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Plague Inc
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Version: 1.19.17
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Download Plague Inc APK, the most epic simulation game of all time. Develop many different plagues and spread them all over the earth. Destroy the earth's population and take over. It's all yours!

Name Plague Inc
Version 1.19.17
Updated Feb 7, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Ndemic Creations
Google Play Link com.miniclip.plagueinc

About Plague Inc

Plague Inc is a real-time strategy simulation game of a world of plagues and diseases. Plague Inc was developed and published by UK-based gaming corporation Ndemic Creations. It was first released for iOS and Microsoft Windows on the 26th of May, 2012. Later that year, on the 4th of October, it was released for Android and then for Windows Phone on the 13th of May, 2015. The PC, Mac, Linux, and console versions have the Plague Inc: Evolved available, which is a remake of the original Plague Inc, especially for PCs and consoles. Plague Inc: Evolved, however, contains all the expansion packs in the original and is essentially the same, save for a few changes and additions.

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The game has a remarkably unique concept and features the player as the villain trying to wipe out the earth's population. Plague Inc has gained much recognition since its release, gaining attention from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and winning outstanding awards at the IGN Game of the Year in 2012. Plague Inc has had an intimidating amount of downloads since its release, has an active and consistent fan base, and boasts high ratings and reviews on many platforms. A board game called Plague Inc.: The Board Game was produced for the public in 2017 as a physical version of the online game.

Plague Inc has amazing gameplay and a mind-blowing storyline. The game is very broad, with many different activities, and it completely depends on the player. The game is said to be inspired by 'Pandemic 2' a flash-based game released in 2008, and also partially by the movie, Contagion. The developers of Plague Inc have done an awesome job of bringing their idea to reality in the most exceptional way. The storyline and gameplay of Plague Inc are one to keep the players hooked for a long time.

Storyline and Gameplay

In this game, the player is the villain, not the story's traditional hero. Your mission is to infect the earth with a lethal plague that will eventually wipe out the earth's population. Unfortunately, the plague has infected patient zero, and you need to control and cultivate it so that it spreads throughout the entire population.

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You are tasked with working on and researching new technologies that will aid the effective spread of the virus and help it survive in different regions and climatic conditions before the given period elapses. The period is essentially the time the humans, your opponents, take to find a cure to your plague. The opposing parties are working relentlessly to get rid of the plague, so you must beat them to the game to win.

There are many different types of pathogens, although not all are available from the get-go and need to be unlocked by progressing in previous modes and levels. They include bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, prions, nano-virus, and bio-weapon. Bacteria is the only option made available initially, and then the other options follow suit as they get unlocked. Special forms of the plague with high lethality also exist, such as the Necroa Virus that induces a zombie stream, the Neurax worm that infests and controls the mind, the Shadow Plague that induces vampiric effects, and the Simian Flu that eradicates the human race while empowering and strengthening the mind and body of the apes to bring about a takeover of the apes. Under the many types of pathogens exist many different plagues, each unique and lethal in its way.

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As the chief developer and scientist in charge of the game, you must constantly develop and evolve your pathogens to increase lethality and severity and aid easy spread. You are constantly working on your projects while developing new schemes for mass destruction.

Plague Inc is said to be a very inclusive game, and as a result, on the 11th of November, 2020, a new version of the game was released titled Plague Inc: The Cure. This version was released in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to create awareness among gamers. The player tried to fight against the plague in this new version instead of favoring it. This version was first made available for mobile devices and later for PCs and consoles.

Features of Plague Inc

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  • Realistic, detailed, and continuous gameplay. Players of Plague Inc can never get bored with many different activities, tasks, and missions going on at the same time.
  • Highly competitive and intelligent AI system. The AI system representing humans works tirelessly and tactically and produces the result in due time.
  • Completely free to download and install.
  • Offers in-app purchases. Some app features may need to be bought with real money to enhance gameplay.
  • Available in over ten different languages.
  • Simplified in-game help and tutorial features.
  • Active and inclusive network of gamers and fans from all over the world.
  • Regular updates and upgrades.


Plague Inc is one of the best in the game world and continues to speak for itself. Regular updates and adjustments are key features that make this game one to always look forward to. In addition, the uniqueness of the gameplay and the realistic and porous settings, amongst many others, heighten the gamers' excitement at every moment.

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Plague Inc is sci-fi based and will be greatly enjoyed by people who enjoy watching such movies. Plague Inc is available for download worldwide and in various languages, so everyone can get a feel of the game. So if you're already tired of the traditional game settings around you and all the repetitive concepts, Plague Inc is worth a try.

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Download Plague Inc APK, the most epic simulation game of all time. Develop many different plagues and spread them all over the earth. Destroy the earth's population and take over. It's all yours!


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