Rebel Inc
Rebel Inc
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Version: 1.16.1
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Download Rebel Inc APK, an excellent political simulation game that takes players into the world of politics. See your dreams come through as you become a governor.

Name Rebel Inc
Version 1.16.1
Updated Nov 29, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Ndemic Creations
Google Play Link com.ndemiccreations.rebelinc

Rebel Inc

Rebel Inc is a mobile game that is free to download and install. It was released in February 2019 and developed by Ndemic Creations. This strategic game is in a political and military simulation setting inspired by games of a similar genre.

rebel inc

The game features players who are passionate about learning military and political strategies. Rebel Inc is available for Android and Apple users and has received favorable ratings from its users.

Game Description

Rebel Inc game follows a strategic and political storyline of an irrational war situation. This game differs from the usual war game because its developers added some unique features to make it stand out. It challenges players and gives them a fascinating experience, fun combat, and military. Rebel Inc describes the complex nature of war and the consequences of revolting.

Download Rebel Inc to explore its amazing gameplay and engage in the captivating and addictive stories the game offers. The game allows you to experience both sides of the gameplay to enhance your knowledge about war and all its aspects.

Rebel Inc takes place in a war-torn country experiencing the aftermath of war. The country is stuck between foreign and internal conflicts as several parts are clamoring for control over their lands. Your goal in the game is to settle disputes, calm the tension that arises and lead the region to a prosperous and peaceful future. Governmental roles allow you to control the entire region and rule the lands you desire.

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To carry out your goal, you need to win the hearts of the citizens by providing enough necessities and amenities to start life afresh. You would need to devise suitable political and economic policies. As you discover how to deal with the tension that would arise, ensure that you maintain stability and order. Insurgencies will try to destroy what you have labored for, so you must guard your achievements tightly. These insurgents can be dealt with through benevolences and forces.

Features of Rebel Inc

Here are the amazing features you can find in Rebel Inc:

Rebel Inc Gameplay

Rebel Inc gameplay requires tactics and strategy since you're dealing with political and military forces. Your mission in the game is to build a new region and operation from the ashes of war. The war divided the country into various lands, each of which was controlled by a rebel. Choose one area, start your development and control the land.

Remember that people will not initially trust you, so you have to earn their trust. Engage in different things; do good things for the people like providing good health facilities, water sources, education, and agriculture. When you finally get stable, you will see the stability indicator right at the top of your screen.

rebel inc gameplay

You would also see the number of those you trust on the left and those you don't trust on the right. You need reputation to be able to continue the game; the reputation icon is located on the right hand of the screen. Since it is a simulation game with a political feature, your reputation index needs to keep flowing. The game ends when the reputation index gets to zero.


Before building your region, you need to choose a governor. Since the governor is the most important person in the organization, the type of leader you become influences your region and strategy. Choose from the governors below before starting your empire:

Civil Servant

This is the governor you get when the game starts since it is the default. The governor has no special features or effects; pick a level and start as a beginner.


This level gets unlocked after you win a game with the Civil Servant. You will get the budget for the region in April every year. Increase your savings, cut down inflation and invest in the army and the government.

The General

After winning with the Economist, you can access the General. This level of governor opens you to new opportunities.

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You would get some military barracks from the beginning to help you protect the region from invasions of the nations and the rebel rebels. Ensure that you balance everything. Focus on the civil and military matters of the region in good proportions to keep your reputation afloat.

The Banker

At this level, your money will be profitable to you if you have made an effort to save some during your time on the previous governor levels.

The Smuggler

Solving anti-corruption issues is difficult, and the solutions are expensive. Do not be in a hurry to upgrade, as you will certainly get some money from corruption issues.

Military Upgrade

Remember that your country is still fresh, so you must focus on strengthening your military. After getting the power you need in your region, rebels are bound to attack you.

rebel inc game

Rebel rebels do not trust you, so they plan to attack your buildings and territory at large. If your resources are destroyed, your reputation is bound to decrease. Do not solve your problems through violence. Set up military forces to help you face the enemy.

Expand Your Empire

After fixing up your region in one area, you can move ahead and unlock the next available area. Rebel Inc premium offers players many places like Mountain Pass, Pistachio Forest, Saffron Fields, Distant Steppe, and Southern Desert. With Rebel Inc all unlocked, you can unlock the entire map.

Final Thoughts

Rebel Inc's unlocked version can be played with or without an internet connection. This feature makes the game more interesting as players can access it anywhere and anytime. The Rebel Inc full unlocked 2022 can be played in your preferred language; this versatility makes the game an excellent choice. Enjoy the cool graphics and music in this awesome game.

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Download Rebel Inc APK, an excellent political simulation game that takes players into the world of politics. See your dreams come through as you become a governor.


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