Touch Retouch
Touch Retouch
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Version: 5.0
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Download Touch Retouch APK on iOS and Android devices to explore the world of editing pictures. With different features designed to assist you with the Application.

Name Touch Retouch
Version 5.0
Updated Aug 17, 2022
Category Photography
Developer ADVA Soft
Google Play Link com.advasoft.touchretouch

Touch Retouch Introduction

The app's four editing tools, Line Removal, Quick Repair, Clone Stamp, and Object Removal, are located at the lower part of the screen. You can clear up your photographs with these programs by deleting unwanted elements.

The ability of Touch Retouch to erase undesired elements from your images is one of its primary selling points. Everyone else has encountered this situation: you set up the ideal shot, only to discover that a garbage can, or a crowd of people has blocked your view. These items can be eliminated with Touch Retouch so that the topic of your photograph is shown as you choose.

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You may eliminate undesirable aspects like reflections, individuals, objects, structures, wires, and patches with Touch Retouch. You need to select a region and touch Go without more work. This program can also be used to enhance other aspects of your images. For example, the clone stamp feature can duplicate objects, fill blank spaces, and complement backgrounds. To assist you in understanding how to operate the software and comprehend the various rules for editing photos, it also includes several lessons.

Touch Retouch Features

Retouching Object Sensor

Effectively remove elements that seem to be near to other objects. No information spills along the margins. The optimal technique to smoothly merge a restored region with the environment is determined by the edge sensor AI.

Flexible Line Elimination

The Application has made removing thick or thin lines easy by simply marking or tapping them. You can select between using manual or automatic line elimination techniques.

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You have complete control over everything and can achieve prompt and precise outcomes.

Smart Mesh Elimination

Meshes may be easily and quickly removed. The Application's clever detection and eradication technology can swiftly and automatically locate and remove meshes. Therefore, it is not necessary to manually choose every mesh line.

Stamp Tool for Clone

You can replicate pixels from whatever element of the image to another area with the Clone Stamp tool, which allows you to clone things or sections. This can be used to duplicate objects and fix flaws where you've deleted items.

Functions and Effects.

Make-up: You can choose from hundreds of digital cosmetics techniques, from the delicately subtle to the stunningly dramatic.

Background: Do you require a provocative background? You can personalize your wallpaper with images from TouchRetouch's library or those on your smartphone using the "Background" function.

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Bokeh: Want to be noticed? The Bokeh effect automatically fades out of focus regions in your shot to enhance your project or make it stand out.

Filters: Do you want to make the ideal edit? Each shot receives a refined, perfect finish from one TouchRetouch's 100-plus filter options.

Hair dye: Are you prepared for a new look? Try out the 17 gorgeous hair tones in the Hair Dye feature in TouchRetouch to transform your hair.

Updates and What's New?

Reapply Brushes: With the recently added  Reapply and Restore features, you can add the same adjustments to a photo and restore lost pixels as needed.

New Method Modes in Clone Stamp make it simpler to clone textures by allowing the source pointer to be held stationary to prevent it from moving or sliding back to its starting location.

Easier 360° Photo Retouching: You no longer have to exit the 360° Look to navigate towards another tool or menu, making it more pleasurable to guide about the panorama.

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Image Resizing Option: Photos can now be shrunk to the required size.

  • Interface Enhancements: You can try out different program icon designs in addition to selecting between the Dark, Light, and System appearances. By introducing a few more updated gallery options, users may be more comfortable when choosing images.

Why TouchRetouch?

In today's technological age, it's essential to have a strong presence on social media. However, simply posting everyday things on your profiles is insufficient. For example, while publishing expert photographs to your accounts on social media and webpage is a specific method to acquire an audience, a profile full of poor-quality pictures will annoy your customers and even damage your image as a company.

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To improve your image editing abilities, you may not need specialized gear or training; everything you require is a smartphone or other device with a good camera and TouchRetouch.


With the help of the potent program TouchRetouch, you may swiftly and efficiently delete undesired elements from your images.

With its wide selection of tools, TouchRetouch provides numerous options for erasing different parts of an image, from little imperfections and lines to larger, more complicated items.

The next time you edit a picture, consider whether any elements could be eliminated to produce a more straightforward and aesthetically acceptable arrangement. Editing your photos in TouchRetouch for a short while will improve your iPhone and Android pictures.

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Download Touch Retouch APK on iOS and Android devices to explore the world of editing pictures. With different features designed to assist you with the Application.


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