Smartphone Tycoon 2
Smartphone Tycoon 2
Size: 98.58 MB
Version: 3.0.8
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Download and install Smartphone Tycoon 2 APK and experience the life of a business leader. In this game, you will have the chance to develop your own company and grow it.

Name Smartphone Tycoon 2
Version 3.0.8
Updated Oct 29, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Roastery Games

Introducing Smartphone Tycoon 2

Do you believe your company would one day develop a phone that would be more successful than Samsung or Apple? This may seem slightly unrealistic, but that dream is possible with Smartphone Tycoon 2. This is a game that is currently drawing in a massive number of players around the globe by new gameplay. In Smartphone Tycoon 2, you have to possess effective business tactics for the Smartphone produced by your company, including its development methods and its relationship with the top brands in the market.

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The New Topic

If you are familiar with a game called Game Dev Tycoon, you will understand the concept of Smartphone Tycoon 2 a lot better because the two games are similar. However, Game Dev focuses on developing a game company rather than a Smartphone company, like what Smartphone Tycoon 2 is doing. You will draw inspiration from this game and have the chance to customize your smartphone as much as you like. You can choose small details to develop your smartphone model, as long as you have enough money to produce.

Open Your Startup

If you begin playing this game, you must form a company and give it a name. You will discover many 'counterfeit' brands of popular brands, such as Samsungg, Applee. You should input a name you are most comfortable with so that you can be proud when it starts succeeding.

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The step that comes after is hiring an employee. Employee is very important to any company because they decide the success and failure of any company. With several employees, you will increase the output, and they will help you create your most modern Smartphone. Therefore, you should hire the best employees for a more effective job. First, you will have to terminate bad employees. For example, a bug in the game causes employees to go on 'strike' – when that happens, the employees won't resume what, no matter what you do. To correct this issue, you need to close the game and reopen it to keep the employees working. Another scenario is when your company becomes overly cramped, and some employees are stuck.

Marketing Campaign

As soon as you have developed the smartest smartphone, the next thing is to create a marketing campaign that is effective enough to promote your brand around the globe. This will draw in an impressive number of fans, including artisans. Pick the right time to launch the product is also pretty important. First, you should go for cheap promotional campaigns. You can consider larger and more expensive campaigns as soon as your products become successful.

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Research New Technologies

Research is a crucial aspect of Smartphone Tycoon 2. To compete directly with competitors, you have to bring smartphone users and make them feel like the money they paid is deserved. However, you should understand that this is not important at the start of the game; you should challenge your attention to developing more smartphones. You are free to participate in the research on the second page of the game.

Expand the Office of Your Employee

While developing your smartphone, you will need to expand more offices. Besides, those offices' scales are significantly expanding, providing employers with a large working space. Players will build and design beautiful rooms with increased aesthetics. The game provides beautiful and ultra-modern office space.

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Inventing New Features for Your Smartphones

As a player, you should invent several new functions for your developing smartphone. For example, it would be a lot more awesome if you could explore several kinds of touch-pens, fingerprint sensors, and so on for the phones belonging to your company. In Smartphone Tycoon 2, you can also reinvent your smartphones and bring them to the market, introducing them to potential buyers. In addition, you can release more phone models to the market, bringing in more profit and revenue for your smartphone company.

Upgrade Photographic Features

In this game, you should improve the camera editing features of your smartphone. You also have the chance to edit both GPU and CPU. The game also helps upgrade the smartphone's sound set to deliver better sound and cancel out unnecessary sounds, like noise. You can use this to rearrange and improve the layout of your phone.

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Make a Lot of Profit

By trading on this virtual simulator, you will earn considerable virtual money. With the inventions you make, they will give you a large amount of revenue. Because of its massive profit, your company can grow and become one of the world's most influential companies. You can also become a talented manager and leader many look up to.

Key Features of Smartphone Tycoon 2

  • Attractive features and a simple interface create a great experience space for you and improve the thinking and creativity of the player
  • Create new technologies and features for smartphones to increase profit, revenue, and efficiency for your company
  • Expand and build more offices for your employees for a more comfortable and larger working space that increases the productivity of work
  • Become a talented company executive, manager, and recruiter everyone wants to admire. Also, become the top producer of smartphones
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  • Create a company that specializes in developing smartphones. You will try to grow and move your company to new heights and make a great impression on the world

Final Verdict

While you can make great virtual money from creating your company, some factors can make your company go bankrupt, such as too high cost, inadequate infrastructure, overproduction, etc. Your job, however, is to establish the right business tactics to make as much reputation and profit as possible. If you eventually go bankrupt, it's fine, this is nothing but a game, and you have a chance to begin again.

If you are someone who loves business, this game presents you with a great business model to experience the life of a talented leader. Gaming is fun, but there are still some minor bugs you can always ignore. One of those bugs is employees going on 'strike,' requiring you to quit the game and start again.

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Download and install Smartphone Tycoon 2 APK and experience the life of a business leader. In this game, you will have the chance to develop your own company and grow it.


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