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Version: 2.2.7
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Download and install XEFX APK to be able to edit pictures with several incredible features, such as changing the background of a photo or animating some objects.

Version 2.2.7
Updated May 13, 2023
Category Photography
Developer ryzenrise
Google Play Link com.ryzenrise.xefx

Description of XEFX

The first thing that comes to the minds of most people that see this app is that it is just another editing app. Well, they could not be further from the truth. However, their sentiment is understandable. After experiencing several editing apps in complex and simple categories, it would be natural for them to develop a feeling of saturation with these apps. We're only humans. Using all apps in the same genre could be impossible since hundreds of millions of various apps are out there. Therefore, a person cannot have tried all apps in a certain genre to give an unbiased review and assessment of a particular genre of apps. It would be easier to just find an app that suits one's taste and use it until one finds another that performs better. Most of us just want to quickly use an app, use it to perform a task, and then close it to be used some other time when we need it without giving too much thought. Whichever we find beautiful and convenient, we simply use it.

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If you are considering functions and concepts, XEFX is another photo editing app like others. But you will quickly discover that it's all a joke. Because under the brief title of the app is a couple of fancy features you don't expect.

Whatever additions, effects, and edits are made to your photos on XEFX are animation. For example, have you ever considered fixing a beautiful butterfly wing on a picture of yourself. At the same time, you hold a flower bud, or do you want to change the colour of the sky behind you from grey to a beautiful sunset afternoon? With this app, you can easily and naturally do all those.

Everything on the Photo is Live

To perform that magic, this app possesses over 200 animations. Just pick an image you intend to upload to the app, then choose these animation effects. You will immediately be able to access several vivid, attractive options to assist your images. There are crowns, butterflies, flowers, cartoon characters, and so on. Each of the effects has its animation and shape. Just try the picture to find out which one meets your taste the best, select and be done.

Beautify the Surroundings

Do you wish to change the complexion of your rough and shaggy surroundings to become a romantic one that will serve as a loving souvenir under a starry sky with the love of your life? Or dare you look to take a picture with your friends on a windy afternoon? Unfortunately, there is a clear difference between life and fantasy – life is not a dream. You are free to do all that you want with your lover and friends, but the scenes may not be exactly what you expect. When you use another app, the effects can produce a boring white sky, dark clouds, the absence of any cloud, or clouds that look too far away and make the picture boring. But with XEFX, you are sure to get exactly what you want.

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To save those historical moments, you just need to open this app and immediately apply the Change Weather and Sky features on the picture. You can quickly change the weather and sky with just a couple of touches. For example, you can include a rainbow from a normal background frame, convert it into a beautiful and peaceful sky under the dawn, or make it a sparkling starry sky. Everything will be different with just a single touch on XEFX. So now you have photos that indicate beautiful and memorable moments.

Make the Water Real

If there is a water surface on your image, such as taking pictures with the sea or river in the background, you can apply this app to turn the water in the image into an animation. The surface of the water will move gently, establishing a feeling of magic and smoothness for your picture. This feature may be ideal for all your beach photos.

Include Music in Pictures

To make a more vivid photo, you can make this app to add music to the photo or video, just like it is done with TikTok. In addition, you can use the music library available on this app if you choose – there are several new songs and regular updates.

Many Special Effects

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The best and quickest way you can edit your photos and videos is to apply a favourite effect on each of your images and then adjust the level of effects – either by adding more or reducing the effects. If you enjoy editing photos in this manner, this app has several effects capable of satisfying all of your styles. You can apply to film, VHS, Leak, Retro, Vintage, and so many others. So you can turn your bland photo into an attractive and fascinating one with a single touch.

Add Photos and Videos to Texts, Including Colourful Fonts

Typing some beautiful, cool, and concise texts directly into your image is an excellent way of making a great impression on the image. The only challenge is to select the font and colour for the text. By using XEFX, you will be privy to hundreds of fonts. Also, you can customise the text's shape, size, and colour. This app will take the uniqueness and aesthetics of your further a step further.


This app will provide you will different filters with several interesting and special themes. These filters allow users to edit their photos to freely meet the topics they want. With many special filters, even beyond other apps of the same category, these filters are also of awesome quality and promise to give users more choices to have the most attractive and sparkling photo.

xefx pro apk download

Final Assessment

All that have been mentioned are the incredible and special features of XEFX. The interface is simple and easy to use, the effects are rich and dynamic, and the movements are rhythmic and natural. So what else are you searching for? Do not allow your image to become boring any further; use the magic wand of XEFX to transform them into lifelike works of art.

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Download and install XEFX APK to be able to edit pictures with several incredible features, such as changing the background of a photo or animating some objects.


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