Zombie Frontier 3
Zombie Frontier 3
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Version: 2.56
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Download and install Zombie Frontier 3 APK to fight off zombies in an apocalyptic world. Your mission is to save the last remaining survivor while fighting these zombies.

Name Zombie Frontier 3
Version 2.56
Updated Mar 12, 2024
Category Action
Developer FT Games
Google Play Link com.feelingtouch.zf3d

Important Information about Zombie Frontier 3

The apocalyptic world of zombies has inspired many game developers. But finding a highly addictive game of zombies is like searching for a haystack in a needle – yeah, you heard that right. But thanks to the creator of the Zombie Frontier series, you can get whatever you want from a zombie game from this series, especially from Zombie Frontier 3.

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This game is for you if you are searching for fierce battles and survival against extremely horrifying zombies. After the success of Zombie Frontier 1 and Zombie Frontier 2, the world has become nothing but a wide expanse of the cemetery, a place where there is a very thin line between life and death.


You are living your quiet and normal life in a lively city. It is a regular day in this city. Everyone goes to work and is with their families at night. Things are working smoothly. There is peace in the world. Then suddenly, one day, after only one unfortunate night, a peaceful world turns into chaos. A peaceful life becomes terrible. The city that used to be peaceful became a landscape of blood and gore and death. Then, someone, a terrifying groan emerges from the sounds of monsters. A deadly vaccine that makes people become zombies immediately dispersed. The disaster in Zombie Frontier 3 is the beginning of an inevitable doomsday.

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You are the only survivor of the chaos. People you knew that used to be pleasant neighbours, relatives, and friends have all become lifeless and disgusting undead creatures that only want to eat your brain and turn you into their kind. The world is filled with fear now. But you must face your fear – you have to survive, for you are the last surviving hope of humanity. You must evade and kill these zombies coming after you. They are no longer your neighbours or relatives. The feelings you usually used to have for them have disappeared. Now you must survive by all means. You must not give up until peace is restored to the planet.

FPS Zombie Game

In this particular game, your character will be a surviving soldier in a zombie apocalypse world. Your mission is to raise the gun and shoot at the zombies to save the other survivors. First-person shooter (FPS) is usually very realistic. And when it comes to being realistic, the Zombie Frontier series is a great example.

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The gameplay of Zombie Frontier 3 is pretty simple, and the character moves automatically. All you are required to do is to perfect your aim and shoot at the zombies accurately. You will have to slide your finger to the left for a better view. There are buttons on the right which will perform the shooting, including the selection of weapons. You can rescue ordinary people by shooting up adrenaline shots or throwing hand grenades. Because the character moves automatically, you must use the weapons most efficiently and accurately – most especially, the headshot must be accurate.

A Zombie Disaster

The battles are what make the game so addictive. With the number of bloodthirsty and crazy enemies, you will have to battle them bravely if you don't want to be devoured by these hungry bastard zombies. There are about 120 tasks in the game, and each task is pretty diverse. There are four stages for you to battle giant bosses. To succeed with the mission, you must possess a spirit of determination and a quick mindset to come up with the right combat plan on the go.

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You may choose not to fight alone. You can join a team of other zombie killers to battle in sniper missions, which are about 60. Several regularly organized special events will be where many talented people gather everywhere. Winning in fierce battles is not the most important aspect of the game, but completing the mission and returning peace to mankind. You must also learn the truth and origin of the vaccine that caused the zombie apocalypse, then find a way to eradicate all the zombies from the world.


A series of great weapons usually define a first-person shooter; the same applies to Zombie Frontier 3. Experience the feeling of seeing each weapon's power, beauty, and variety. You can choose from several guns depending on your tactics, including machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles or ordinary rifles. Some weapons shooters are familiar with, such as FN Scar, Desert Eagle, MP5, AK-47, etc. Every type of gun has its own strong and weak points. A player must have a good knowledge of these guns, such as understanding how to maximize and explore their advantages against enemies. Then, select the right weapon and effectively use it.

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It is pretty expensive to get weapons, and upgrading them will assist you in increasing the damage of each bullet, including great additions.

Sound and Graphics

This game contains high-quality graphics with images that are realistic enough. The apocalypse representation is well-detailed. The scenes of the blurred space and the gloomy sky are the best prediction of the apocalyptic era. Also, the sound is a blend of the desperate wails of people in distress and the screams of the zombies. All these are elements that form a panoramic world of the zombie apocalypse.

Outstanding Features of Zombie Frontier 3

  • Increase your survival chance while you upgrade with bonus items and grow your weapons
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  • Select the best gun for you out of over 30 state-of-the-art weapons, providing you with the best way of destroying when you use the guns in your arsenal
  • Shoot like a professional sniper, test the skills you possess (including their levels) at the end of each game mode
  • Experience a realistic survival game as you fight through a horde of the undead. Play as a great zombie killer and wade through more than 120 different levels.

Final Thoughts

If you have been a fan of Last Day on Earth or Call of Duty, you should also consider playing Zombie Frontier 3. Join the millions of other players who have stepped into this apocalyptic zombie world to save humanity.

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Download and install Zombie Frontier 3 APK to fight off zombies in an apocalyptic world. Your mission is to save the last remaining survivor while fighting these zombies.


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