Pottery 2
Pottery 2
Size: 100.22 MB
Version: 1.97
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Download Pottery 2 APK latest version and put your ideas and imaginations to work while you create a different type of pottery and make the finest and best one out of it.

Name Pottery 2
Version 1.97
Updated Feb 14, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Infinite Dreams
Google Play Link pl.idreams.pottery2

Pottery 2

Pottery 2 game is available for download on android and IOS devices. Pottery 2 game is a game that is educative and makes you put your ideas into the mould and carry out your imagination. Pottery 2 will build up your art game and make you learn what you haven't realised, thereby mastering your art skills and putting them to use by building different types of beautiful things, It can also be so relaxing, and it is a game you can play when you both want to rest and also get educated.

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Pottery 2 makes you enjoy yourself and the gameplay while learning one or two things to build your artistry talent; you can explore, create and destroy, and Put your imaginations and ideas to test and execute them correctly and better than the last time.

In-depth Knowledge of Pottery 2

Pottery 2 is one of the best game out there and possess the best simple gameplay ever; you don't require to do so much when you download the game app; you are given some rules and regulations which you can understand at a glance, and you start putting your rare imaginations to test and see how it turned out. After you can create the best of your pottery, you can decide to sell them or keep them.

You are given a particular pictorial view of what to create at other times and the type of modes you choose. You must make it just like that, and if you cannot do it, you will have to try many times again, you are given a lathe, and your goal is to Put your clay on the lathe and make sure it stays. If it doesn't last, you try again till it stays and become the exact kind of what you want to make.

You will learn how to put the clay better on the lathe so that it doesn't keep falling off, and there will be guidelines on how to control it perfectly, just how you would have done it in real life; you will learn to keep it wide and also make it straight and narrow again, you will also learn how to put the pieces back on it and how to make it form together with the pottery you have created.

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Once you can do this perfectly, you will be awarded and taken to another level where you are given another challenge to embark on; you can also decide to make your pottery beautiful by painting and decorating with shinning materials and also to be able to sell it off easily, especially to the highest bidder. With how fine and pleasing it looks, you might be awarded more coins to get better materials to beautify it.

Spending hours on this game can make you become an experienced artist, and you can learn how moulding should be done, how to place your lathe, how to make it wide and narrow and also learn many things.

Features of Pottery 2


When you download your game and want to get started, you will be told to start with a big chunk of clay, place it on the table you will be working from, and think of the idea you want to bring to life. Then you rotate the table while you widen and narrow the big chunk of mould; you will smoothen, pull, push and mould it into what you would have liked; you can decide which shape you want to make, and you can decide your pattern, colour and instrument.

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After moulding into a particular product, you would leave it to dry up in the oven, and then you can decorate and add every of the thing you want to make it more eye-catching. Then, your final pottery and the idea that you brought to life will be snapped and put into a glass space to make people see it, and you can end up selling it to the highest bidder.


Pottery 2 has two game modes, and you can decide which to play out of the modes; there is the Sandbox mode and the daily challenges mode; for the daily challenges mode, you are given a picture to replicate the same type or almost like it.

Sandbox mode is about bringing your imagination to life, you will create whichever pottery you like, but you make sure that it comes out good and fine; you can decorate this and put some shining materials on it to make it finer and eye-pleasing.

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The graphics effects of Pottery 2 are so much beautiful, and the pottery created will add to the stunning graphics that are contained in the game; because it is a game that makes you show off your creativity, the pictures too are filled with creative, beautiful objects, and when you are creating some pottery, songs are playing in the background that makes you focused.


Pottery 2 is a game that makes you birth your creative ideas, but it can always be educative. So it can be your go-to game when you want to relax and learn something.

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Download Pottery 2 APK latest version and put your ideas and imaginations to work while you create a different type of pottery and make the finest and best one out of it.


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