Project QT
Project QT
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Version: 14.0
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Download and install Project QT APK and protect humanity from the threat of alien invasions. With this game, a player would develop and train strong, beautiful warriors.

Name Project QT
Version 14.0
Updated Dec 15, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Nutaku
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Description of Project QT

Project QT is an Android game that mixes the element of puzzle levels and combat skills. In this game, you will have to fight several viruses that appear from a different dimensions. By playing the game, you will receive as many match elements as possible to create a powerful attack against the enemies coming for you. You can also change the tactics whenever you are summoning some new characters to battle the enemies with varying attributes.

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Nutaku released this game. You probably have heard about this publisher's name if you are an ardent gamer. Nutaku is known for publishing graphic games in the anime style, but all their games are available for adults because the games contain some NSFW images and are not suitable for people below the age of 18 years.

The headquarters of Nutaku is in Canada, and they majorly work on publishing games on web browsers and mobile platforms. The games from Nutaku are free. Besides that, their games are very popular. If you have played such games as Booty Calls, Pocket Waifu, and Fap CEO, then you have experienced the works of Nutaku. Now, another game by them is called Project QT.

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The Storyline

The storyline of this game is pretty simple and clear. The game's plot occurs in a fictional background where there is a great development in the world of science and technology. Humans have always wanted to achieve the impossible, such as going beyond the earth, so they start learning about things like the cosmic black hole.

An experiment on the black hole was carried out at the North Pole, but no one knew that this would link to a different dimension, a dimension where alien creatures thrive. Monsters in the guise of pretty girls will appear from the other side of the black hole with the plan to invade the planet. As a result, the world started falling into chaos. Due to this problem, there must be some people to confront these monsters and save humanity from total domination. Therefore, a group of brave girls decided to fight the enemies of the earth and stop the invaders. Your mission is to create a squad of attractive girls, form a formidable team, and join the battle to save humanity from extinction and domination.

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The gameplay of Project QT is similar to another game called Blossom Blast Saga of King. But rather than linking flowers as common with the latter game, you will link the power stone instead in Project QT. With the aid of your finger, you will make the easy connection from 3 or more similar stones. There is a different attribute associated with each stone, assisting in strengthening your team's female warrior.

Beautiful Monster Girls

Some players consider this the most awesome feature of this game. While playing the game, you can take the prisoners you defeated in battle. On the other hand, the enemies have grouped themselves into various sections to increase and speed up earth's invasion. Engage in several campaigns to destroy the plots of the enemies. There is a leader to each enemy team – the leader is their commander. If you defeat the commander, you can include her in your collection. Some prisoners have been included in the collection, and you have received some strength. Besides that, you can also use prisoners for several other purposes. This is a detailed instruction for beginners and always watch your back.

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Play with Friends

This is an online adventure and an action game, so you can easily play with friends, family members, and other players worldwide. The PvP mode is a feature that allows the player to challenge their friends. This feature will allow you to easily make friends and adventure with other players worldwide. You can tell other players how to overcome dungeons, earn items, upgrade into stronger warriors, and so on.


You just don't dive into playing immediately. There are steps you need to take if you want to excel in this game. First and foremost, you must select great warriors and also train them to become stronger for you to engage in several other difficult campaigns. There are lots of weekly events with Project QT. Events usually take turns, so you are free to play for the entire day – even then, you won't feel tired or bored.

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Regarding graphics, this game is on the list of the most awesome anime graphic games. While fighting the battle, the characters are designed in chibi style; they are beautiful and adorable. However, only during the fights do the app display the characters by chibi graphics, but most of the characters result from the mangaka's skilled drawing.

Battle Space Viruses

In this game, you will protect humanity from space viruses trying to eliminate humans. To put it quite bluntly, a certain experiment was conducted; this experiment opened the black hole where strange virus creatures could now gain entrance into Earth and invade the world of humanity. Your task, however, is to assist the girls with superpowers to fight off these creatures, destroy them and bring peace back to the world. This is a battle you won't want to miss.

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Project QT provides players with complete accessibility when the gameplay is concerned. You will be the one to launch the attacks and form the right strategy of attack. Also, each level's screen will be divided into two places where you will locate the enemies and the set of match elements. You will have to create links between them, and also, they will help the character's attack. Therefore, before you pick your tactics, take time to decide your choice carefully, for your winning or losing largely depends on your tactics.


Players that enjoy turn-based fighting games would love Project QT. It has such a great appeal that it would be nearly impossible to peel your eyes away from your mobile device. Become the leader of hot, beautiful female fighters and engage in the mission to protect your world from alien invasions.

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Download and install Project QT APK and protect humanity from the threat of alien invasions. With this game, a player would develop and train strong, beautiful warriors.


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