Truck Simulator 2018
Truck Simulator 2018
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Version: 1.3.5
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Download the game Truck Simulator 2018 APK for an unrivaled driving adventure. You are in store for operations that are 100 percent real and a trucking journey.

Name Truck Simulator 2018
Version 1.3.5
Updated Oct 5, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Zuuks Games

Truck Simulator 2018

Sports cars don't fascinate everybody. But to be completely truthful, the skilled operator is not a wealthy man in a high-end vehicle. The people who drive on the roads every day are truck drivers. Although the cargo box's size made it difficult for them to keep up, they managed to drive through many long highways with a sealed delivery time without incident.

You can download and play Truck Simulator 2018: Europe to test whether you've progressed to the "professional" stage. It is also intriguing.

Description of Truck Simulator 2018

A game that simulates driving a truck is called Truck Simulator 2018. And your job as a skilled truck driver is to collect and move cargo across Europe.

Through Sixty stages, you will confront different realism-based traffic conditions, ranging from straightforward to complicated. Each level takes a separate path and takes place in different periods. Driving a car while seeing the long stretch of European roads in front of you is an intriguing experience.

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However, no matter how joyful you are, you must follow the rules of the road, retain your fingers on the wheel, and ensure the cargo is secure. You will lose extra scores if you drop the products or miss the steering wheel.

Truck Simulator's latest version

In the latest version of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe, you may access more vehicles by working hard and being more cautious after long, exhausting trips. You'll have resources to spend on more auto purchases. This distinguishes the game from other car games. Then, keep running after upgrading the trucks. Here, everything follows a pretty apparent pattern. Build up your fleet of trucks gradually if you want to succeed in the trucking industry. The more revenue that flows in and the quicker it can grow, the higher the level of development.

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You will enjoy this aspect of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe. The convenience of having a specific objective like this will keep you encouraged to move further. This will be a constant reminder to drive carefully because there is no battling or rivalry on the roadways.

How to play

You will start your trip to see the roadways of Europe after selecting your vehicle. Before you begin driving, don't forget to buckle up. Then, start your car by pressing the start button. You have a flexible choice of up to 3 control methods, including using the wheel, the left, and right controls, or the tilt detector mode. The most authentic feeling is provided by tilt resonance mode. To get the most out of this version, you must sit comfortably.

Features of Truck Simulator 2018

New models of trucks

You have a maximum of Nine contemporary trucks, all of which are newer models. Each is specially made and created, has skills and capabilities, and obviously, the cost varies. You will analyze income and select to buy the proper model of vehicle to carry items in the quickest, healthiest, and least fuel-efficient manner. Accept cash most cleanly dependent on the amount and forecast of market expansion.

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The car's opulent inside is visible. Even though there are only two parts to the truck—the front and the back hook—each is uniquely designed. You will see why they each have unique qualities and abilities.

Naturally, you also gain actual truck driving experience. You can operate the vehicle like a real driver, play the radio (250 stations), adjust the pace, and brake to maintain the legal speed for each road. You must also ensure the safety of the cargo and on-time deliveries.

Personal perspectives

In addition, the videogame lets you choose from a variety of distinct first-person, third-person, above, and from-the-car viewpoints. The equivalent control will be varied (either by rotating the phone or using the steering wheel or emulation keys below the screen), and it will produce an entirely aesthetic result. Depending on the viewpoint you select, how you view the roadways and any obstacles ahead will also alter. Few driving games allow for such complete perspective customization.

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Traffic rules

You receive more coins and credits the faster the delivery. But don't allow that cause you to disregard the fundamental laws. As an illustration, inquire for directions before turning on your turn signals or headlamps when driving at night. When the car runs out of petrol, you must drive carefully until you reach a petrol station and proceed at the posted speed limit. Any infraction will result in points, money deductions, and occasionally negative effects on your truck, just like in real life.

Realistic designs

You can see how the routes alter as the day progresses, along with realistic climatic conditions like rain, blustery breezes, blue skies, and scorching sun. Do you know why truck drivers are constantly referred to as "gangsters" on the road? Only those who have experienced it can completely comprehend the level of misery and labor they endure. Only 1/100 of the truth is represented by what you see in the game.

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Execute missions

You will face difficulties from more than Sixty different stages, ranging from simple to hard, with thousands of assignments. You will earn a bonus after completing the assignment that correlates to the complexity, which may be materials or gold coins. You will get additional gold awards for completing each job more quickly and completely while adhering to all traffic regulations.


  • On the Options tab, you can select how to operate your truck.
  • Using the Headlamps key, you can activate the headlamps during nighttime operations.
  • You can purchase gasoline from the station by hitting the gas symbol when your vehicle runs out of gas.
  • You'll earn extra cash if you abide by traffic laws while playing the game.
  • You will get more money if you finish the job more quickly.
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This driving game accurately captures vehicle characteristics and roadside scenery. The game's audio features various sounds, from moving bumps to honking automobile horns. Additionally, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is evidence of the appeal of the theme of intentional driving. You will gradually go from a regular truck driver to a well-known truck manager. Everyone should play and try this new simulator game type because car racing is so boring. 

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Download the game Truck Simulator 2018 APK for an unrivaled driving adventure. You are in store for operations that are 100 percent real and a trucking journey.


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