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Cut Paste Photos
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Version: 10.6.4
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Download Cut Paste Photos APK and enjoy using this interesting photo editor. Use different features and effects to turn your pictures into pure works of art.

Name Cut Paste Photos
Version 10.6.4
Updated Apr 14, 2024
Category Photography
Developer Dexati
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Brief description of Cut phase photo

Photo & video editing applications usually use different filters and photo effects to change how your pictures appear. Still, this application offers a whole different photo experience as it offers something different than the cliche method of adding colors and effects like other applications.

Cut phase photo is a mobile application that allows you to turn ordinary pictures into pure works of art. It will enable you to cut faces from other images, place them on your content, and change backgrounds into other concepts. This is done conveniently and is something other editing applications can't do.

cut paste photo apk

Imagine taking the most beautiful picture ever, but the surroundings were repulsive and spoiled the whole look of your photo. There aren’t many applications that allow you to change unwanted backgrounds from your pictures. This is usually edited with professional help, but using cut phase photos, you can easily do that and more.

Due to its unique features and ease of use, this application has become one of the most popular editing applications worldwide. Millions of users have downloaded it, and more are joining the platform. Cut phase photos is a mobile application available on every smartphone and for download on all platforms.

Cut phase photo is a photo and video editing application that the developers constantly update with new features and fixes. Still, it was initially released on the 12th of September, 2014, and was offered by Dexati. It is rated E, meaning everyone of any age can use this application as there are no age limits, and if you have a smartphone, you can enjoy making cool edits.

Using this application, you experience something new in the editing world as it is unique and doesn't follow the usual editing trend. There are new customizing features, and if you are looking for a top-notch application for making beautiful content and modifying your images to your taste, as well as convenience. Then, cut phase photo is your ideal choice.

cut paste photo apk latest version

The application is beautiful as it has a beautiful design of the layout. With different colors and good structural arrangement of the menus and options, this application is very appealing to the eyes of users and easy to use.

Remember that the developers are constantly upgrading this application. To enjoy the most of this editing application is to download the cut phase photo's latest version, and you’ll enjoy more features and experience fewer errors.

What can you do on this application?

You can enjoy doing many things on this application, but the mean feature of cut phase photo is that you are given the freedom to cut pictures from a particular image and post them on other photos. Changing backgrounds of images are made accessible when you use this application, which is very useful for users who don't know how to use professional applications like photoshop.

Before changing the background pictures on your phone, it is advised to clean the former background picture of unwanted details. Then, highlight the subject you want to edit and cut and paste the image on a new background. The app uses an artificial intelligent background eraser, making the edits neat and natural.

cut paste photo apk free download

But note that to get the job done faster, you can use the auto background eraser feature, which allows you automatically highlight the subject of your desired picture and cut it so it can be pasted on a new background.

You can enjoy cutting faces from other photos and pasting them on other faces. This is a helpful tool when you want to cut different things, either a person or an obstacle, or add a new character to it.

In addition to these excellent features, this application also has very professional editing with over a hundred features that can be used to edit your photos. With this advanced photo editor, you can crop images to make them appear sharper and more natural.

There is also a tool on this application called color pop. This tool highlights colors and makes them appear more appealing by changing the saturation levels of a particular subject while the rest of the image is left in black and white. It is an outstanding feature for people that like to take pictures where the subjects stand out.

Apart from color pop, there is also another feature called photo clone. This allows users to add multiple copies of the same image to be added to pictures. You can edit the number of clones and post on the pictures and the positions where they are posted. There is also a photo mirror effect where your images show people reflected in the photos.

cut paste photo apk 2022

There is also the option to add texts with multiple fonts and customize how they are placed by changing the size of texts, color, and position that they are placed on the images.

This application has a collage maker that allows you to combine two images. You can join multiple photos from different sources and make them one complete picture.

One of the cool things that you can do on this app is make use of the double exposure system, which makes a double exposure effect. This makes a person or people with different poses locked together as one. This feature allows you to express your creative side and create stunning pictures.

There is much more than you can enjoy doing on this application. You can explore many of these features when you download cut phase photos on your smartphone.

Features to look out for in this application

There are a lot of cool features that you can look out for when you use this application. Some of them include:

cut paste photo
  • Enjoy changing the background pictures of any image.
  • Professional editing tools which can be used to modify pictures to your taste
  • Photo collage maker, which is used to combine different pictures
  • There are multiple filters made available to give your pictures a unique look
  • There is a double exposure feature is used to easily create double exposure effects.


Cut phase photo is a fascinating photo editor to give users a new feel for making fantastic pictures. With different features and effects, there is a lot that you can enjoy doing on this application.

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Download Cut Paste Photos APK and enjoy using this interesting photo editor. Use different features and effects to turn your pictures into pure works of art.


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