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Torque Pro
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Version: 1.12.101
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Download and install Torque Pro APK to effectively monitor and track the usage of a car. This app assists car users in reducing the cost of maintaining their cars.

Name Torque Pro
Version 1.12.101
Updated Aug 30, 2023
Category Communication
Developer Ian Hawkins
Google Play Link org.prowl.torque

Description of Torque Pro

Torque Pro is an awesome app for people who use cars. This app will assist you in diagnosing and evaluating your car by using OBD II Bluetooth to connect to the management system of OBD II. This is indeed an extremely comfortable and brilliant utility. With Torque Pro, you can monitor the activities of your car in real-time.

What is Torque Pro?

With the invention of smartphones, there has been an incredible change in the way of life. Several utilities make tasks that would otherwise have been difficult and impossible now easy and possible. Besides the fact that smartphones offer you entertainment (gaming included), there are several apps that you can use to study and work. Still, various utility apps for several aspects of life are also available, making daily tasks more comfortable and easier. With smartphones and apps, people have been able to find solutions to more personal problems without employing professional services. An example of these incredible apps is Toque Pro car inspection app.

torque pro apk

Sometimes, it can be pretty complicated to maintain and monitor a car simultaneously, especially when you have no idea about the mechanisms of a car. In addition, the cost of checking and monitoring cars periodically can create a hole in your pocket. To assist you in saving money and time concerning checking your car, Torque pro was developed. This app will provide you with the necessary warnings and analysis.

Why Torque Pro?

The number of daily car users is growing exponentially. After the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, there was a hesitation in using public buses for fear of contracting the disease from other people, especially the elderly and families with little kids.

However, you need to update yourself with regular maintenance, repairs, inspections, replacements, and other expensive activities that come with driving a car. A situation where there must be a regular follow-up. Besides this taking a lot of one's time, the cost of maintenance and inspection can sometimes gag a sword-swallower.

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Sometimes, more common problems arise but appear with a fair frequency, but not less annoying and costly. But now is the time for smartphones; several apps assist you in monitoring the status of your vehicle effectively – a great example is the Torque Pro.

Track Your Car Accurately, Quickly, and Properly

Torque assists in evaluating and diagnosing your car by using OBD II Bluetooth to evaluate your car's engine.

This app will always monitor the necessary parameters for your car's condition. These parameters are shown on the Dashboard screen while you are driving. In addition, this app can assist in connecting GPS to synchronize the data of your travel history with OBD data. From there, it will assist you in evaluating your car's long-term overview for you to plan to maintain, use or repair properly, reasonably, and at the lowest possible cost.

obd torque pro apk free download

However, for regular cars, there are still some features not built into them in the Torque Pro. Nevertheless, most cars manufactured between 2000 and the latest models can use this amazing app.

Torque Pro: Easy to Use?

When Torque Pro was developed, it was optimised for all owners of cars. The app has been designed in the simplest and minimalistic way possible so that anyone who uses it can immediately learn and master its use. The detailed indicator explanations, function buttons, colours, and layout designs are all displayed on the screen. Just follow the instructions the app gives before you begin using it; also, you must have a good knowledge of the basic indicators and components of the car before you can begin using it.

Ian Hawkins published Torque Pro, has hit more than a million downloads on Google Play Store alone. Several car manufacturers have also recommended this app for buyers.

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To use this app, download Torque Pro and install it with your car via Bluetooth. The app will automatically access the real-time parameters, make indicator statistics and provide the fastest, most accurate, and easy-to-understand Status Monitoring Table for users of vehicles. You can check all Error Codes by using the app's built-in feature. You can use Torque Pro to access your car even while it is still running.

This app also shows all crucial Sensor parameters of the car. Identifying the status of the Sensor System will assist you in better understanding the problems of the car. Line Indicators, Dial (Gasometer), and Dial (Needle) are all shown on the screen for you to check if your car is performing well or not.

By using this app, you can customize your Dashboard. For example, to help your mobile device monitor the time it takes to replace the part of a car, such as an engine temperature, fuel, and speedometer. A route determination feature also helps monitor the car's stats.

Feature Range of Torque Pro

  • MPG
torque pro apk 2022
  • Graph data
  • Support car dock
  • AIDL API for third-party apps, Simple Telnet interface
  • Screenshots can be shared on Email, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Alerts and alarm
  • Turbocharger feature for cars that support MAF and MAP sensors (supports Saet/Audi, VW, and Golf)
  • GPS Tracking/Speedometer and real-time web uploading abilities
  • Compass is free from the interference of magnetic field
  • HUD/warning display mode for night driving
  • Send logging information to CSV/KML email or web for analysis through excel/OpenOffice reader
  • Owning a huge error database to quickly help you find the fault in your vehicle
  • Automatically send GPS-tagged tweets directly to Twitter
obd2 torque pro apk
  • Record the journey video with the help of the Track Recorder plugin
  • Real-time car configuration and overview display
  • View CO emission index
  • See the speed of your car
  • 0-60 speed timer (more accurate than the use of old GPS
  • Read Transmission Temperature
  • Measure of Dynomometer and Horsepower & Torque

Final Thoughts

Torque Pro is an essential app for car owners because it helps drive and use a car. If you own a car, you should download this app to regularly monitor your car and create a reasonable maintenance plan.

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Download and install Torque Pro APK to effectively monitor and track the usage of a car. This app assists car users in reducing the cost of maintaining their cars.


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