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Simple Rocket 2
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Version: 1.3.111
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Download Simple Rocket 2 APK for an insight into the rocket building industry. Build rocket models from scratch with various parts and explore planets in the galaxy.

Name Simple Rocket 2
Version 1.3.111
Updated May 12, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Jundroo, LLC
Google Play Link com.jundroo.SimpleRockets2

About Simple Rocket 2

SimpleRockets 2 is an exciting game that creates a simulation of the astronaut experience for players. The game allows you to become a skilled astronaut and build your desired rockets at will. There are no limits to how many of these rockets you can create, though you have limited resources. It's pretty famous because of this unique gameplay, and there are lots of other features that can keep anyone addicted to its gameplay.

simple rocket 2 apk

The game has a previous version, designed in similar ways and with similar gameplay. Like any upgrade, there are many features that this second version adds to the series and makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable to play. There is a 3D environment to create a vast environment and stack your experience as a rocket builder.

The game has many challenges, levels, and resources, and you must complete one before moving to the next. It makes the game go at a slower pace, but it also boosts the gameplay period. If you're not only playing grk the fun of it, you can also learn a great deal about aircraft technologies that can prove quite useful even in real life.

There are many rocket parts to work with; these include the exteriors, engines, launchers, ignition, etc. So there is much information to take in as you begin playing. The more you play, the better you understand how everything works. You can move on to more significant challenges once you finish the current one (there are about 17 challenges to complete).

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SimpleRockets 2 was launched by Jundroo after the amazing success the first had. It's a simulation game which is not free to play. You have to purchase the game before downloading it to Playstore. The second version of the game has over 100,00 players worldwide. The figure is quite reasonable since not everyone will like to build rockets.

Get Creative, Build Rockets

The gameplay is not challenging on SimpleRockets 2. You have to create rockets and get rewarded for it. There are several parts and functions for players to choose from. The machine's efficiency, capacity, etc., will depend on your knowledge of rockets. For example, you can choose between aircraft or rocket engines. You can also decide which type of fuel to use for powering it. These decisions affect the efficiency, durability and capacity of anything you build.

Once you have the model in mind, you must ensure everything works fine. You can shape the fuel tanks, cargo equipment, wings etc., to suit the model. There are complex models you'll have to work on the more you play. You must also consider tiny details of the rockets, such as wheels, pistons, solar panels, etc., so you must be careful of all the features.

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As the engineer in charge, you also need to ensure the rocket passes tests during the operation of the rocket. For example, the fuel type can determine how the rocket burns; if it overheats, you'll have a problem and have to fix it again. You can also build space stations, refuelling stations, and other space structures to serve as side attractions.

Game Features

SimpleRockets 2 has a terrific gameplay and many unique features you won't find in other games. You can check out some of the impressive features below:

Beautiful Graphics

The game isn't a role-playing adventure but is full of thrilling experiences. Like most simulation games, it also takes more time and includes many realistic elements. This is thanks to the impressive graphics that welcomes you and stays as you play. In addition, the game has cool audiovisuals, which makes it even more enjoyable. The graphics quality is remarkable and reflects the expertise of the developers. Tiny details from real-life rocket parts, engines, and structures are all adapted into the game graphics to make it seem as natural to players as possible.

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There is a simple latter pattern to play the game. You don't have to master any skill or possess a fast reflex to play the game. You also don't need to be overly strategic before you have a good time playing. The game has a primary task for players: to build various models of rockets as suggested in the lists of available models. You'll get rewarded when you create a functional model with optimal efficiency. You also have freedom regarding what happens during gameplay because you don't necessarily have to follow any specific pattern; you can go with what works for you.

Game Environment

As SimpleRockets featured rockets and many space environments, the legacy is also continued in the second version. You'll be able to build the rockets in a 3D environment where you see every part of the rocket in real-time. You can rotate to check every part of the rockets and get a better view of where to add elements and how to adapt the available parts to their designated areas.

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The game has many upgrades, depending on which one you would like to use. However, these upgrades don't work like in most games. You won't be upgrading the rockets but rather the parts used for its design. You can add a few fuel options at first, but later on, you' able to access these options. Each game also brings you more steps closer to building the best spaceship there is. You can also use the parts from your model creation to build spaceships, detectors, satellites, refuelling stations, etc.

Discover the Universe

Aside from making rockets and spaceships, you can also have a tour of the 3D planets. The design is well-detailed, so you'll be able to see features of strange planes in the galaxy. Although none of the other planets supports life, you'll still be discover new information while exploring space.


SimpleRockets 2 is one of the best simulation games with well-detailed graphics and impressive animation. The game allows you to learn more about rockets while having fun building one too. Join the community of SimpleRockets and build a community of super-resourceful astronauts.

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Download Simple Rocket 2 APK for an insight into the rocket building industry. Build rocket models from scratch with various parts and explore planets in the galaxy.


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