Yomi Hustle
Yomi Hustle
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Version: 0.1.5
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Download Yomi Hustle APK mobile to enjoy an action-packed gaming experience, fighting with several vicious opponents. Hone your fighting skills as you become a protege.

Name Yomi Hustle
Version 0.1.5
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Strategy
Developer ivysly
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All You Need To Know About Yomi Hustle APK

The mobile gaming world is now receiving massive domination of stickmen action games. It is perceived that these games have a lot of action-packed gaming experiences capable of making you stay hooked. Yomi hustle APK is also part of these types of games.

Yomi Hustle APK is an Andriod game of the action category. It is a new game that just launched into the internet. It was developed by Ivysly, who is reputable for developing various games of different categories. Yomi Hustle APK was launched on the 16th of November, 2022, with a smooth mixture of fantasy, violence, and extreme battles. Unfortunately, it is only available on Android devices.

yomi hustle apk

Yomi Hustle APK is filled with action, testing how well you can strategize in extreme battle conditions. It is a strategy game where you have to face different vicious opponents. To win the game, you must battle these opponents with laid-out tactics and moves. One thing that makes the game impeccable is that players can develop or customize a unique fighting style.

Yomi Hustle APK paves a way to enjoy exciting gameplay with no restrictions. Yomi Hustle APK is available and accessible for anyone, as no additional charges are levied before you can download the game. The game is growing intensely popular by the day as the number of downloads has been on the rise. This game has a lot of promise and will certainly live up to his hype. So far, it has recorded thousands of downloads.

Fantastic Features You Can Enjoy From Yomi Hustle APK

What makes this game stand out are the numerous features it possesses. These features have found a way into every user's heart as they play and hunger for more. You should look out for these exciting features as you become part of Yomi Hustle's family of gamers.

yomi hustle apk free

1. Concept and Gameplay of the Game

As said earlier, the game's overall concept deals with strategy and combat. If you love these two factors, this game is for you. Players must have keen battle senses to develop strategies to dominate the game. You can develop your battle strategy or combo to land a massive hit on your opponent. There are several opponents to fight and several matches to win. Then, it's time to let loose.


There are several game modes, including single-player and multiplayer. Sometimes, you can control both men in the match.

2. Easy Gameplay

One of my favorite features of this game is its ease of play. Anyone can easily adapt to its gameplay and hone their fighting skills. The game is said to be as direct as possible, with all the controls in place - attack, defense, movement, etc.

Before you begin the game, there will be a tutorial or demo mode where you will have to learn some basic concepts. This tutorial is available for both single-player and multiplayer modes.

yomi hustle apk mobile

3. Turn-based Fighting Engine

Yomi Hustle APK works with a turn-based Fighting system whereby each player takes turns to fight their opponent. This means you get a turn to showcase your strategy and hit your opponent with all you got, and vice versa. So each turn or opportunity you get is golden, and give it your best as you have.

4. Numerous Battle Options

There are several battle options you can leverage in the game. These options cover your defense, your attacks, and even your movements. All these options can be located at the bottom of the screen. You can choose among super, defense, attack, unique, and movement.

The defensive options have some cool characteristics you would love.

- The first is Burst. Burst allows you to escape combos imposed on you by your opponent. It can be used at any time but not immediately after use.


- Another is Directional Influence. As the name implies, this influences the direction of your attacks. This may destabilize your opponent. This works perfectly when your opponent rains combos on you.

- Parry is one of the best defensive options. This prevents the attack before your opponent strikes and allows you to counterattack.

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5. Sound Effects

The sound effects in this game give it an extra thrill. Each kick, attack, defense, and punch, carry sound effects to spice up the action. It feels up the fighting mood visually as if you're in action physically. This is one of the distinct features of the game.

6. Graphic Display

The graphic display is the glue that connects all other features. Its graphics descriptively display its battle style. Its graphics has a simple display that allows you to navigate easily. Although it's a simulation game, it has a two-dimensional view with colored stickmen as players. The battle arena is covered with a black background as the stickmen are on a bridge, battling it out. The bridge is painted white, a distinct color from the stickmen in the game.

Extra Features Of Yomi Hustle APK

There are still extra features we have discovered.

- It's quite easy to navigate

- The game is free for all to download

yomi hustle android

- You do not need to sign up to explore various features

- There are wide varieties, like games, apps, film series, etc.

- It can be played on all Andriod devices

- It is safe to use as security is in check


If you're a lover of stick games or battle simulation games, then Yomi Hustle APK is the game you need. All the details described so far are just a glimpse of what you stand to enjoy. This is just a gear-up, so you know what to expect. Their several modes you can participate in, depending on your preference. Yomi Hustle APK is available everywhere.

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Download Yomi Hustle APK mobile to enjoy an action-packed gaming experience, fighting with several vicious opponents. Hone your fighting skills as you become a protege.


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