Armored Squad
Armored Squad
Size: 164.69 MB
Version: 3.1.2
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Download Armored Squad: Mech Vs. Robots APK to enjoy Team Fortress 2 style of play. Defend your territory and go to fierce battles against various robot enemies.

Name Armored Squad
Version 3.1.2
Updated Feb 23, 2024
Category Action
Developer FoxForce Games

About Armored Squad: Mech Vs. Robots

Armored Squad is a fun and exciting action game with a similar concept as the Team Fortress 2 game. This game is inspired by the beautiful mechanics and fast-paced actions in the game mentioned earlier, so you can expect it to have similar and even more exciting games as the Fortress 2 game. The game not only mimics the Fortress gameplay merchandise but also adds its graphics quality and video effects. However, there are a lot of differences noticeable in the game characters.

The characters in Armored Squad are more charming and robotic than the charismatic ones you'd find on Fortress 2. So, each of these characters has different skillsets and powers, so your knowledge of Fortress 2 battles might not be much help here. But on the other hand, the game is also easy to play, starting with the first step where you select the type of robot you want to control and fight with.

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Although Armored Squad: Mech Vs. Robots drew inspiration from Fortress 2; it still had amazing graphics and beautiful scenery. You'll be able to have a straightforward and enjoyable game as long as it's compatible with your device. Likewise, controlling the game characters is relatively easy with the intuitive control that helps you achieve finesse gameplay without needing any external control system. There are also various game modes to play as a solo player or team up with other players.

Armored Squad was developed in the FoxForce Games Studio and was released a few years ago. The game is an action game that's free to install and play. It's also available in multiple languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, etc. The content rating is also available for all ages, which means anyone can play without an age limitation. There are currently over 5 million downloads on Playstore, with a rating of 4.3, which is quite impressive.


Playing Armored Squad: Mech Vs. Robots are an easy task anyone can do, even if you have never played a battle game. The game has similar gameplay to Fortress 2, so you have the upper hand if you've ever played it. Like in F2, you'll be able to choose the character to control, which are all robots in this case. Once you choose your favourite robots, you can follow the story mode and fight against robots on various levels.

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You'll also b able to choose from various game modes. Of course, you might want to play with or against your friends too, so there is survival mode, deathmatch, battle royale, and single battles where you have to either be the last man standing or defeat as many enemies as possible. Although the game graphics don't offer realistic designs, you'll still be able to discern the moves and fighting skills of the game characters.

Game Features

As with most action games, Armored Squad has many features that make up its fantastic interface. Check out some of the features below:


Although the most incredible graphics won't welcome you into the universe, the game still has a brilliant and beautiful graphics quality. Like in Fortress 2, much effort is put into adding as much information as possible. There is also an intelligent use of colors to create a bright and beautiful combination.

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However, the graphics are not designed to impress players with realistic sceneries and movements. The characters are various robots in various forms, but they don't have discernable edges, nor do the elements in the background, such as the trees, vehicles, and weapons. But, you'll be able to interact with the game environment and enjoy smooth transitions while playing.


The game has many weapons to choose from, based on your preference. You'll be able to choose from a wide range of options such as swords, rocket launchers, lasers, and guns. These weapons are fused to the robots or specific to each; you'll have to build your robot to become a formidable opponent that no one wants to fight. You'll be presented with the primary weapons when you start playing, and you'll get to progress by winning more weapons and adding them to your collection.


The game is not a progressive game with lots of levels to play. The changes are in the number of characters you fight and how difficult they are. You can set the game to three levels of difficulty. The game starts with the first level, so the better you become, the higher you can raise the bars by moving to the second and third levels. If you can't find a way to win many opponents in your fights, you'll be unable to change your level.

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The game has simple controls, which are also essential for action games. You can move the characters however you like with the left-hand side of the screen. You'll be able to use the list of action buttons on the right-hand side to fight, jump, defend, etc.

Repair and Upgrades

Depending on your enemy, you might sustain different attack grades in your fights. If you manage to sustain injuries, it will affect your robots in subsequent games, so you can boost your robot health by repairing damaged parts. You can also collect various parts of a damaged robot to assemble new robots.

Game Modes

The game doesn't bore you out with a single mode. So you won't be stuck in a storyline or have to complete missions to play. Instead, there are various game modes you can choose from, depending on your preference and style of play. Some of these game modes are available offline, while others might require you to connect to the internet before you can access them. These game modes include Capture the flag, Bomb delivery, Hail the king, Deathmatch, Football, etc.

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Overall, the game is an exciting game with excellent gameplay and graphics. The game brings you the excitement of battle royale and shooting games without the complicated graphics and control systems.

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Download Armored Squad: Mech Vs. Robots APK to enjoy Team Fortress 2 style of play. Defend your territory and go to fierce battles against various robot enemies.


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