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Download and install Chrome APK to enjoy a fast and secure browsing experience. This app offers incredible features you cannot enjoy from other web browsing apps.

Name Chrome
Version 123.0.6312.120
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Communication
Developer Google LLC
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About Google Chrome

Internet users are generally familiar with Google Chrome on mobile or PC. Nevertheless, this app has maintained its spot as the most efficient, modern, and fasters web browser of the modern age.


Google Chrome is a speedy tool for web browsing, and Google develops it. It is hard to estimate how many worldwide users use Chrome Browser, but it is certainly an incredibly large number, from tablets to mobile phones and PC.


There are several web browsers available now. In 1993, Mozilla Firefox was developed, then Netscape came out in 1994, and then 1995 was the era of Internet Explorer. The latest are the ones developed in the early first decade of the New Millennium, such as Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. When we measure it by how old, Google Chrome is a lot younger than most other apps used for browsing the web. However, when it comes to great advancement, popularity, and modernity, Google Chrome takes a leading position – it even overwhelms those who have been in the space long before.

Chrome is the world's most widely-acknowledged web browser of this new age because it is an app of simplicity, convenience, understanding, and ease of use. In addition, Google Chrome meets several standards of information safety and security. As a result, chrome is even a lot better than its competitor in the mobile environment.

Unexpected Flexibility and Personalization

The first incredible feature of Google Chrome is its high personalization. Chrome typically possesses AI integration. According to the browser's search history, Google Chrome can identify a person's personal interests and thus always recommend relevant featured events and similar articles.

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It is followed by the ability to quickly connect with favourite websites. When you visit a particular website frequently, Chrome will save it automatically and present it on the suggested pages immediately after launching the app. It may appear like this is a small feature, but it is a great lifesaver when you are in a situation where typing characters is not convenient for you or you need urgent information.

The flexibility feature is often helpful for those who often browse the internet even when in a car that often sways the phone. This is because the previously searched keywords are usually saved and appear quickly whenever you type in the first couple of characters.

High Google Translate Integration and Search Power

Because Google Chrome is an offspring of Google itself, all of its brothers are integrated into the app since the most commonly favoured siblings among users are Google Translate and Google Search. Without any intermediate steps, all you have to do is type, and you can use all.

If you are not interested in searching using Chrome's address bar or Google Search, you can also find information verbally, using your voice. This feature is awesome, especially when you are too engaged with other things and cannot enter characters on the phone. In addition, Google Chrome's speedy control and browsing features are pretty solid, supporting users anywhere and anytime, just with their voices.

Keep User Safety at an Extreme Level

Regarding user protection and safety, Chrome is rated very highly. For example, Google Chrome can help you surf the internet in an incognito mode; this means it won't save any history, maintaining high privacy.

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In addition, the app integrates Google Safe Browsing, giving you important heads-ups when you are on the verge of visiting unknown or dangerous websites or are about to download virus-infested files.

Other Equally Convenient Side Parts

When using Chrome, the app will synchronize your data across all other devices. You only need to log in, then passwords, bookmarks, and all other detailed settings will synchronize automatically across all other devices from laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

When you want to download images, web pages, or videos, Chrome also possesses a Download button, which is pretty easy to navigate.

If you want your device to be lighter and reduce the memory downloading information, you can activate Lite mode to consume fewer data. Chrome performs this function by compressing the videos, images, texts, and other content on the pages without decreasing the quality of the content.

General Google Chrome Reviews

  • Convenient voice control
  • Fast data download
  • Introduce a more luxurious and modern feeling than other web browsing apps
  • High security and safety
  • Bright, handy, and minimalistic interface
  • Browse the web fast, easy to use, easy to understand
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Chrome open source?

The app is developed according to Chromium. And since the creation of the base version of the application, the majority of its significant features have been rendered open-sourced. In addition, other developers can build several other components due to its open-source permission.

What differentiates Chrome browser for PC from Chrome for Android?

You can enjoy a safe, fast, and secure browsing feeling in desktop Chrome and mobile Chrome. But the approach to general tabs and navigation are different. Mobile Chrome offers a unified, personalized feeling across several devices.

Can I regulate my Chrome to automatic updates?

It is easy to do that. You must check per app update or global auto-update setting on mobile to activate Chrome's auto-update feature.

Does mobile Chrome support WebView for web or native apps?

Chrome for Android allows WebView on early versions of Android, such as Android 4.4 (KitKat). To get more information about this, consider checking the WebView overview.

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Are apps and extensions supported in the mobile Chrome version?

Currently, the mobile version of Chrome does not allow Chrome extensions and apps.

How can I debug my mobile webpage?

Chrome Development Tools can be used for remote debugging while using Chrome for Android.

What's New?

  • Performance improvement and bug fixes
  • See Physical Web suggestions according to your surroundings in the address bar
  • Use recently visited search engines as your default search engine
  • More updates and article suggestions on the New Tab page


Chrome is the most incredible browser application for both desktop and Android devices. It is an easy-to-use and secure app. With Google Chrome, you can smoothly synchronize your preferences and bookmarks over several other devices. Download Google Chrome now and get a feel of convenient browsing and downloading. There are so many cool features users enjoy on Google Chrome.

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Download and install Chrome APK to enjoy a fast and secure browsing experience. This app offers incredible features you cannot enjoy from other web browsing apps.


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