Sakura School Simulator
Sakura School Simulator
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Version: 1.042.03
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Download Sakura School Simulator APK to play the role of an average student and experience the lifestyle of the students in Sakura Town High school in Japan.

Name Sakura School Simulator
Version 1.042.03
Updated Mar 2, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link jp.garud.ssimulator

Description of Sakura school simulator

Sakura school simulator is a game that centers on the lifestyle of the students in Sakura Town high school, located in a small rural environment. The game helps to bring back high school memory, which is full of dramas and lovely moments. The game will make you travel to your teenage years, where you had thrilling experiences, learn about taking adult responsibilities, and how you had a crush on someone and fell in love for the first time.

Sakura school simulator for Android is one of the school simulator games you will find in the mobile gaming market. It was developed by Garusoft Development Inc. as an action and adventure game and has since then gotten lots of downloads, and it supports multiple languages, including English language. The game does not revolve around academics alone, there are many adventures included in it with numerous extracurricular activities to give exciting gameplay.

Sakura School Simulator mod apk

As you start the game, you will experience the daily lifestyle of typical high school students in Japan and some elements shown in Japanese animations that are fantastic. It has simple gameplay where you control a student character and engage in different activities known to students by using any of the game's five characters.

The mission of the game that players are to engage with is to either enjoy the regular lifestyle of a student, make friends, or fall in love with fellow students. In the other task, you can role-play by going on a rampage using borrowed weapons from the Yakuza office. No shedding of blood or killing in the Sakura school simulator latest version, anyone who gets hurt passes out and wakes up the next day.

Features of Sakura School Simulator Game

  • Gameplay: sakura school simulator 2022 gameplay entails the school life of a female student with lots of interesting activities such as joining classes, buying food, engaging in extracurricular activities, and learning different things. As it simulates school life, players also stand beside other characters and engage in fighting. The environment in the game is not only confined to school, it has large open spaces such as parks, houses, or amusement parks.
sakura school simulator mod apk unlocked everything
  • The gameplay of the simulator is rich, combining high school life with RPG activities. You can fight with gangsters, partake in a race to see who gets to the finish line first, and many more.
  • Weapons: aside from the normal student school life, you will also be pushed into brawls with bad characters in the game. You can engage the bad characters with your hand, foot, or weapon provided in the game. There are different weapons in the game, such as swan ballet dancer outfits for spewing sparks, jetpacks for moving faster, or sniper guns to defeat enemies. Click on the item icon to collect items or buy more equipment.
  • Reduced violent elements: the main content of the Sakura school simulator download centers on the fight between students and other forces, but the game is against violence, gore, and death. For this reason, in the game, the characters get stunned and faint, with no gory effects of blood or death.
  • Graphics and sounds: the simulator game has diverse content coupled with beautiful graphics design of anime animation. The town has a colorful depiction, and the characters also have a beautiful and cute appearance. It has thrilling sounds that make the game interesting to play.
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  • Control: the game control is simple and easy for players. There is a joystick button on the left screen to navigate the characters. There are virtual keys on the right for combats such as punching, jumping, and using weapons. The life status of the character appears at the top of the screen, and shortcuts for accessing inventory, shops, and radars.
  • Making friends with fascinating individuals to have a memorable experience.
  • The game does not have an end, and you keep playing till you feel like quitting.

How to play Sakura school simulator

To start playing the game, get the Sakura school simulator download on your mobile device, allow installation from unknown sources, and run the file. If you have the sakura school simulator old version, you will need to uninstall it first to install the latest version of the game to enjoy the amazing features and new updates of the game.

sakura school simulator apk latest version

Open the game, choose your character from the five characters and customize it the way you want by selecting the outfits, hairstyle, eye color, gender, and more. With the controls, you can start enjoying the brilliant lifestyle of a high school student, making friends and falling in love, or going on a rampage.

Tips and Tricks for playing the game

  • Bring down the Yakuza leader: if you want to cause more trouble, you have to bring the Yakuza leader down by getting rid of the members first and then the leader. In the Yakuza office, you will find swords, guns, and 7000 yen.
  • Complete tasks and missions to obtain experience for leveling up or acquiring stuff or rewards.
  • Earn Sakura school simulator unlimited money by making friends with the NPCs like random drivers, a salesperson from Sukuma, an older man from the school, and many more. The NPCs will provide you money by giving them compliments. The NPCs can also report you by complimenting them, so you must be vigilant.
sakura school simulator apk unlimited money
  • Get rid of the police if they are hunting you by taking them to a corner. One officer will be in front of you while another will be behind, once you make them shoot each other, they will attack back, forgetting you.
  • Customize your character by dressing to defeat your enemies, such as putting on clothes with extraordinary powers such as Alice in Wonderland dress that can make you grow and shrink to escalate damage.


Sakura school simulator is an amazing and interesting game that brings back the memory of high school and the activities students engage in that made these days memorable. By playing the game, you will recollect how you lived your school days, the friends that made it worthwhile, and much more. The game adds to the events by including other features outside school to give unique gameplay. It is a game for all to download and play.

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Download Sakura School Simulator APK to play the role of an average student and experience the lifestyle of the students in Sakura Town High school in Japan.


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