Brutal Street 2
Brutal Street 2
Size: 368.18 MB
Version: 1.3.1
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Download Brutal Street 2 APK, a fun strategy RPG game. Enjoy the realistic feel of a battle arcade game. Organize your gang, strategize and defeat vicious enemies.

Name Brutal Street 2
Version 1.3.1
Updated Jan 3, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.bpgames.bs2.and

Brutal Street 2  

Brutal Street 2 is a unique game with a real-time battle feel. This game is developed by Black Pearl Games Ltd. Brutal Street 2 is a role-playing strategy game that requires you to organize a gang and defeat very evil enemies. There are also andom elements you can enjoy yourself with.

Download brutal street 2 and get access to the two-player co-op and dual weapons. You also get access to so many factors of an arcade game. This game features 100+ skills and 6000+ pieces of equipment. This game involves moving, tossing people in the air, dodging bullets, and taking on strong bosses.

brutal street 2 download

Brutal Street 2 download has all the beauties of an arcade game. It is a well-structured, strategy RPG game that is enjoyable for all. Most importantly, this game can be played offline.

Description Of Brutal Street 2.

The battle street sequel is now a reality. After five years of waiting, battle street 2 has come to fruition. This gangster action game can be assessed on Android and IOS operating systems.

Download the game battle street 2 and experience the bloodiest gangster battle. This game features elements of classic arcade games; it helps you relieve nostalgic moments of the past that you grew up with.

You can play in a 2P mode and pick up weapons and HP potions. You also get to shoot at barrels and defeat evil enemies. Access unlimited fights and assemble heroes as a gang ready for battle and actions.

brutal street 2

This game offers unique gameplay with super great classic controls. You get access to ultimate weapons and dual weapon settings. You can develop a deep connection between you, the players, and the onscreen scenes. You also get to access skill point allocation of the equipment sets.

The arcade style in the brutal street 2 download is authentic. The manga martial art style in the game is the Kouha style. This manga style is rugged and destructive and would help you defeat enemies with other battlefield items.

Thugs are hanging in the corners, and unexpected vans are lurking around, so you must be alert and use your skills and weapons well. Enemies are arriving out of nowhere and standing by the subway, and bonus stages involve a thief, so you must always be ready.

Features Of Brutal Street 2.

The Brutal street 2 has some fantastic features you should note.


Brutal street 2 has fantastic gameplay. You get to move, attack and dodge enemies. You can freely use more accurate skills.

Thugs are lying and chilling in the corners. These thugs move unexpectedly and can suddenly come out of nowhere and kick you. Enemies would arrive in their vans, on the subway, and some from the sky. The enemies in this game attack when you are not expecting them, so always be alert.

download brutal street 2

To win this game, you must demolish obstacles on the battlegrounds and pick up HP weapons and potions. In bonus levels, make sure not to let the masked thief escape and show him who is in charge.

There are eight character choices and hundreds of skills, some active and others passive, to explore. There are also five significant blocks with three difficulty levels and 80+ stages. As a player in the game, you can protect hostages, play in the survival mode and various other game modes, and play the limited-time missions.

User Interface.

The user interface of this game is one of its most unique features. The brutal street is bringing to reality all the old action arcade game reality we have longed for. The game features impressive graphics and nice animations.

brutal street 2 2021

It has a user-friendly interface and controls that are classic and simple to use. You can play the game and defeat enemies using simple taps and slides. There are smooth action and breathtaking close-up shots of excellent skills.


There are unique, original, and realistic weapon systems. Your characters work better when equipped with different weapons; they become unbeatable. These weapons come with varying methods of attack.

There are also dual weapon settings. In this setting, each hero has two different types of weapons. Choose other weapons, and change your character's regular attacks and appearances. You can select gloves, knuckles, dual guns, Tachi, shotguns, blades, and many other weapons.


The game brutal street 2 has an ultimate skill system. You can access more powerful skills like stalwart defense skills, AoE or single target skills, and many more skills. The choice is all yours. You get to protect allies and enhance your attack with these skills.

game brutal street 2

You also get to accumulate skill points and activate skill sets. There are more than 50 skill sets, each with about three varieties of styles or action. You can combine the skills as you like and activate up to 200 different skills.

The bosses in the game brutal street have evolved; you get to battle against stronger bosses and enemies. There is a grandpa who knows wing chin, the leader of Bosozoku, a heavy-build local gangster, and many more unusual bosses that would try to stop you from dominating the streets. Use the vast array of skills and weapons you are presented with to win these bosses and enemies.

Advanced features.

You can activate the 2D mode, collaborate with team members, and use teamwork to fight evil bosses. This game takes you back to the 90s and gives you the fun and exciting match you need.

download game brutal street 2

The game also has an evolved avatar system, where you can change your avatar's costume from top to bottom. You can dress up in every style you can think of, from gangster outfits to ninja suits. 


Download game brutal street 2 and experience more than 100 skills and equipment you can enjoy in an RPG strategy game. This brutal street 2  isn't the casual kill-to-win game, nor is it a pay-to-win game; it is a game that brings back nostalgic memories of the past. This game allows you access to unlimited fun.

The high talent point system in brutal street 2 2021 has become even better with a higher degree of freedom. Play this game and rule the streets.

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Download Brutal Street 2 APK, a fun strategy RPG game. Enjoy the realistic feel of a battle arcade game. Organize your gang, strategize and defeat vicious enemies.


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