Survival on Raft
Survival on Raft
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Version: 361
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Download Survival on Raft APK to live out your very own adventure on a raft. As you float on the sea, at the mercy of harsh weather, this game will get your adrenaline pumping!

Name Survival on Raft
Version 361
Updated Feb 23, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Megaplay Studios

A Crisp Analysis Of Survival on Raft

Produced by the developers of Megaplay studios, Survival on Raft: Multiplayer is a survival game. Anyone who is a fan of adventure stories will love this game.

This game follows a very intriguing story, and the gameplay sucks you in immediately. You'll be hooked when your character wakes up on a piece of wood with a hook in hand. You'll do everything it takes to make sure your character survives. Even before you realize you start playing this game for hours, trying to keep your character healthy, well fed, and in a safe shelter.

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Not only that! You can start this game in single-player mode, but whenever you want to add a little spice to your gameplay, you can switch to PVP mode.

Unique Gameplay

Among several survival games available in the market, this game is different. It has unique gameplay. From starting the game, you get to decide how your gaming experience would be. You can choose whether you want to play in survival mode or creative mode. If you feel like you're up for a challenge, you can make it rain and storm while you collect your resources and supplies. As you play the game, you must be careful about your inventory. If you've not collected enough scraps, you won't be able to make the hook that you need to get the resources to yourself.

Craft To Survive

You have to craft to survive in this game. You wake up with only a hook and rope in your hand. As you keep getting resources, you end up damaging the hook that you’re using. You have to collect enough scraps to make the hook, enough seaweed to make the ropes, and enough ropes and planks to make the floor. This is how, by repeated crafting, you get to build yourself a shelter that will protect you from everything.

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Improve Your Raft

You wake up on only one raft. You can barely survive on it. You'd need a fireplace to keep you warm, a water maker to keep you hydrated, a seedbed for your farm, and more. That is why you must start making more rafts that act as a floor. After you're happy, you must build a watermaker and fireplace. Once you've got the essentials down, you can craft ceilings, doors, seedbeds, etc., as you progress through the levels.

As you improve your raft, you'll notice that it becomes a little easier to collect the resources as now you're on a broader piece of wood and can walk around. Previously you'd have to wait for the resources to float near your rope's reach.

Collect Resources Floating On Water

When you wake up, you'll notice several crates, barrels, and other items floating around. Using a hook and rope, you can pull them towards you and then collect them. That is how you'll be scavenging for everything. You've to be careful at all times while you're building so that you don't miss a crate or barrel.

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Collect Trophies

As you progress in this game, you’ll get the chance to collect trophies. These Trophies will help you in the long run and boost the gameplay. They also act as rewards for you as you spend hours to ensure your character survives.

Grow Your Farm

As you're on a raft, your food options are limited. You start the game with 5 food articles. Each of these gives you a 40%  surplus in your food bar. You'll soon start running out of food. That'll push you to make a choice. You can craft a fishing rod and get bait. With that, you can fish. However, with this bait, you might also attract sharks. Or, you can craft a seedbed and start farming your own vegetables. In both cases, you've to collect enough resources to get the necessary items for bait and seeds, respectively.

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Travel To Islands By Building A Kayak

As you advance your resource collection, the game will get challenging. But that doesn't mean there is no reward for your hours of slaving away to keep your character alive. Once you have progressed enough levels, you'll get the recipe to build a kayak. With that, you can build a kayak if you collect enough materials. This kayak can be used to visit the nearest islands.

How To Play?

Anyone familiar with the dynamic joystick will love this game. On the left side, you will get to control the direction of where your character's going. At the same time, you can perform different actions on the right, such as using your hook and rope to get resources from the sea.

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You also have the option to change the view of the scene during the gameplay. From the first person, you can shift it to a 360-degree view which helps you understand how far the resources are from you.

With every crate and barrel you collect, you unlock new recipes. These are instructions to build different things. If you have enough materials in your inventory, you can make various things, from the floor, ceilings, doors, walls, etc. You can use these to improve your raft. You can also make essential items such as a hammer, hook, rope, etc.

Collecting different resources is very important when it comes to this game. You also have to keep an eye on the health level on the left side of your screen. It denotes how much food and water you’ve left in your system. Do your best not to starve.

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Supports Tablet Devices 

This game is highly addictive. So, game developers made sure that these game graphics were easy on your eyes. With its stunning graphics and muted color palette, this game is perfect for long gaming sessions. Also, people with certain preferences regarding their gaming device would be delighted to learn that this game is Tablet suited. So if you prefer playing games on a bigger screen, you won't have to worry.


Starting your own adventure where everything is under your control is a great idea for a game Megaplay developers have turned that idea into a reality. If you like planning everything out as you try to survive in a game, this game is for you!! Download Survival on Raft: Multiplayer now!!

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Download Survival on Raft APK to live out your very own adventure on a raft. As you float on the sea, at the mercy of harsh weather, this game will get your adrenaline pumping!


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