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Download Theotown APK a city manager and build your country from scratch in this simulator game. Download Theotown and strategically create the perfect city.

Name TheoTown
Version 1.11.63a
Updated Jun 10, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer blueflower


Theotown game is fun and an engaging city simulator game where players get to build a whole city gradually how they see fit. More than just a building construction simulator game, Theotown requires strategy and logic on how best to manage state affairs. Theotown displays the many hurdles of building an independent, peaceful state.

The game is highly accurate in town management. Each functional building successfully built and opened by the player creates a new task for the player. They must manage the affairs of the building as well as grow the city.

For example, a hospital would require constant supplies and support to keep running and curing sick or injured citizens. Law enforcers, traffic regulators, and police stations must be stationed appropriately and strategically to prevent increased crime and road accidents.

theotown tutorial

Blue Flower studios created the game on the 11th of April, 2015. Being highly popular among players who love strategy-based games, it has gotten a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 290,353 reviews.

Theotown game is completely free and easily accessed, its most recent update is gotten on the internet with rudimentary searches like:

Theotown game

Theotown android

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Theotown unlimited rubies.

To further ensure the Theotown game entertains everyone with immersive gameplay filled with funny twists and turns from wrong decisions, the one has been made readily available across multiple devices like Android, IOS, Windows, and the likes.

Similar Apps to Theotown are Pocket Builder and World builder. Theotown goes the extra mile to ensure players have a busy and exciting time controlling state affairs by having good graphics and sound.


The game boasts a wide array of activities and missions for the player to take on. It has features to aid the player in their journey to building a utopian state.

theotown apk

Some of which are:

High reward money system
Players earn rubies for completing missions and as taxes and revenue from functional buildings. At starting the game, players are generously rewarded with just enough rubies to begin laying the structural framework of the state. Over time, when the player has succeeded in building and managing the affairs of functional buildings like banks, hospitals, schools, and other revenue-generating structures, taxes are being laid to aid the growth and management of the state.

In-Game Shop
The game has a unique in-game shop where players can purchase much-needed materials. You can get most of the resources in the store with rubies earned while playing the game, while the rest require payment with real-world currencies within the range of $0.5 to $50.

Running a city-state takes money, lots of it. As a city builder, you are given resources and rubies from buildings in the firm if tax.

Law and Order
It is up to you and the police to enforce the law and make sure citizens behave in a civil manner. Failure to do this would destroy buildings and properties.

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Theotown Gameplay
The game is set in a colorful 2D Tetri graphics style. You control everything in the city, from the police station to the hospitals, fire departments, schools, power stations, and the rest.

You are given a statistical report of the city's state and emergencies. All these might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with the aid of the in-game tutorial (Theotown guide), players have progressed and found the time spent engaging and fulfilling.

Shortly after the tutorial section, players are given simple tasks to perform. The assignments involve building a few houses and roads to get the city underway.

Theotown Tips and Tricks

Becoming the sole architect of an entire city is a daunting experience for many players, and as expected, no one wants to make a mistake that'll cost them in the long run.

theotown best city

With that being said, here is how to play theotown.

To structure your city to be as efficient and autonomous as possible, follow the guide below:

1) Place power plants on dirt roads.
This section would be your industrial area and manufacturing zone. Dirt roads are the cheapest in theotown and do not need replacement. It is one of the most important decisions you can make before placing a building, as you will conserve money in the long term if you use the power generator instead of solar power.

2) You will want to place two water towers in an area not so far from the power plant.

They will be your uptown and economic areas. You don't want both places close else; you'd regret it eventually.

3) Take note of everything in the tutorial and make mental notes of the things that were said.

4) Wire up the city using zones and powerlines

5) Construct parks, houses, and commercial buildings. Once your level is high enough, you can make emergency buildings like fire departments, police stations, and traffic regulation posts.

How to Build an Airport in Theotown

To build an airport in the Theotown game is no easy feat. Many resources and planning go into making an efficient and profitable airport.

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To start, you should need to build a runway at least 12 squares long, which is the minimum required length.

 Then it would be best if you quickly built a flight control tower, an entry, and a gate. When you have completed these steps, transport the road from the entrance to the runway. Now your airport is ready to be used by tax-paying civilians. To make the first flight, tap the tower, add a lane, tap the lane, and add a plane.


Theotown is an immersive game in the world of strategy, town planning, and building. This attention-demanding game is suitable for children and adults looking for a fun way to pass the time-solving problems. Build a patch of land into a town, then a small country, then a mega city, collect taxes, and run the state how you see fit!

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Download Theotown APK a city manager and build your country from scratch in this simulator game. Download Theotown and strategically create the perfect city.


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