Trash Truck Simulator
Trash Truck Simulator
Size: 83.21 MB
Version: 1.6.3
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Download Trash Truck Simulator APK to experience what it feels like to clean the city. Along with bright, colorful graphics and realistic trucks, you get to learn the routine of a trash truck driver.

Name Trash Truck Simulator
Version 1.6.3
Updated Jan 11, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer SkisoSoft
Google Play Link com.skisosoft.gts

A Detailed Analysis Of Trash Truck Simulator

Trash Truck Simulator is a stylized, casual game. This is perfect for players who enjoy simple interactive gameplay. Using this game, you not only get to live out your life as a Trash Truck Driver but also learn about their daily life. You get to interact with the truck of your choice, and once you have earned the funds, you can personalize it. Personalization varies from getting patterns on the truck and changing tires to even changing the type of the truck. You also get to drive your truck to car washes to get it clean.

trash truck simulator apk download

This game is a fan favorite for anybody who likes the trash truck simulators. It has a user rating of 4.6 stars with more than 100 million downloads.

Soft & Smooth 3D Graphics

In any simulator game, graphics are a crucial part of it. Don’t you hate it when a simulator game has glitches every frame? In the Trash Truck Simulator, you don’t have to worry about it. The smooth and soft 3D graphics of this paired with seamless animation make this game perfect. With the help of these graphics, you get to interact with the surrounding environment in the most realistic way. You also get to understand the different dimensions of the environment, adding to the true-to-life experience.

Awesome Color Tone

While playing simulator games, gamers have often complained about post-game headaches. This has been caused due to the bright, obnoxious color palette and glitches in the visuals. When it comes to the game Trash Truck Simulator, you don't have to worry about this. This game has a very cool color palette. The muted dark blues, greys, and black undertones of the color palette in this game are perfect for those sensitive to bright colors. This game is easy on the eyes. Even if you play this game for hours without a break, you won't get a migraine after.

trash truck simulator download

Not just that! The game allows truck customization. With different types of patterns available at the workshop, you can use those to stylize your ride after you have earned money for those. There are also types of trucks that you can choose from. All of these trucks are based on trash trucks you see daily. This adds to the realism of this game.

Interesting Storyline

This game gives you a sneak peek into the life of a trash collector. You get to learn about their extended shifts, different places they have to visit, how many establishments trash drivers visit, how to take care of the truck, etc. As you play the game, you realize how important the gas stations are for your best drive. This way, one by one, slowly you understand the life of an average truck driver. You also learn about when a trash truck needs to get towed.

Simulate The Trash Trucks

You start your day early in the morning. You drive through suburbs and city areas, collecting trash from houses and parks. Not only that, you get to drive your truck to gas stops to refill your fuel tank. Take care of your truck and keep it clean by taking it to car washes. Use your map to keep track of all the places you have to visit and collect trash from. On the top right corner, notice a bar that keeps track of how much trash you have collected until now.

trash truck simulator game

You Must Not Run Out Of Gas

As a trash truck driver, you will have extended shifts. You’ll have to visit so many places. You have to make sure you do your job on time. To do that, keep an eye on the fuel level. Don’t let your truck run out of gas. You will have to get a tow truck to get you out of there and help you start your truck back up again otherwise. Use the map given to you to find the nearest gas stations whenever you see fuel running low.

Keep Your Trash Truck Clean- Take It To Car Wash

As you collect different types of trash, your truck gets dirty. Just like in real life, you can use different angles in this game to confirm whether your ride needs a wash. When you see that your truck does need a wash, use the map to drive to the nearest car wash. Once you’re there, get your truck cleaned for the next shift.

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Collect Trash From The Dumpsters

The truck you drive in the trash truck simulator is a tipper truck. You back your truck against the bin, and with a few clicks, you can pick up the dumpster bin with the collector attached to your truck in the back. Once lifted, empty out the bin and place it back down. Drive your truck to the recycle center and deliver the garbage there. Get funds from finishing the job, which you can use to personalize your truck.

Your job Ain’t Over At Night!

Just because your garbage collector comes to your house in the morning, it doesn’t mean you will do the same. On Trash Truck Simulator, you also have to pull night shifts. You will have to drive along the lonely roads at night, collecting the trash from the whole day. While on these drives, be careful while you’re on the road. Keep your headlights on as you drive through the night. Collect trash from marked places on the map, and ensure you don’t bump against any parked cars, bins, or rails along the street.

Be In Charge of Brakes & Gas Pedals

trash truck simulator

In Trash Truck Simulator, you are not only in charge of collecting garbage, but you're also the one in control. Always follow every traffic rule while driving. You are in charge of brakes and gas pedals. As you drive through civilian areas, be sure you don't end up causing an accident or overturning your truck. This game follows realistic physics, so just like cars and trucks in real life, if you press the gas while making a turn, you will lose control of the truck. Steer your truck properly through the day and night, following the maps.


If you've been searching for the perfect leisure simulator game about Trash trucks, your search is finally over! Download Trash Truck Simulator now and enjoy learning about the life of a trash collector.

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Download Trash Truck Simulator APK to experience what it feels like to clean the city. Along with bright, colorful graphics and realistic trucks, you get to learn the routine of a trash truck driver.


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