School Girls Simulator
School Girls Simulator
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Version: 1.0
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Download School Girls Simulator APK, the Windows game where you converse, operate a vehicle, and battle undead. Play to enjoy all the fun aspects of the college lifestyle.

Name School Girls Simulator
Version 1.0
Updated Sep 9, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Meromsoft

School girl simulator

In the video game School Girls Simulator, a high school girl attends class and runs around on a 3D empty ground. There is just one thing to do: attack random bystanders and students whenever you like, using more orders than usual, including romance, side work, shopping, assessment, and hunger. It is an extensive SLG-like component and simple JK software that you can use for a very long period.

Description of school girl simulator

In the action game School Girls Simulator, you take on the role of a Japanese college girl going about their regular activities. You can choose to go to school like an intelligent kid or to let matters get a little out of control because you are free to indulge in whatever you please.

In School Girls Simulator, there are countless potential outcomes and different things you can engage with. Even though various firearms are lying about, you can also find everyday objects and ride cars to your soul's content.

schoolgirl simulator

The ability to complete tasks in School Girls Simulator, which gives you a goal to remember, is one of the game's most intriguing features. These tasks will motivate you to join various groups, form bonds with other game avatars, or even exterminate the undead infesting the campus.

A third-person outdoor game with limitless potential is called School Girls Simulator. The game allows you to feel what it's like to be at an actual Japanese institution, despite certain mechanical shortcomings.


You'll assume the position of a teenager studying in Japan at an unusual institution. Every day, in addition to getting your textbooks and outfits ready for class, you must also defend your pals against the undead.

However, you can disable this feature using the button on the login screen if all you want is to live a normal student life without having to deal with the turmoil brought on by the undead monsters. Based on the Start function, your time in school is either violent or not. If "Kick" is activated, anyone can be attacked if they annoy you.

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To ensure that nobody notices you are breaching the law, you must do so in a quiet spot. Because the guards or the other gang of criminals will beat you if caught. You lose as a result and must restart the game. You can converse with and engage with those in your immediate vicinity as well. Some boys may make an effort to catch your eye if they find you attractive. You can ignore them or try to fling yourself at them romantically.

Features of School girl simulator


The controls in School Girls Simulator are intricate. To move the persona, press the Gamepad on the left corner of the screen. To switch viewpoints, press the Gamepad on the right corner of the screen.

Action keys are located in the top right corner of the screen. Fighting is denoted by X, flying is represented by R, information about items or other people is represented by L, and situation-specific action is represented by A. First periods will show the remarks for every button. When you communicate with anyone, the software also offers recommendations.


You might feel better and a little occupied with the quest concept if you've grown too weary with lectures in the class and uninteresting talks.

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While missions offer advantages to purchasing other products, they also give you more exciting occupations. They are relatively easy to do, like getting a spot in the classroom and sitting down in the proper spot, giving somebody a peck. Purchasing candy, aiding a pal in taking down an adversary, or eliminating a Hundred undead.

Of course, you are not required to accomplish the assignment. It's been included to expand your choices and assist you to enhance your journey.

Make your personality unique.

You can change your character's appearance on the main page. The elements that can be altered include clothing, hairdo, eye shape, eyebrows, and size. In addition, outfits like contact lenses, caps, and shoes are available.

These components and add-ons are all easily accessible. For each group, the game has a small number of things. If you'd like more, you can pick from the shop on the right part of the display and get it for free by watching an advertisement.

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If you prefer a more masculine appearance over playing like a girl, you can change your sexuality.

Work along with your adversary.

Each persona has an identity and a role, and you can "make conversation" with them on a personal level. You can also get along with them by complimenting them or offering presents. If you keep communicating, the other person will rate you higher, you will share Information, and if you are successful in "owning up," you will fall in love. In fact, you can kiss. You are allowed to romance every student in the class to create an amazing harem empire, and both opposite-gender and same-sex relationships are acceptable.


One of the elements that add suspense and intrigue to School Girls Simulator is the presence of the undead. You must find them since they will hurt your friends.

You must get your firearms ready if you want to battle zombies. As soon as you get to class, various firearms, including blades, axes, and magical wands, will emerge in the trees right in front of you. The foe suffers from greater health loss because of the magical wands' slightly increased strength and ability to spew flames. When you are battling a horde of undead or a bunch of people, this will become more apparent.

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There are, however, certain challenges as well. The zombies you see on television are not the real thing. They will change into normal typical classmates and circulate across the building. If a person's forehead is marked with an exclamation point, you can tell they are a zombie; others aren't. You must therefore move the zombie to a deserted location where you will kill her.


In summary, the entertaining simulation game School Girls Simulator lets players experience their teenage years with amusing pals. However, there is more pleasure to be had in this game, as you can rebel, engage in combat, and defend the school against zombies.

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Download School Girls Simulator APK, the Windows game where you converse, operate a vehicle, and battle undead. Play to enjoy all the fun aspects of the college lifestyle.


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