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Zenonia 5
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Version: 1.3.0
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Zenonia 5 APK is the go-to entertaining game with role-playing action, fantasy, and sci-fi components. Download Zenonia 5 to play among four powerful heroes to save the world.

Name Zenonia 5
Version 1.3.0
Updated Dec 7, 2022
Category Role Playing
Google Play Link com.gamevil.zenonia5.global

Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5 is the latest version of the Zenonia series released by Gamevil. It is a popular action game initially released in November 2012. Zenonia 5 is a game created by Gamevil/RPG for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, PlayStation portable, Nintendo DSi, and Zeebo platforms.

The developers followed an evolutionary continuation of the storyline from the previous series to create a more interesting one for Zenonia 5. Zenonia 5 is an anime-themed game with an intriguing storyline that keeps players hooked along with exciting features.

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The compelling storyline follows a peaceful world that was fought and bled for but got tainted again as the years passed; the happy and peaceful world once again is filled with evil as the elite exploit the poor, and things start to go haywire. The corrupt and evil ones return to take advantage of the situation. In the thick of this disastrous chaos, a hero from a wrecked village emerges to fight and save the world from these evil forces.

Zenonia 5 is a real-time action game. Players have the luxury of picking from the four available heroes with superhero vibes and a customizing feature that allows players to change their costumes and weapons. In-game rewards are open in live combat in multiplayer mode. Players also get to choose from other exciting packages within the game, like PVP battle and playing with unlimited amounts of money to get zen and coins. The excellent user interface also contributes to Zenonia 5 unique features as it allows players to move while going for the win; the character/hero class also has an appealing visual impact that keeps players' eyes engaged and fascinated.

Zenonia 5 features

Download Zenonia 5 to unlock these exciting features:

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Reflexive Visceral Combat with role-playing mode

Real-time action combat is what you get when you download the latest version of Zenonia; Zenonia 5. Fighting monsters with vibration and sound makes adrenaline rush through your system while pursuing and fighting for that peaceful world. Zenonia 5 is packed with reflexes to back your combat skills; Play Zenonia 5 offline while utilizing the potential available to Players, allowing them to strike enemies splendidly. The four different superheroes come with different strengths and weaknesses.

Zenonia 5 is designed mainly as an adventurous role-playing game that allows you to select your hero's position, after which a player begins the quest the NPC offers. Use the joysticks to move while wielding the correct keys to carry out attacks on enemies. Players can upgrade heroes' weapons to increase the abilities and skills of their desired hero.

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Four thrilling Heroes system

Explore heroes' abilities by using them to win battles. Each has unique moves and strengths, although players must use Zen coins to buy these avatar-like heroes.

Zenonia 5 has four heroes: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard, and Paladin. Berserker and Paladin are close combat weapons used to fight in a brawl with monsters. The mechanic has a unique and fast approach to killing opponents, using a dual pistol with a cannon to fight. Wizards use many INT line points to kill monsters; they also have another unique feature that helps disguise their appearance by changing their hair and skin color. You also get to design your dream anime-themed hair and skin color with the availability of three different styles.

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Dynamic action with Weapons

In this action gameplay, there is a feature to customize, upgrade and equip the hero with charts, skills and weapons; this feature makes equipment stronger and able to tackle the hardest of tasks like delving into the mysteries of Deva Castle.

Your hero sure needs a solid weapon to avoid being killed. Weapons help improve the points of your hero, which will, in turn, help you finish the game and earn you a prominent seat at the table of other challenging game modes. This feature allows players to enjoy gifts like zen or gold in Zenonia 5.

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Compete in Global PvP

Players are not new to Zenonia 5 PvP as previous versions explore this feature; However, a change to the latest version of Zenonia is the one versus one format; the enemy to fight will be randomly selected. It can be an opponent level ahead or below you who you have to tackle and fight after a three seconds countdown in a 90-minute intense fight.

If a player wins this stage, Players will have additional score points because of a new title attained by this fit; by chance, losing a title earned after losing ten battles in the game will provide just 10% defense.

Explore the Abyss and Hell Mode

Players can also reap the rewards in the Abyss mode while revealing rare and valuable items, although Abyss is a new mechanic of the Zenonia series in Zenonia 5. It is a complicated Zenonia 5 mode that only allows you to join for free once every day. The gate is equipped with several monsters to destroy for a specific amount of time which is sometimes not enough if you are not well prepared.

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Players meet monsters and bosses every ten floors with a small number of items allowed to fight. The Hell mode is only available when you have defeated a particular monster known as Salvatore, which signifies the end of a game. Hell mode is activated in Zenonia 5 when the hero has returned to the village to begin another fight with monsters. Note that the player's mission will differ from the previous games and players get to win new conquests.


Zenonia 5 is the latest version to give you an exciting and adventurous experience. Equip your hero with the right weapons and fight to win.

Download Zenonia 5 for free to explore new worlds and challenges and discover hidden gems and skills as you play this action game.

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Zenonia 5 APK is the go-to entertaining game with role-playing action, fantasy, and sci-fi components. Download Zenonia 5 to play among four powerful heroes to save the world.


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