Zombie Combat Simulator
Zombie Combat Simulator
Size: 339.18 MB
Version: 1.5.5
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Download zombie Combat Simulator APK to play an action-packed simulation warfare game. Use cutting-edge weapons to combat zombie warriors from bygone eras.

Name Zombie Combat Simulator
Version 1.5.5
Updated Jul 21, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Airblade Studio
Google Play Link com.illusiveray.zcs

Zombie Combat simulator

In the third-person shooter Zombie Combat Simulator, fight unending armies of vengeful undead. Take on zombies by yourself, artificial intelligence, or online with pals.

Use the d-pad on the left side of the screen and the action buttons on the right to play Zombie Combat Simulator. You can switch between the automated and manual fire in this game's options panel.

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In addition, are many different game options accessible when you begin a new game? You can select between single-player and online multiplayer before selecting from three different levels of difficulty, four different game styles, and four maps. There are countless ways to eliminate zombies!

Description of the Zombie Combat simulator

The publisher Airblade Studio's simulation game, Zombie Combat Simulator, centers on the idea of killing zombies. The epic aspect of it and the climax it brings are on an entirely different level.

The violent zombies that can rush in to consume and bite the fortunate survivors of the globe are being fought by you as a skilled Commander of a special task unit. It is accurate to describe Zombie Combat Simulator as a high-quality simulation game with its format and the variety of things that may be done while playing.

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Sandbox mode

Other zombie shooting games might feature a convoluted plot and classic or contemporary gameplay, but Zombie Combat Simulator prefers to emphasize its own in Sandbox mode. You can completely alter the character's and the zombie monsters' attributes allowing you to practice for hours.

You have the chance to test your bravery and tactical skill before the battle by altering and gradually raising the enemy's stats to a greater level. Both our side and the opposite side have a variety of customizable stats, such as resilience, ammunition, attack power, speed, number, weapon type, and damage resistance. For each combat, you can establish a need for victory or a time limit.

However, you can only change that. The decision to interfere more or depict the battlefield as it actually rests with the game. On the battlefield, enemies can show up in even the most unlikely locations. However, you can proactively arm yourself with extremely potent weapons, endless ammo, destructive power, and a network of trenches to fend off the zombies. To make the battle more thrilling, you may gradually increase the number of zombies while simultaneously giving them a slight gain in strength and speed. As if after finishing all the levels in Sandbox mode, you would unquestionably be an expert at this game.

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Co-op mode with friends

Sometimes playing Sandbox by yourself gets boring. Especially if you have developed the best shooting technique, a strong defense, and different combat strategies. Try out the online game mode, establish a true army with other players, and battle zombies there. It's more enjoyable to play in this mode, and there are chances to brag to other players. Additionally, you will have more teammates, and having an assistant on offense and defense will make you feel much safer.

Features of Zombie Combat Simulator

Play mode

Players can choose from four game modes in Zombie Combat Simulator, each with three degrees of difficulty to test their skills.

Each game mode will also have four more maps for players to use, making it easier for them to choose an advantageous battle location.

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A moving crosshair on the left and action buttons on the side of the screen makes it simple for players to control their character and the direction of their shots. In the configuration options, you may access from shooting mode, the game also provides automatic and manual shooting modes. You will be able to hit targets more swiftly and precisely. Because of this, conflicts with zombies in this third-person shooter game are almost infinite.

With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this game is a unique simulation shooting game. With its four major game types and the ability to utilize a variety of weaponry, the game offers fresh experiences. To defend your fortress and stop the spread of monsters, you must battle the game's hungry zombies. Join this fascinating game to develop into a powerful warrior and conquer challenging obstacles.

Implementation of tasks

In the game Zombie Combat Simulator, players take on the role of potential warriors. Their goal is to thwart the threat and prevent the zombies from appearing and proliferating over the world. There will be more zombies because of the virus's propensity to propagate, which was developed in a covert virus laboratory. To rid your domain of the undead, use your artificial intelligence. Missions not only need you to battle zombies but also to aid in averting a "Global Apocalypse." Additionally, a warrior with more potent weaponry will help you battle against zombies and guarantee that the objectives are successfully completed.

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Control the number of troops

There is a special feature in this Zombie Combat Simulator shooter that no other game has. In particular, you can control one or more armies at once on the same map, much like in several empire games. As the zombie population rises, you can fight well between the battlefields while commanding various army characters, avoiding monotony. It's also satisfying to play by yourself without having to rely on the skills of your colleagues. Making the switch to this game style after spending some time alone practicing in the sandbox mode is also a fantastic experience.

New unique features

To increase the game's quality, the creators have repaired some problems that annoyed players in this new edition. Additionally, Zombie Combat Simulator is made using little resources and has no advertising, providing users with a seamless experience. The defaults can simply be changed to make the gaming experience more convenient.

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To enable players to arm themselves with and defeat strong foes in the game, many new weapons have been upgraded. When players take part in the infection mode stages, the game provides a kill prompt to help them avoid difficult obstacles or lessen the danger. Numerous new game modes have been added to this recently released version to raise the bar for players. With these new additions, the game will offer players entertaining and gorgeous matches.


Overall, Zombie Combat Simulator is an action game with lots of fun. In addition, are more than a dozen different weapons available, including plasma rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and other cutting-edge weapons.

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Download zombie Combat Simulator APK to play an action-packed simulation warfare game. Use cutting-edge weapons to combat zombie warriors from bygone eras.


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