CODM Injector
CODM Injector
Size: 101 MB
Version: v41
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Download CODM Injector APK latest version, the best shooter game online. Get ready to be Called to Duty and enjoy amazing features, exciting gameplay, and entertaining characters.

Name CODM Injector
Version v41
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Team CODM
Google Play Link

Introduce About The Game

CODM Injector is an adventurous game that offers a fun way to play Call of Duty. The game also makes it easy for everyone to enjoy its interesting features in any Android version. In the CODM Injector game, you have no worries about being perfect before winning. It's easy to win yet intriguing to play.

This video game was created to suit both iOS and Android devices. And it now has a new version that features No password, Ban, and Menu which can also be downloaded on Android. You can now enjoy so much fun on the latest version of this game

codm injector apk

Being the most prominent shooting game in the world of video games, CODM Injector has successfully amassed millions of dedicated players worldwide. However, players can use the premium to get the best of the video game.

About CODM Injector Gameplay

Over a decade, CODM Injector has earned millions of fans and risen to the top as the most famous multiplayer game series. CODM Injector has been commended for its realistic and interesting features after artillery, Russian tanks, ground troops, and infantry was included in the game features.

CODM is undoubtedly a popular game known for its entertaining series, realistic graphics, new playing method, and cinematic stories. Gamers are quick to love first-person shooter games —this could be a wide range of games such as zombie games or battle royale games.

Additionally, CODM was recorded as one of the video game franchises to have sold massive copies in the history of video games. Again, the game series has gotten a lot of praise for its realistic, cinematic storyline and creative gameplay.

codm injector apk skin

However, if you want to get the best out of this Call to Duty type of game, gamers always result from playing CODM Injector.

Any first-timer who plays this shooting game always attests to the fact that the game's software is super easy to operate. So prepare to gather massive money with little or no effort when downloading CODM Injector.


Features of CODM Injector

This video game is the first in the market and the history of the video game series. So you are permitted to expect nothing but the best. However, some people tend to get disappointed when they are required to spend a little time mastering the game.

Nevertheless, players are also expected to learn the basic requirement of becoming conversant with the game features. This Injector gives you more choices. The following is a rundown of the list of CODM Injector features.

Name tags

This feature allows players to personalize their character, accessories, or another item by giving them a special name tag.

codm injector apk no ban


The wall was designed as an x-ray, where you can look through it but not touch it. As a result, you can see hidden people behind the wall, ceiling, and floors.

Characters speed

The app allows players to edited the speed of their character, depending on how fast they want it to move — it could be slow motion, smooth motion, etc.


While the speed is on a high, your speed can rise to its greatest level, and thereon it will slowly go down.

Speed advancements Lag

No matter the device you are using to enjoy this game, the inbuilt features would alter your system's speed to correspond with the game to prevent lag.

codm injector apk new update

Little Target

Players use the wideness of the crosshair to aim at an enemy or a target.

Fixed Crosshair

In the game, a red crosshair is placed where the gamer is standing. In some games, the crosshair can be surrounded by another color circle.


This feature allows players to move through the security shields built by the security officers to protect players' accounts.

Others features

CODM Injector also features bypass log, tags, bypass lobby, x-ray vision, HD graphics, speed fly, and deathmatches.


More Features Of CODM Injector

  • Free streaming
codm injector apk no password
  • Registration is not required.
  • Downloading is free
  • An uninterrupted and strong connection
  • Perfect shows and movies collection.
  • Quality performances
  • User-friendly interface
  • Zero ads
  • And more

 CODM Injector APK Pros

Apk files are not just popular for no reason but because when new apps are launched, anyone can easily access the app as APK files even before they are officially available on the play store.

Some applications are often restricted in some countries, which may restrict the residents from accessing the app via the play store. But users can download the APK file via other sources, E.g., if an application like a trusted trading platform is inaccessible in a particular region. Interested users can get the apps' IQ APK file directly from the official website.

codm injector apk download

These files provide users with a seamless experience with Google updates. However, it takes time for some Google updates to get published and be made available for an on-air version. You can circumvent this wait by directly downloading the APK file to your device.


  • Ignore the Lobby.
  • Avoid the vision and ability of the character Timex Logo Character. Instead, using the various hacks listed below helps improve characters' skills and talents.
  • Players use the aimbot to access hacks like Fire Lock Gun Menu. You can also access other unique scripts and hacks in the Gun Menu, like, Gun scope that has No coil and Reloads, plus a tracking device.


This video game is one of a kind. The multiplayer element of Codm injector made it the best game online. The fantastic game is also suitable for adults and children because of its enthralling gameplay, excellent visuals, and selection of features. In addition, Codm is very addictive; anyone who begins playing will surely get engrossed.

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Download CODM Injector APK latest version, the best shooter game online. Get ready to be Called to Duty and enjoy amazing features, exciting gameplay, and entertaining characters.


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