Sarada Training The Last War
Sarada Training The Last War
Size: 223 MB
Version: 2.9
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Download Sarada Training APK latest version to assume the role of a ninja. Then, craft a path for the character by making crucial decisions and creating a unique storyline.

Name Sarada Training The Last War
Version 2.9
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Kamos Patreon
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About Sarada Training APK

Sarada Training APK is an exciting game that allows players to play the role of an anime character. Like all Role-playing games, there are multiple storylines, and the game's direction depends entirely on your decisions. This game allows you to explore the best fantasies without leaving your room. You can interact with many game characters and experience various scenarios from your mobile device.

The game is designed to follow a unique story. It isn't themed after an anime, even though it appears so. All the player's experiences are uniquely created for entertainment. There are many illustrations in the game with impressive visuals and animations. As a new player, you can easily navigate the whole game environment without any tutorial.

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The game manages to fuse a visual novel with an adventure. So get ready for an interesting journey to the hearts of Sarada. Although the graphics quality isn't that great, the designers took tiny details into account. So you'll be able to see many objects and game elements to interact with. In addition, the game allows players to start a newbie and develop into professional ninja fighters.

It was developed and released by Kamos Patreon, a creative video game studio. The game is heavily on storage because of the amount of data it contains. However, you can play on various android devices. The APK allows you to access features available to premium players. So you can progress across the levels faster and easily complete every mission that comes your way.

How To Play Sarada Training

The gameplay starts in the village of Konoha, and you have to assume the role of a soon-to-be ninja. However, the story turns interesting when your character develops an interactable eye condition. Therefore, you won't be able to become the intended ninja. However, that's where the game excitements come in. You will therefore have to become a teacher and take various students through ninja training.

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The game requires many movements, so the control system is a little elaborate. You will interact with many game interfaces and take your games to the next level. Multiple storylines are created here, and the ending depends on your choice. There are minigames to engage you. You can also go on dates, fight and do various other things at your leisure.

Game Features

The game is pretty impressive with its unique concept. Although it might initially be confusing, the game has many interesting features. Check them out below:


The most important and easily noticeable feature here is the graphics. The game environment is colorful and vibrant. It's a simulation of an anime environment. So the game typically creates an environment where players can interact with many objects. For example, the other characters are also unique, and you can notice all the work put into creating the tiny details you see when you play. There are many game locations, and each is as beautiful as the other.


The control system here is pretty sleek. You can do multiple things when playing. Or example, when you get into a fight, you'd need to defend yourself and kick the ass of anyone that challenges you. So multiple controls allow you to decide what to do. As much as you'd expect, the game doesn't allow you to roam freely. Instead, you spend most of the time clicking different answers on the screen. So you won't have any trouble finding your way around the control system.

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The storyline is pretty interesting. As discussed earlier, players get to live the life of a ninja. However, the story is cut short as they lose their eyesight. Hence, the storyline deviates into a series of unprecedented events. The fact that the story is not based on any anime movie makes it interesting. This means you can play without knowing what to expect next after making your decision. It also adds to the game's entertainment since players will be thrilled to know that the game is moving in the direction of their decisions.

Game Levels

There are no specific game levels here. But you progress across multiple locations and events as you play. Rather than create a level-based game, the developers created a volatile environment without defined levels. So, here the game moves in the direction of the story and changes based on the decisions made by the player.

Unlimited Features

You can access unlimited features when you play the APK version. This means you'll be able to play and access many features that ordinary players can't access. So rather than spend time stuck at one part of the game, you can proceed faster and play across multiple game levels. Also, in this game, you won't be experiencing any ads.

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You get unlimited game coins and resources to purchase whatever you need. You will also get an improved user interface, which means the game environment on this version will be much better than the original one. There are no bugs, either.

Game Stats

There are four states here that spice up the game. These stats allow you to upgrade your character with superpowers. These include Power, Speed, Control, and Stamina. Having access to all four makes you a better player and boosts your chances of winning combats and making better decisions with your character. Of course, this doesn't determine how well the game goes. But playing with the Sarada Training APK allows you to access all these stats without prior experience.


The Sarada Training Apk is an interesting game to kill time. It allows you to have an enjoyable time in a captivating environment. The storyline is immersive, and users see a visually pleasing game environment.

The control system is fairly easy to use too, so it's ideal for both pros and beginners. You should download Sarada Training APK if you want unlimited resources as you enjoy your anime-themed game.

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Download Sarada Training APK latest version to assume the role of a ninja. Then, craft a path for the character by making crucial decisions and creating a unique storyline.


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