Shop Titans
Shop Titans
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Version: 16.0.0
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Download Shop Titans APK, the best RPG shopkeeper simulation game. Create powerful gear, stock your store, and mark it up to sell to soldiers and heroes.

Name Shop Titans
Version 16.0.0
Updated Apr 16, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Kabam Games, Inc.
Google Play Link com.ripostegames.shopr

Shop titans

You are the newest craftsman. Assist the heroes in their epic encounters with the terrifying creatures that hide in the dungeons. Build magnificent armor, swords, and other gear for the heroes to wear while defending your community by customizing and designing your store. To grow your business, work with blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters, and herbalists. Your goods can be traded, sold, or auctioned off to the best bidders from other stores. Offer your products to soldiers and perhaps charge a price.

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By personalizing your avatar, you may flaunt your medieval flair. Make your image unique by selecting various outfits, haircuts, eye colors, and other features. The adventure starts when you are prepared. In the tutorial of this RPG simulation game, Owen, the Elder, will show you how to construct and run your store to become the greatest tycoon in the realm.

Description of The Shop Titans

Legends and poems about the heroic acts of heroes and heroines have been regaled to listeners by bards throughout time. But without the talented artisans who manufacture their weapons and armor, those brave soldiers would be nothing. You are the newest craftsman in Shop Titans. Set up shop in a sleepy little town that serves as a stopover for heroes who want to stock up on supplies before returning to battle evil. Work with herbalists, priestesses, carpenters, blacksmiths, and tailors to give these courageous heroes whatever they need to defeat the big baddy.

In the simulation role-playing game Shop Titans, you create your own store within a fictional kingdom. To aid heroes in their adventures, you can create and sell them armor, swords, potions, and several other items. Heroes of all stripes—warriors, wizards, dwarves, and ninjas—can enter your shop. Assist your warriors and champions in their fights against the bosses in legendary battles.

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Shop Titans' quest mode is comparable to other well-known RPG and simulation games. You will assemble a group of warriors who will engage in epic combat with ogres, orcs, and other monsters. To fight them and earn gold coins to use in your shop, use a sword or magic. Additionally, the rewards from these quests will provide you with resources for making new equipment and weapons, opening up access to increasingly challenging duels.

A Store

Start a store to help the heroes who will guard and defend your hamlet. Establish a crafting empire and become wealthy by selling your creations in your shop. You will be rewarded for arming a hero with weapons and armor for each epic battle they win. To find out what new materials you can use to create new swords, shields, armor, and other items, open a chest.

You should first tidy off the financial table. If you can't maintain your accounts, how can you expect to become a wealthy businessman? Every store's most crucial component is this. You must be prepared to follow instructions from the heroes and champions.

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You will then discover how to make heroic armor so that you may dress the heroes and champions and get them prepared for combat. You will customize your store's layout to maximize shopping and draw in as many customers as you can. To become the best shopkeeper in this fantasy realm and amass wealth, make sure you handle your shop correctly. Offer deals, discounts, and trades to obtain new weapons and armor to equip your heroes for combat. Become the tycoon of a medieval country and go off on an adventure through remote regions.

Features of Shop titans

Make a character

You can make your unique character rather than being forced to play a pre-made one. You can choose your hairdo, eye color, and attire for your character.

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Personalize your store

Carpets, shelving, or simply a lot of cat statues Create the store of your dreams, and your clients will adore you.

Dress for success

Pick from different outfits, hairstyles, and jewelry to make your salesperson stand out.

Craft using various tools, such as swords, shields, boots, guns, and more, from an ever-expanding inventory.


Become a skilled craftsperson. The more products you produce, the stronger and more valuable they will be.

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With more than a million different combinations, you may empower any item with elemental and spiritual properties to bring out its actual potential.

Make your team unique

Select Heroes from 18 classes, give them a unique look and outfit them with your own creations.

Get to know the heroes

Team up your Heroes with distinctive Champions, heroes with impressive skills, and original backstories.

Fighting Monsters

Heroes can be sent out in groups to fight monsters and collect valuable crafting materials.

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Join a guild

Collaborate with people from all over the world and make investments to build a thriving metropolis.

Team up

Join your guild in competition on occasions like the Lost City of Gold. The further you advance, the bigger the goodies that drop.

Explore the dungeons of Shop Titan

It is well worth sending some of your heroes on quests to explore Shop Titan's mysterious dungeons. You will be able to obtain unusual stuff if you defeat the bosses that lurk in the dungeons.


It is a cool game with fantastic 3D graphics where you will encounter several charming, beautifully made characters. Do you wish to experience a trip from a different perspective? Download Shop Titans next.

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Download Shop Titans APK, the best RPG shopkeeper simulation game. Create powerful gear, stock your store, and mark it up to sell to soldiers and heroes.


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