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Download the Battlefield APK mobile game and play on multiple game modes with friends. You can fight against Ai opponents, other teams, or among yourselves.

Name Battlefield
Version 0.10.0
Updated Aug 31, 2023
Category Action
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Battlefield mobile game is an interactive online multiplayer modern warfare game. Players can engage in fierce combat with each team using the latest tactical gear and machinery to achieve victory.

The game is designed with a realistic war interface, highly accurate gameplay, and military strategies. Each operative is divided into four major specialization fields (like the case in actual military combat) to ensure overall success in completing the mission. Players can choose to play in any specialization field, Be it Assault, Engineer, Support, or Recon.

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The diversification of fields ensures each player is placed in their most natural and fulfilling sector. Hence, everyone enjoys an excellent game session helping the team achieve the goal.

Some players are more naturally suited to espionage and stealth attacks than a frontal assault, while some are more inclined to manage machinery and high-grade weapons.

Players cannot underestimate the value of the support team as they are the last hope of the ever-fighting Assault group members.

About Battlefield mobile game

Battlefield is a well-known military shooter multiplayer game across a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. It was developed and published by the renowned Electronic Arts (EA) game studio on the 10th of September, 2002.

With its launch to the world of mobile games on the 19th of November 2021, Battlefield android and iOS versions were available to the public for free.

battlefield mobile apk

Players can easily play the game anywhere when available to devices on operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, The PlayStation series, and Xbox series.

Its availability across multiple platforms has made the game famous as a modern war combat simulation. Battlefield has recorded over 100k+ downloads on just the Android platform alone as an online multiplayer game.

Despite being available on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, the battlefield download for android games runs only on Android 11.0 and higher. It is because of the high gameplay and graphics of the game and the amount of processing RAM it needs to ensure smooth gameplay.


The Battlefield is rated as an M (Mature) level game due to the high tactical knowledge, foresight, strategy, and violence in the game operation.

Mainly focused on large-scale online multiplayer battles where large teams of 8 to 12 members are locked in opposing missions. Other than the conventional guns and grenades most games in the genre use, there is a large fleet of fighter jets and planes that drop airstrikes. In addition to these resources, reinforcements, tanks, and other military vehicles create a state of full all-out war.

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Battlefield mobile latest version, 2142, encourages stealth attacks with rewards as players get dog tags for every successful opponent defeated with a knife. The dog tag is just one of many rewards in the achievement section of the game. Daily rewards are another key source for players to get resources for free every 24 hours. Collect enough rewards each day for an extended period, and you will be rewarded with a great weapon to encourage your effort in turning in each day as a disciplined soldier.

The game's controls and overall gameplay may be a bit complex for individuals just playing it for the first time. However, the tutorial session all players are taken through at the start of the Battlefield mobile game, goes a long way in explaining the various control systems of the game as well as its overall game mechanics for the operating system it is running on.


Some of the most impressive features that are bound to make Battlefield mobile download a worthwhile venture are found in its:

  • All-out Multiplayer war: Experience modern warfare on mobile, designed to be as real and accurate as possible. Create strategies and assign roles to your teammates before venturing out, keep communication and adapt to unexpected changes.
battlefield apk download
  • Ultra High Graphics: Adopting extremely realistic game graphics that emulate reality as much as possible.
  • FPS (First Person Shooter): Play in the first person view, which offers you a wider view of enemies' positions and the environment.
  • Strategic Gameplay: One of the most impressive features of the Battlefield mobile game is its support for strategic gaming. Player teams can go on full tactical mode for agility, ballistic assault for devastation, stealth, and the all-destructive shock and awe technique with armored tanks and vehicles.
  • Choosing your preferred role in the team: Play as the team's front-line gunners, supporters, or engineers who fix and drive heavy-duty military vehicles.
  • Defend your squad: Occasionally, the task of defending your team while they heal and recover from damage will often fall to you as the only active player.

This sense of pressure is expected in an actual military shootout. Hence, it is simulated as much as possible in the Battlefield game franchise.

  • Play as an interactive squad: Keep communication on with the mic icon while playing to keep aiding your teammates with reports and alerts while they do the same. Without proper communication, no squad can survive in the dynamic nature of war.
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  • Shop: The shop has an impressive line-up of resources and services from which the player could benefit greatly. With guns, ammo, vehicles, and many more waiting to be gotten, players are bound to have an intriguing time trying to gather as many points as possible to upgrade their soldier and become the true perfect soldier.

The upgrades can be in weapon upgrades and purchase or simply customization of character and equipment to further aid in visually camouflaging your avatar during battle.


The Battlefield game franchise has been around for a very long time spanning two decades (2002 - 2022). During this time, the game developers Electronic Arts (EA) have successfully made it available across multiple devices.

Besides this availability, it has been constantly upgraded in graphics and gameplay to meet the ever-changing nature of modern-day combat and appealing game graphics.

Since players can march into the field with friends, a carefully thought out strategy, assigned roles, and constant communication, you are guaranteed an immersive multiplayer experience with your loved ones in Battlefield mobile.

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Download the Battlefield APK mobile game and play on multiple game modes with friends. You can fight against Ai opponents, other teams, or among yourselves.


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