wilderness.


Don't Starve is one of the best survival games that test your ability to make it through difficult situations. Its storyline and gameplay are filled with suspense and thrill as you battle and escape several dangers. How long can you survive in the woods?

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Download Don't Starve APK and experience an unknown world. Learn how to survive this wilderness's terrors, creatures, and dangers as you find a way out.


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