Raft Survival Desert Nomad
Raft Survival Desert Nomad
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Version: 0.33.3
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Download Raft Survival Desert Nomad APK and put your intellectual skill to the test. This is a game of survival amidst monsters and dangers. Find out if you are resilient.

Name Raft Survival Desert Nomad
Version 0.33.3
Updated May 20, 2023
Category Simulation


This is a game of survival, simulating a desert camp. Raft Survival: Desert Nomad has the best visual quality and realistic gameplay. TREASON LTD is the brain behind these awesome visual effects.

About Survival Games

Survival games always provide a valuable and unforgettable experience, ranging from different scenes or environments such as dark dungeons, seas, and deep forests. Unlike what you are familiar with, Raft Survival: Desert Nomad chose a desert setting to establish survival challenges for gamers. This game has exceeded tons of other games to rise to the search ranking.

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Players must use their intelligence and sensitivity to play the game, as they will experience various activities and tasks. In such an environment as this, it will improve your creativity and help you put valuable skills to work. Then, following the pre-built storyline, you will develop the game your way.

The Background Of The Game

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is situated in a desolate landscape where players will be alone, surrounded by monsters, and practically lacking everything. But compared to the last version, Raft Survival: Desert Nomad opted to use a desert environment. And your harbor is no longer a floating boat on the sea but a hot air balloon moving above the desert.

Surviving in this game won't come easy. Think about the necessary materials needed to construct hot air balloons. Where can anyone possibly buy food and drink in a desert? Imagine how wild the monsters in deserts are. And how will you withstand the hotness of the desert?

These factors will create a hopeless but also a spectacular survival experience in Raft Survival: Desert Nomad.

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– The struggle for survival in the desert

The desert is a region with incredibly harsh living conditions. Some people have simply heard and learned about it in school, through TV shows and documentaries, but not in actuality. The temperature in this area cannot be endured for a long period. Impossible for living organisms to survive or thrive. The major thing that can easily be found in white sand.

Now imagine you alone in a desert; what would you do? Questions like this are what players will figure out on playing this game.

Sequel Of Raft Survival Desert Nomad

You are a lucky survivor in the game. You will find yourself on a floating raft through a hot air balloon. On landing on the desert land, the player will experience a short scene, though you never wanted to be here, there's no time to complain, grumble about fate, or feel weak. The only way you can survive and return is to help yourself.

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After the tragedy happened, everything was wiped off in ruins. The world has nearly collapsed. Making everything scarce,  hard, and difficult for people to survive. You must find a way to survive to your best abilities. In doing so, figure out a way to conquer challenges in the game using the available raft. Expect to experience an unforgettable journey in your life.

Resource gathering

Start searching for resources immediately. Though they are scarce, it is not impossible to find. The introductory part is to take care of the vital resources for sustenance. Such as water, food, and safe shelter to hide. Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is a risk of life.

The player's death or survival is dependent on his intelligence and actions. You will travel the desert to various locations. Find deserted villages, and those are the places that will appear and provide all sorts of food. In the past, those places had people who lived there.

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Crafting Weapons And Items

After discovering these food sources, you have garnered enough strength to proceed with your journey back home. Now is to be concerned about crafting weapons and items. Monsters may launch out anytime, particularly at night. Lack of preparation will expose you to a great threat.

Take up as many resources as possible to design effective fighting weapons. At the same time, you will have to upgrade your raft to become a harbor.

Explore The Massive World

Raft Survival: Desert Nomad offers a journey of exploration. As you have constructed and built different areas, you will also have the privilege of setting foot in those places. You will get more insight into the mystery and the story of the desert. Players will understand more about the mystery as well as the story that happened to this desert.

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Graphics And Sound

Another fascinating part of Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is its graphics. The scene captures the exact features of deserts and their inhabitants. As you advance in your missions, you will get updated regularly, bringing about new enemies, Locations, and construction procedures. You will be excited with a fascinating system of tasks you have to complete, and each task comes with pleasant rewards. These rewards mean extra reserves of resources and in-game currency.

In-game currency speeds up diverse processes. Anyone can run out of money, so download Raft Survival: Desert Nomad for free. Lastly, during crafting, materials do not go off or disappear.

Key Features

– Eye-catching graphics bring gamers to the world of true ancient humans.

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– Players are offered an awesome gaming experience.

– Establish the social population you desire.

– An incredible realistic simulation of the needs of Man.

– Create anything you wish by using any product found in the desert. 


Survival simulators enable players to experience a protagonist's difficult situation and help him keep up in a cruel world. Who wouldn't be interested in this kind of gameplay? Raft Survival: Desert  Nomad is more than a game; it will walk you through a learning experience and sharpen your intellectual skills. To explore all this and more, take a stroll to Google Play Store and download Raft Survival: Desert Nomad. Spread the good news.


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