Dark Days Zombie Survival
Dark Days Zombie Survival
Size: 569.1 MB
Version: 2.0.4
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Download Dark Days Zombie Survival APK and wage war against armies of undead zombies and other mutating abominations for the price of living. Fight for survival!

Name Dark Days Zombie Survival
Version 2.0.4
Updated Aug 13, 2022
Category Action
Google Play Link com.azurgames.lastday

Dark Days Zombie Survival

Dark days zombie survival download promises to be among the most rewarding searches you would make in gaming. Download Dark days zombie survival latest version and enjoy a tale of an average Joe trying to survive in a devastating world where the dead reigns!

It has been six months since the unknown epidemic broke out from an unknown source. Many speculated it was a deliberate attempt (one that went very wrong) by some terrorist group or other sick groups. Some said it was an accident as no one could be so evil to doom us all. Regardless of what people thought, the biting first began, the dead rose, and all chaos was loosed.

dark days zombie survival

In a matter of days, populated cities were zombified, in weeks, the virus infected 1/3rd of the earth. The army was outnumbered and unprepared as the unfortunate incident was unexpected. They tried their best to maintain the degrading law and order while controlling the spread of the epidemic. The military made attempts to nuke the most populated areas. However, it was no use; in less than two months, the World government moved as many citizens as possible to underground bunkers. Thus, leaving the surface world to the dead and, ironically, changing the nature of things. Now several abominations roam free on earth while the living stays six feet below.

About Game

Dark days zombie survival game was designed and launched by Azur interactive games ltd. It is a fiercely aggressive, fast-paced game based on the horrors one should expect while trying to survive in a devastating world over-run by zombies. Since it is a single-player military shooter game, Dark days zombie survival is very popular, having a rating of 4.2 stars by 85,000 gamers and achieving a feat of five million downloads worldwide. This record is incredibly good for a stylized shooter game launched on May 27th, 2020.

dark days zombie survival game

The game is supported on Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac platforms. A simple search on "Dark days zombie survival for android," "Dark days zombie survival latest version," and "Dark days zombie survival download" would reveal.

Dark Days Zombie Survival Gameplay

Like many other post-apocalyptic games, the game is based on the tale of a zombie breakout. However, unlike other games in the same genre, it depicts the struggles of an average guy who must learn to survive on his own, EQ, in hopes that humanity will return to power one day.

On installing and running the game, the player would come to meet an in-game tutorial designed to guide the player through all possible functions of the game as well as the general mechanism and survival techniques they need to progress. The game's environment is very interactive as it boasts astonishing HD graphics similar to the quality of a PlayStation. You will get to fight mutating zombies, marauding humans, attack both zombies and humans, run and hide occasionally, and do anything to survive.

dark days zombie survival apk

Players are also tasked with building and defending their base, making friends with some characters in the game, and building and upgrading shelters to higher levels capable of keeping the mutants away. Resources are scarce, so you must gather them and craft your weapons and tools.

Overall the game has a smooth performance and narrative.


  • Shop: The shop has a wide variety of items, including a store where you can keep and sell items you acquire during the game. For players who love an interestingly different game experience than what most people would have, the game will require a small amount of real money to purchase special items that are bound to impact your experience.
  • Customization: Gamers are granted access to customization kits where they apply colors and designs to their items and select the gender, race, height, age, and appearance of their avatar to give them an entertaining game session. Most importantly, the player can customize the controls to fit the desired standard.
dark days zombie survival download
  • Epic HD Graphics: It adopts a tell-tale games' drawing HD graphics view. Players are bound to enjoy every moment of this game with realistic scenarios, sounds, and reactions.
  • Daily Rewards and Resources: To further aid the player in this impossible task of surviving, the game has a daily and quest reward system where players can get items for logging in every day and completing tasks that could be anything from simple to extremely difficult.

Dark Days Survival Tips and Tricks

Knowledge is power; you will find that to be especially true in survival games like Dark Days Zombie Survival. As a gesture of good faith to you trying out the game, here are a few helpful tips to help you avoid mistakes that would cost you later:

  • Make sure you always have a melee weapon in your inventory. It is exceptionally useful when you are suddenly faced with a horde of hungry undead creatures.
  • Learn to conserve resources. It includes taking out certain enemies with your axe and saving bullets for tougher, faster, and more aggressive enemies.
dark days zombie survival apk download
  • Make a habit of gathering materials. Ensure your mechanical friend is always in top condition to save your life at a moment's notice; an automated robot is given to players upon reaching a certain level.
  • Keep a close watch on your inventory and what resources will soon be diminished. It would not be a pretty sight when you equip your assault rifle to shoot a melee of bullets at fast-moving targets only to discover you are out of shells.


Survival has always influenced the cycle of life. From the days of the early man till now, it has always been about surviving. Currently, the Zombies have reduced your chances of surviving to the minimum. In a scenario where the central government and the military are incapacitated, what hope does an average Joe have?

There is nothing worse than losing hope, even in a hopeless situation. How long do you think you can survive in extremely unpleasant and mentally derailing environments? Play Dark Days Zombie Survival Game to find out.

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Download Dark Days Zombie Survival APK and wage war against armies of undead zombies and other mutating abominations for the price of living. Fight for survival!


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