Teaching Feeling
Teaching Feeling
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Version: 3.0.23
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Download and install Teaching Feeling APK to learn how to handle different emotions and characters. In this game, you can choose to be the hero or the villain.

Name Teaching Feeling
Version 3.0.23
Updated Oct 4, 2022
Category Casual
Developer FreakilyCharming
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Description of Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling offers players gameplay of high quality, where you will be enthralled by the game’s complex development of several characters and incredible stories. While playing this game, you will develop several kinds of feelings for the victims rather than just any girl, and each victim has her unique direction. In this game, you also have the choice to select the kind of character you want to be, either a protector or oppressor, according to the individual preference of each of the girls for the entirety of the gameplay. Teaching Feeling is strictly for adults; it has been rated an 18+ game.

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The Storyline

When you begin playing this game, you will role-play as one of the doctors in a small little town. You are a single doctor, but you do not have time for romance or anyone because your attention is always channelled towards your work, so you have no time for other concerns. One day, as you opened the door of your house, you were confronted by a man holding a girl with him. He told you that you had saved his life in the past and wanted to show gratitude to you by offering you the girl whom he called Sylvie. This is where the story starts.

A Heart-Wrenching Dating Simulator

This game will give players an incredible new experience in the genre of dating simulation, where you will begin your journey with a strange girl, putting you in the most complicated situation. Even though the game lacks continuous action elements, it has an emotional and impressive storyline for the player's enjoyment. In addition, the special expansions in the memorable scenes or characters will cause the gameplay to become more emotional and valuable as you dive deeper into the game.

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The Gameplay

In this game, your major mission is to assist Sylvie in getting back her mental and physical health after she had endured a series of torture from the previous people who used to own her. This game is a visual novel; you will only have three interactions with her – talk, gently pat her head, or touch her body. With those three interactions, the story will begin to evolve in various directions where you are the one that will make the final decision.

When you begin to interact with this girl, you will also find out that many other things are wrong with her, and the traumatic experience she had previously seemed to have won her over. The other people who used to own her often tortured her just for their amusement and satisfaction. Her scars throughout her body were evidence of the chemicals poured on her. Your mission is to convince her that you are not one of those cruel owners that often gave her pain and nightmares.

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There is no specific meaning for “Rub her head,” so the girl does not understand when you do it. However, if you continue performing this action for some days, the girl will begin to feel more at home around you and will give a smile when you rub her head.

“Touch” will be the first you do when encountering the girl. This game is rated 18+ for a reason because, after this action, you can proceed further. You are the master, and the choice depends on your decision.

Interact with the Character

Interaction with the characters is the most important thing you have to take advantage of. You will encounter several girls, but it seems like the first girl is the baseline of this gameplay. The girl is anonymous; she is a victim of violence, and what she went through has affected her psychologically; her experience has also affected her physique or appearance, but you have the choice to restore everything. Due to that, it is very important to take care of the girl. And as you play on, you can unlock new progressions in the story.

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Care for Her

Your major mission in this game is to take good care of Sylvie. However, you have to also balance your daily life with this mission. You will work and make some money to cover what you and Sylvia need. Always remember that Sylvia came to you as something like a slave girl. Now it is your duty not to treat her like a slave anymore. She had always known the life of being a slave. You have to treat her instead like a soul mate to you. She will be the light in your dark life and bring colour to your world. Treat her with kindness, and as time goes on, she will become a lot more comfortable around you, where she will eventually open up herself to you, and you will learn several interesting things about her. Besides, you must remember that your life does not revolve around Sylvie alone; you also have your job to think about. There are many other interesting things, so you must always go out and explore them.

Identify Sylvia’s Purest Actions and Emotion

The essential part of this game is the feelings and emotions of the girls, especially Sylvia’s, which will be something like your payment for taking care of her. The game also uses a high-class and impressive visual quality to outline the beauty of each of the girls in their special ways. When you play this game, have it in your mind that your emotions may be influenced, especially when you get to move close to any of the girls. And all your care of action is returned by the girls in the most irresistible and lovable way.

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Final Thoughts

Teaching Feeling is a game that matches up to its title; it essentially teaches you how to feel for helpless people, including how to treat them right. The gameplay is not a unique or special one but still pretty attractive. You will be curious about the game when you are introduced to its creepy colours blended with the 2D images. You can decide to be whoever you want to be with this game. If you desire, you can act like a gentleman, but it is also allowed if your intention is otherwise.

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Download and install Teaching Feeling APK to learn how to handle different emotions and characters. In this game, you can choose to be the hero or the villain.


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